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•   Paul White  12/17
•   Steven Cohen  12/15
•   L. James Newman Jr.  6/17
•   Robert Meyers  9/30
•   Richard Corwin  9/22
•   Fredrick Webel  9/21
•   Peter Olsen  5/7
•   Louise Klinck (Ferrebee)  12/15
•   Victoria Travis  12/9
•   Patricia Pelon (Alexander -Senkow)  11/28
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Northfield and Mount Hermon Schools
Class Of 1959

Welcome to the Northfield and Mount Hermon Classes of 1959!

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Check out the PICTURES FROM OUR 55TH REUNION  (link is on the lhs), and if you have some you'd like to add, contact


Reunion Attendees:  Who are we missing here - there were some late additions...

Nancy Holbrook Ayers
Thomas G. Baxter  
Thomas D. Bethea                               
Steven P. Cohen 
Anita Mook Cotton                                  
Peter B. Crumb                         
Neville C. Davison                                 
Lily Shu de la Torre                   
Emily Tucker Dunlap                 
John L. Eten                              
Karen Forslund Falb      
Randy Foster                            
Carolyn Bair Fox           
Nancy Bissell Goldcamp                       
Rick Goodrich                           
Sally Cook Gregg                      
Elizabeth Blake Hinkley 
Robert L. Hoffman            
Nancy E. Johnson   
Susan Hay Kapsalis      
Donna Hayes Kennedy 
Stephen R. Knapp                                 
Barbara Mackin 
J. Kevin Leary
Carol Close Leeson       
L. James Newman                                 
Peter C. Olsen                          
Francis J. Partel                         
A. Clark Peters  
Dan P. Poteet            
Linda Knight Shane     

Victoria Travis        
Nancy Goode Treadwell                        
Charles D. Wantman                             
John K. Warn                
Paul C. White                            
Kenneth T. Whiton   
David L. Winchester                             
Leonard H. Wurman


The school is making a big effort this year to build new faculty housing so that more of the faculty can reside on the NMH campus.  Several faculty are still living in houses on or adjacent to the Northfield campus.  Last year, at reunion weekend 2013, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the first of these faculty houses – the Mec Peller house.  This year 5 more houses are being built; 4 of these houses will be dedicated this spring and available for occupancy this summer.  All of the houses have been named after a faculty member or alum.  The houses will comprise a new faculty neighborhood overlooking the meadow near Crossley.  There will be a walking path to the houses from the road that runs by Crossley.  Automobile access to the houses is from the road that runs by the farm.  

 The houses to be dedicated this spring are as follows:

 Baldwin-Baxter House - dedication May 4, 2014 (also Sacred Concert weekend)

This house is dedicated to and named for Alice Baldwin (mother of Jeff Baldwin (MH’59) and Mary Baxter (mother of Tom Baxter (MH’59).  The donor wished to honor these women who welcomed students into their homes and made such a difference to their lives while at MH.

 Bill and Linda Batty house - dedication May 10, 2014

This house is dedicated to and named for Bill (MH’59) and Linda Batty.  Bill taught at the school for many years and coached many successful basketball teams.

 Mary Compton House – dedication during reunion weekend 2014

Mary and Bill Compton were very popular on the MH campus for many years.  Mary passed away in 2012.

 Mec Peller House – dedication during reunion weekend 2014

As a tribute to Mec Peller and her dedication to her students, NMH is building a new four-bedroom house that will include the old red door from Dickerson House, where Dick and Mec Peller lived for many years. The new Mec Peller faculty hwas designed by Doug Wilk ’83.

NOTE: The dedications for the Batty and Baldwin-Baxter houses are by invitation only.

To see a picture of the Batty and Baldwin-Baxter house taken March 1, 2014, go to the 55th Reunion pictures link on the left hand side of this screen.