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Thanks to all contributors, our website has been extended to 12/8/2026. Contributions, in any amount, toward the success of Aug 12-14, 2016 reunion would be greatly appreciated!!!


•   Ronald Henderson (1962)  4/25
•   Jacquelyn York (Schmidt) (1961)  4/25
•   Fred Agemy ['65 HPHS Grad]  4/18
•   Billy Zook ['68 HPHS Grad]  4/9
•   Nancy Lyon [Jun Secy] (Miller) (1960)  4/5
•   James "Jim" Hannick (Catherine (Kit)) (1963)  4/3
•   Daniel Dombrowski (1962)  4/3
•   Paula Prater (Ortago) (1963)  3/24
•   Dian Mitchell (Wilkins) (1961)  3/23
•   Joanne Wadsworth (Wise) (1962)  3/21
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3 live in Alabama
11 live in Arizona
3 live in Arkansas
33 live in California
5 live in Colorado
2 live in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
45 live in Florida
7 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
2 live in Idaho
10 live in Illinois
5 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
5 live in Kentucky
2 live in Louisiana
3 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
441 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Nebraska
10 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
2 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
7 live in New York
8 live in North Carolina
8 live in Ohio
5 live in Oregon
4 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in Rhode Island
2 live in South Carolina
9 live in Tennessee
13 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
5 live in Virginia
9 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in British Columbia
2 live in Ontario
733 location unknown
381 are deceased


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 33.3%

A:   482   Joined
B:   964   Not Joined


These donations will help provide assistance for classmates who are financially unable to attend.




I am hoping to attend our reunion this year.
Would like to share room (and expense) in hotel with a woman classmate. Let me know if we can make this arrangement.


Our site has been online since Dec 1, 2010, and has been visited

** 39421 **

times!!  This site isn’t about waistlines, hairlines, or credit lines. It’s about lifelines. It’s about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives! Nothing more. Nothing less.  If you're a Highland Park High School 1959-1963 classmate who hasn't registered, please join us now (it's FREE)!!

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        I ASKED GOD  
        I asked for a flower,  
        He gave me a garden.  
        I asked for a tree,  
         He gave me a forest.  
        I asked for a river,  
        He gave me an ocean.  
        I asked for a friend,  
        He gave me "YOU."   

.  .  .  .

Friends are:

Amazing, cherish them
Blessings, acknowledge them
Caring, allow them
Dependable, rely on them
Encouraging, hear them
Fallible, love them
Gifts, unwrap them
Healing, be with them
Important, value them
Juicy, savour them
Kind, delight in them
Loyal, mirror them
Necessary, cultivate them
Optimistic, support them
Priceless, treasure them
Quirky, enjoy them
Rare, hold onto them
Strong, lean on them
Teachers, learn from them
Understanding, talk to them
Vulnerable, embrace them
Warm-hearted, listen to them
Xtraordinary, recognize them
Young at heart, play with them
Zany, laugh with them

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Thank you, Catherine Dovlet-Schnoes '62, for sharing this poem with us and taking us down "memory lane" ....

I would love to re-live just one or two weeks back in the 50's and 60's.  


 Enjoy this. 




A little house with three bedrooms, one bathroom and one car on the street.  A mower that you had to push to make the grass look neat.


In the kitchen on the wall we only had one phone, and no need for recording things, someone was always home.


We only had a living room where we would congregate, unless it was at mealtime, in the kitchen where we ate.


We had no need for family rooms or extra rooms to dine.  When meeting as a family, those two rooms would work out fine.


We only had one TV set and channels maybe two, but always there was one of them with something worth the view.


For snacks we had potato chips that tasted like a chip.  And if you wanted flavor, there was Lipton's onion dip.


Store-bought snacks were rare because my mother liked to cook and nothing can compare to snacks in Betty Crocker's book.


Weekends were for family trips or staying home to play.  We all did things together – even go to church to pray.


When we did our weekend trips, depending on the weather, no one stayed at home because we liked to be together.


