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Franklin History

Published on: July 30, 2016 by Jim Luckey Category:Stories


This Franklin history quiz is definitely a challenging one! The first letter clues are given and the answers can be found in the Cabins to Condos publication, in past articles in the “Historically Speaking” column published in the Chronicle or in the past Franklin Historical Society newsletters. Good luck!

F_____________former Mayor of Franklin, library meeting room named in his honor.

R_____________former one-room school located on 52nd & Ryan Rd. – torn down during highway expansion.
A_____________ family who owned a pagoda-style gas station located on 76th St. and Ryan Rd.
N_____________missile site (with silos for storing weapons) from the 1950’s-1960’s, once located on south side of Ryan Rd.
K_____________local civic group active in scholarship programs and giving support to the Franklin Health Dept.
L____________family that recently donated an outhouse to the historical park , was part of their family farm on 68th & Drexel Ave.
I______________train service going through St. Martins
N____________private company that is now situated on the former site of the 41 Twin Outdoor theater.


F – Fadrow H – Herda’s

R – Riverside I – incorporation

A – Acker S – Stargard

N – Nike site T – Tretow

K – Kiwanis O – Oakwood

L – Ludwig R – Rainbow

I – Interurban Y – Yunker

N – Northwestern Mutual