Memory Rewind


State Champs

Senior Play Committees are Appointed - Oct. 1962  (Free Lance Star)





Frank Billingsley - May 1958 (Free Lance Star)





Poates Leads JM Over Herndon - Sept. 1962   (Free Lance Star)






   Tuffy Hicks     Stuart VanValzah    Joe Cappola   JM Football Captains 1961 


                  Frances Armstrong



A city champ is born – June 1953     (Free Lance Star)


  Best First Half Ever says Coach Maynard – Sept. 1962    (Free Lance Star)

High School Picks Winners in Annual Science Fair – April 1961     (Free Lance Star)
Shoes Come Off, Prom Goes On - May 1963 (Free Lance Star)
Has Party on Birthday - May 1950  (Free Lance Star)
Student Thinking Changes with The Passage of Time - May 1963 (Free Lance Star)
Those Were The Days - Feb. 1963   (Free Lance Star)


Mrs. Nash's first grade class at Lafayette Elementary School.                                               If you know some of the un-named, let us know.



Sue Ward's Kindergarten Class Play -  Not Sure of the Year.

A - Frank Billingsley, B - Unknown, C - Sherry Lopomo, D – Unknown, E – Unkown, F - Carol Seay, G - Unknown, H - Helen Gatewood, J - Judy Berry Merryman 

1 - Unknown, 2 - Unknown, 3 - Sue Carol Carr, 4 - Nancy Green, 5 - Unknown, 6 - Unknown,7 - Johnny Jefferson, 8 - Cheryl Ward,  9 - Judi Smith, 10 - Unknown, 11 - Joann Mitchell,12 - Unknown, 13 - Unknown, 14 - Unknown       




Lafayette Elementary School - 2nd Grade (1951)



A- Pete Warren, B- Lisabeth Brown, C- Judi Smith, D- Unknown, E- Sandra Sevier Gay,

F- Mary Ellen Brown, G- Ed Watson, H- James Fielding Lewis, J- Ed Thornton, K- Wayne Tyson,

L- Margret Williams

1- Unknown, 2- Courtney Williams, 3- Joann Mitchell, 4- Teed Wafle, 5- Fred or Rick Pasi, 6- Jackie ?, 7- Tommy Rodgers, 8- Phillip Young, 9- Gloria Middleton



Lafayette Elem. School – 3rd Grade



A- Tommy Clements, B- Pete Warren, C- Rick Pasi, D- Ricey Jean White, E- Powell Sale,

F- Courtney Williams, G- Mary Ellen Brown, H- Phillip Young, J- Tommy Rodgers,

K- Joann Mitchell, L- Ed Thornton, M- Wayne Tyson, N- Unknown, P- Tommy Whidden,

Q- Miss Keller

1- Beatrice Newton, 2- Margret Williams, 3- Judi Smith, 4- Unknown, 5- Gloria Middleton, 

 6- James Fielding Lewis, 7- Ed Watson, 8- Lisabeth Brown, 9- Phil Simpson, 10- Unknown                   


Maury Graduation - 7th Grade

L-R ; Tommy Faulkner, Sam Perry, Shelda Hayden, David Beck (behind stand), Donna Caple (face partially covered by presenters left arm) Judi Smith (receiving deploma). Second and third from right; Virginia Mae Anderson, Martha Cloe.


JMHS Class Night - May 1963



Notes; (L-R) Row 3 #5, Wayne Eastridge or Tom Embrey ? Row 4 #1, Wayne Eubank or      Bobby Tingler ?