Sometimes we would separate to do things on our own, but we knew where the others were without our own cell phone.


Then there were the movies with your favorite movie star, and nothing can compare to watching movies in your car.


Then there were the picnics at the peak of summer season, pack a lunch and find some trees and never need a reason.


Get a baseball game together with all the friends you know, have real action playing ball – and no game video.


Remember when the doctor used to be the family friend and didn't need insurance or a lawyer to defend.


The way that he took care of you or what he had to do, because he took an oath and strived to do the best for you.


Remember going to the store and shopping casually, and when you went to pay for it, you used your own money?


Nothing that you had to swipe or punch in some amount,  And remember when the cashier person had to really count?


The milkman used to go from door to door, and it was just a few cents more than going to the store.


There was a time when mailed letters came right to your door, without a lot of junk mail ads sent out by every store .


The mailman knew each house by name and knew where it was sent; There were not loads of mail addressed to "present occupant”.


There was a time when just one glance was all that it would take, and you would know the kind of car, the model and the make.


They didn't look like turtles trying to squeeze out every mile; they were streamlined, white walls, fins and really had some style.


One time the music that you played whenever you would jive, was from a vinyl, big-holed record called a forty-five.


The record player had a post to keep them all in line and then the records would drop down and play one at a time.


Oh sure, we had our problems then, just like we do today.  And always we were striving, trying for a better way.


Oh, the simple life we lived.  Still seems like so much fun.  How can you explain a game, just kick the can and run?


And why would boys put baseball cards between bicycle spokes and for a nickel, red machines had little bottled Cokes?


This life seemed so much easier, slower in some ways.  I love the new technology but I sure do miss those days.


So time moves on and so do we and nothing stays the same, But I sure love to reminisce and walk down memory lane.


With all today's technology, we grant that it's a plus!  But it's fun to look way back and say, HEY LOOK, GUYS, THAT WAS US!


"Good friends are like quilts-they age with you, yet never lose their warmth."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To disable the music, click on the red double vertical lines in the lower LH corner of the player.




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(The 2016 Reunion Attendees are listed in a tab at the top of the page.  We look forward to your name being on the list; please fill out the survey listed in the upper LH corner of this page titled ** 2016 Reunion Survey ** and you will be manually added to the list.)

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Thank you all immensely for your contributions.  As a result of your generosity, we were able to extend our website to 12/8/2026. Any additional funds/contributions will be applied to the success of our Aug 12-14, 2016 reunion.  Contributions, in any amount, would be greatly appreciated!!! The "HPHS Donation" icon is the second box down on the RH side of this page.


