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•   Bob Fisher  6/4
•   Art Spellissy  6/16
•   Frank Welsh  6/15
•   Craig Stevens (Stevens)  5/28
•   Bill Bohlen  5/10
•   Bill Scudder (William S. Scudder)  5/7
•   Mark Stevens  5/6
•   Tom Potts  5/5
•   Jock Conly  5/1
•   Steve Perkins  4/24
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Hello fellow classmates,

   Since I spent so much time developing a fairly good distribution list for our 45th I thought I would use it to give you a Haverford update. First of all we lost a great alumni in Steve Sabol class of 1960. His work in NFL films revolutionized the game.

   The next big news is the announcement of our new headmaster John Nagl (see below if you did not get this). An interesting story about the search process with John. He has obviously had a distinguished military career so one of his references was General Petraeus (current Director of the CIA). So John Stoviak had to call him up to get his opinion of John Nagl. I am not sure how that would work calling the CIA and asking to speak to the director. Nor if you had a tainted past would anyone want to even approach those guys. Well I guess I watch too many movies but John did get through somehow and spent 45 minutes talking with George. He said that John Nagl was a big thinker and one of the smartest men he had ever known. Pretty good reference and hopefully he can do as well as Joe Cox has over the past 15 years. John starts next fall but will be around campus to get up to speed on how the school runs.

   Here are some stats on the state of Haverford School:

- Haverford accepts 1 in every 5 applicants that apply to the school which is the most selective the school has been ever. Lots of kids want to go to Haverford.

- There is an 82% yield which means that for every person accepted 82% go to Haverford. This is the highest yield in the area

- There is a 97.5% retention amongst the faculty. This includes retirements etc. Another strong stat

- The enrollment at Haverford is 1013 which is the most students the school has every had. I think it was around 600 ish when we attended.

-  The total alumni giving was 837k and the total annual giving was 1.6 m. The student parents make up most of the difference

- The total tuition assistance is 5.5 million which comes from annual giving and the endowment. This number is to increase substantially each year as part of the strategic plan. So your gifts help qualified kids, who can't afford the tuition, go to Haverford.

- In sports the soccer team is ranked number one in the area, football is 1 win 2 losses and the other sports are doing well.

- Haverford goal is to be the best all boys school in the country. 

   Well we had a successful 45th and we are only about 4 and half years from our 50th. Hope all is well with everyone and stay in touch.