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03/26/09 09:36 AM #1    

Andy Leung (Leung)

Welcome to the Grimsley High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/26/09 06:20 PM #2    

Thomas Stanton

Wow haven't seen any of you in 18-19 years... I've gained a little weight. Instead of pushing 100 now I'm trying to stay below 200!!!

03/26/09 06:40 PM #3    

Cindy Missy Comer (Steverson)

I can't believe it has been 20 years. I can't wait to see everyone . I hope we have a huge turn out.

03/26/09 09:08 PM #4    

Andy Leung (Leung)

Get the word out about the site! We still have a lot of people to reach!

05/11/09 09:31 AM #5    

Shawn Chilton

Whats up everyone. Sorry, but I cant make the reunion this time. Its hard to believe 20 years has gone by. Im in Iraq for the next nine months. I dont suggest this place for a second honeymoon. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. Take care, Shawn

05/14/09 11:09 AM #6    

Ethan Albright

Does anyone know what happened to Emily?

05/15/09 10:21 AM #7    

Brad Love

Emily passed away December 1st 2007 from cancer.

05/20/09 01:42 PM #8    

Ronald Robinson

Yeah I was sad to hear about Emily

06/08/09 11:00 AM #9    

Kabirah McGregor

I look forward to seeing everyone. I am dumbfounded at the thought that this is our 20 year class reunion. 20 YEARS. YIKES!!

06/15/09 01:57 PM #10    

Robert Weber

Anyone know why Scott Grubbs isn't listed with our class?

07/03/09 12:06 AM #11    

Amy Ingram (Royal)

Was the picnic on Saturday cancelled?

07/29/09 03:34 PM #12    

Jennifer Young (Brown)

hey you all,i was looking forward to seeing everyone,but as of right now,I am not able to make it,no job and just found out another baby-my fourth and last on the way-big surprise-i miss u all and luv u all very much-

08/07/09 05:23 PM #13    

Shannon Bowden

Hello Everyone Its Shannon! Great site! I am currently residing in Mississippi, Im moving to Kentucky in October, I hope I can make it for the 20th.. I missed the 10th!

09/23/09 10:48 PM #14    

Kevin Dockery

It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed sine we all have graduated from High School. For some of us , we went to General Greene & Caldwell Elementary school and then junior high all the way up to Highschool. We were all like family. Alot has changed for all of us during this period, hopefully wiser . I lookforward to seeing as many as you as possible.

10/09/09 12:47 AM #15    

Rahul Sachdev

Great Site!! I am truly sorry to hear hear about Emily and Jason...they are/were truly special to me and all of us. I will be in NYC this weekend and will be unable to attend the reunion. Very Disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing all of you and catching up. Hope everyone has a great time!

10/11/09 12:23 AM #16    

Keith Stewart

It was so great seeing everyone tonight. I am so glad that I made the effort to come. Even though I didn't remember everyone, it was still worth while seeing those that I did remember and meeting those that I do not. Thank you.

10/11/09 08:16 PM #17    

Cindy Smith (Soloe)

Wow, the reunion was a blast!!! Thanks SO much to everyone who pulled it together (Andy, Cindy, Evie, Bonnie, Jeannie, and I know there are others who I'm forgetting ... sorry!!). What a great venue and what a fantastic group of hugely successful, super friendly, amazingly attractive people ... :) It was great to see everyone!

10/12/09 01:16 AM #18    

Barbara Janke (Koenig)

It was great seeing everyone. I'm wishing I had gotten to catch up with more of you. Hats off to the classmates that pulled it all together! Thank you!!!

10/12/09 01:00 PM #19    

Latitia Dorsett (Spaulding)

I would like to extend a special thanks to you Andy and fellow classmates who helped make this year's reunion a great success! I had a wonderful time and wish all you much love, peace and success in the years ahead. May God continue to bless you all.

Warmest Regards,

Latitia "Tish" Dorsett Spaulding

09/11/14 08:02 AM #20    

Julia Dalton

Sorry to miss the reunion this year--I will be traveling--but if it is anything like the 20th it is sure to be a blast. Post lots of pics!

09/22/14 02:10 PM #21    

Kathleen Ros (Porter)

Unfortunatley, I will be unable to attend the reunion.  i will be in the middle of a semester and i live to far away! I hope fun is had by all.


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