Anderson-Ramsay, Lenida

Aqwa, Barry

Armstrong-Bailey, Margaret

Ashcroft, Gary & Sheila Ashcroft

Bell, Thomas

Blockett Jr, Charles

Botkins-Colley, Mitzi

Cummings-Gillies, Willene

Daines-Crabb, Judith

Darin, John

Detzer-Rubin, Dorothy

Dovlet-Schnoes, Catherine

Duvall, Lance

Eastering, Wilson

Finch, Sharon

Flowers-Cothorn, Martha

Gerstenberger, Herb

Goin, James

Griffin, Thomas

Guy, Wesley

Harge, Derrick

Henderson, Ronald

Howard-Calder, Joan & John

Hunter-Voorheis, Mary Ann

Hurchalla, Bernard

Jackson, Joseph

Jeter-Phifer, Ray Ann

Joubran, Victor

Kauffman-Andres, Phylis

Killala, Thomas

Kimbro, Beverly

Kozak, John & Bina Williams-Kozak

Longley-Blackwell, Judy

Luoma-Ryan, Barbara

Lynch, Will & Barbara Key-Lynch

Malejan-Schlauder, Alice

Mark-Koskela, Barbara

Mattis-Haskin, Linda

McCray, Dennis

Merciers, Billy


Mooradian, Paul & Diane Anglewicz-Mooradian

Nunn-Vanden Brulle, Jennie

Raspa, Franziska

Reeves, Jim

Ridey-Allor, Janet

Roy, Robert

Sharpe, Doug

Smith, Chuck

Stock, Judith

Toler, James

Weston, Donald

White, Stanley

White, Stanley – In Memory of Douglas Kalish ‘59

Wiest, Pieter

Young-Kryzak, Patricia


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Mother of all Clocks

If  THIS doesn't shock the living day-lights out of you....
I don't know what would!     
 Be certain to read the comments at the very end...
you must click on "about."  - (at the very bottom of the Clock page)
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    Come attend, and invite other Parkers, to join the "fun" social gathering of the "Parkers" group at Duggan's Irish Pub, 31501 Woodward Avenue (north of 13 Mile), Royal Oak, MI commencing at 11:30 am on the following Saturday date ...


May 14, 2016

June 18, 2016

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Can you find the street in Highland Park where you lived? Click the link and type in Highland Park, MI or whatever location you choose to search for. It is a neat application which allows a street view of whatever location you desire.


Call them and tell them about this website and ask them to register today OR send us their contact information. If you know their email address, all you need to do is click on their Profile, input their email address and hit Send. Appreciate all your help!!


