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11/24/08 01:24 AM #1    

Marlene Abronson (Widawer)

Welcome to the Kennedy (john F) High School Class Of 1984 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/18/09 01:44 AM #2    

Marlene Abronson (Widawer)

Hi everyone! We hope you like this site. It's going to be our primary repository for updated classmate information from now on, so I hope you'll tell your friends to come here and sign up!

Hope to see you at our 25th reunion on July 18, 2009 at Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas!

-- Marlene Abronson Widawer

07/20/09 01:33 PM #3    

Andy Sudol

Thanks to Marlene and friends for organizing the reunion on Saturday. It was fun seeing you all again!

07/20/09 05:37 PM #4    

Victoria Donohoe

Saturday was a great time and relaxing and I paid for it all day on Sunday...LOL! It was great to see everyone. What I found funny is that some of us changed so much in just 5 years.
I think we should get together more often than 5 or 10 year reunions. Danny Bright mentioned that Granada High gets together once a month at the Cantina. (Just a thought). I have pictures to post from the reunion and just as soon as I can I will get them to all of you. If anyone didn't see or get a chance to sign the address book, please feel free to contact me by email:
Lisa Hammond and I will be working on a new address list and we are also going to try and find other people that couldn't attend or haven't been found. If you know of anyone that needs their address updated by all means let me know. If anyone wants the address list when completed, I will forward it to you upon requests.
Again, it was wonderful to see everyone. Let's take advantage of this website that Marlene started for us and keep in touch.
Victoria Donohoe

07/20/09 10:29 PM #5    

Debra Siegel (Hulbert)

I agree totally Victoria - I just found Rusty Gill on Facebook - He was really bummed he didn't know about the reunion - The pics I posted definitely had all who did not attend wish they would have. We did have a great time! And monthly at the Sagebrush (especially in the summer sounds good to me!!) - Let's pick the next date and I will create a Facebook event for those on Facebook (and those who aren't really should be!!!) and on here as well. Will continue to update with "lost classmates" who surface on Facebook so we can get them involved!!


07/22/09 02:09 PM #6    

Victoria Donohoe

Thank you for the birthday wishes from Debra Siegal and Lisa Hammond. I think we might be meeting up at Chuy's in Santa Clarita on Friday night. My birthday night was to hectic for some. Unless their are any suggestions. Danny Bright, Adam Lewis and Lisa Hammond may come. If any one is interested please email me before Friday: to hear from you soon.
Debra email me the pics you have from Saturday night please.

Thanks a bunch again.
Victoria Donohoe

07/23/09 09:51 PM #7    

Victoria Donohoe

For those interested some of us are meeting July 24, 2009 at Chuy's in Santa Clarita at 6:00 PM just to hang out and celebrate Victoria Donohoe's Birthday.

Hope to see you there.

08/01/09 12:29 PM #8    

Lisa Manko (Gideon)

It looks like everyone had a great time at the reunion! Hopefully will make it to the 30th. Duffy has to promise to do another performance! Does anyone have Ruben Escalantes email? If you do could you send it to me at - I would love to contact him.

Stay well, if you ever venture up to Washington, let me know.

Lisa Manko Gideon

08/27/09 12:46 PM #9    

Scott Taryle

Does anyone happen to know if any of the Kennedy High graduating classes close to ours, like 1983 or 1985, set up websites like this? It would be good to look up some old friends not from our year. I enjoyed the reunion by the way. - Scott Taryle

06/28/10 01:12 PM #10    

Debra Siegel (Hulbert)

July 24th at the Sagebrush Cantina- Class of 75-85! Should be a good chance of connecting with those who graduated before and after our class..

04/28/13 12:34 PM #11    

Andy Sudol

facebook discussion on the 30th anniversary reunion... formal or casual? Professional coordinator or volunteers? give your input


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