      Missing Classmates


(Lipari [Daughter Of Timmi Lenzing '61]), Joi
Acho, Gerald (1962)
Afdahl (Hayosh), Susan (1962)
Aho, Earl (1960)
Aho, John (1963)
Aiken, Carol (1961)
Ajamian (Krikorian), Anna (1961)
Allen, Barbara (1963)
Allen [1953 HPHS Grad], Gene
Allex, Janet M. (1960)
Alli, Judy (1962)
Amazi, Barbara (1959)
Amos, Phyllis (1963)
Anderson, Marian (1960)
Anderson, Rita (1960)
Anita, Leonn (1963)
Antoniou, Christina (1961)
Archie, Bob (1963)
Askew, Thomas (1963)
Atikian, Seta (1963)
Atkinson, Cora (1959)
Baeske, Ann (1959)
Bagley, Mary (1961)
Banks, Clinton (1959)
Banks, Dorothy (1962)
Barker, Donna (1960)
Barnes, Joe (1961)
Barnhart, Judith (1962)
Beach, Delores A. (1960)
Beard, Carol (1962)
Becker, Jay O (1960)
Belser, Clay (1963)
Bench, Carol (1960)
Bennett, Ronald C. (1960)
Benns Jr. [Asst. Principal], Pentecost
Benson (Wohlfert), Barbara (1961)
Bernau, Renate (1963)
Berner, Sandra (1962)
Berry, Gladys (1959)
Bierlien, Mike (1963)
Blackwell, Dennis
Bledsoe, Norman (1962)
Boehmer, Sandra (1959)
Bogrette, Edward (1962)
Boladian, Betty (1959)
Booker, William (1962)
Bosley, Audrey (1962)
Boswell, Adell (1959)
Boswell, Deloise (1961)
Boswell, Jessie A. (1960)
Boulware, Russel (1963)
Bound, Diane (1963)
Bowen, Dorothy (1959)
Bowens, Shirley (1961)
Boyle, James (1963)
Bradford, Ronald (1963)
Braithwaite, Cyril (1959)
Branch, Ruth (1960)
Branham, Annie L. (1960)
Brantley, Ruthie (1963)
Brantley, Sheila (1962)
Braun, Joseph A. (1960)
Brendel, Brenda (1963)
Brenner, Marilyn (1960)
Brewer, Edith (1959)
Brewer, Wilda (1963)
Briley [Business Ed. ], Percy
Brim, James (1963)
Brimble, Roxana (1960)
Brown, Carolyn (1961)
Brown (Brunley), Eileen (1963)
Brown, Joseph (1960)
Brown, Judith (1963)
Brown, Loretta (1963)
Brown, Nellie June (1960)
Brown, William (1960)
Browning, Diana (1963)
Browning, Patricia (1962)
Bruce, Marva (1961)
Bruce, Richard (1959)
Bryant (Wilson), Marian (1963)
Burch (Foster ['64 HPHS Grad]), Jean
Burgess, Cassandra (1963)
Burgess, Joyce (1960)
Burnett, Cora (1963)
Burnett, Ledeltha (1962)
Burnett, Mary (1961)
Burns, Dennis (1961)
Burton, Danny (1963)
Burton, Dorothy (1962)
Burton, Juanita (1959)
Bush, Danny (1960)
Butler, Robert (1961)
Bykaylo, John (1960)
Byrd, Dean (1960)
Cain, John (1963)
Campbell, Alberta (1959)
Campbell, Angeline (1960)
Campbell, Joan (1962)
Campbell, Susan (1963)
Cantrell, Beverly (1963)
Carey, Carolyn (1961)
Carey, Delores (1959)
Carley, Joann (1963)
Carraway, James (1959)
Carroll, Robert (1960)
Carter (Wentworth [Jan '58 Grad]), Lois
Carter Jr. , Thomas (1961)
Cascos, Patricia (1962)
Casker, Elizabeth (1962)
Casstevens, Lou (1963)
Casstevens, Minnie (1963)
Castleberry, Hershel
Cato, Dorothy (1961)
Cato, Jewel (1963)
Cephus (Lott), Constance (1961)
Chan, Wai Kwong (1962)
Chapman, Claudia (1961)
Charlton, Edward (1959)
Chester, Ada (1963)
Chlubiski, Daniel (1963)
Chlubiski, Fred (1960)
Christou, Dorothy (1962)
Christou, Thomais (1962)
Clark, Mary (1959)
Clark, Robert (1961)
Clayton, Carol (1961)
Cole, Sherman (1960)
Coleman, Barbara (1962)
Colman, Blaine (1960)
Conlan (Newman), Sharon (1960)
Cook, Virginia (1963)
Cooper [Jan Vice-Pres] (McClary), Mary (1961)
Corrigan, John (1963)
Cotten, Jo Ann (1959)
Covington, Katie (1963)
Cranford, Patricia (1959)
Croll, Christine (1963)
Croll, James (1959)
Cullilns, James (1960)
Cunningham, Richard (1960)
Currie, Michael (1963)
Curtiss, Ann (1963)
Dabio, Lois (1961)
Dabish, Joyce (1959)
Dabney, Edna (1962)
Daghlian ['54 HPHS Classmate], Jack
D'Agostino, James (1963)
Daiza, Nadera (1963)
Dakroub, Lila (1962)
Dallas, Lawrence (1963)
Dalpizzol (Brown), Rose Mary (1961)
Damaree, June (1963)
Daniels, Vernon (1961)
Danielson, Jon (1962)
Davenport, Louise (1959)
David, Paul (1963)
Davidge, Robert (1961)
Davidson, Morris (1960)
Davis, Fred (1960)
Davis, Jacqueline (1963)
Davis, John (1959)
Davis, Joseph (1960)
Davis, Kenneth (1960)
Davis, Marlene (1962)
Davis, Natalie (1959)
Davis, Richard (1960)
Davis, Sandra (1962)
Davis [Security], George
Deebs, Andrea (1961)
DeGregory, Elizabeth (1959)
Detken, Lothar (1960)
Dixon (Kauppila [1958 HPHS Grad]), Diane
Dixon, Elizabeth (1963)
Donaldson, Gail (1959)
Dorka (Ross [Former HPHS Student]), Mary
Dornan, Janet (1962)
Dravnieks, Daina (1962)
Duncan, Jerold (1963)
Durham, Judy (1963)
Dwyer, Michael (1963)
Edwards, Karen (1963)
Edwards, Norman (1960)
Edwards, Valdeene (1963)
Edwards, Willilam (1962)
Eggleston, Linda (1960)
Elia, Ramzia (1962)
Ellis, Richard (1963)
Ellison, William (1959)
Elzy, Octavia (1960)
Embry, Philip (1963)
Emerson, Shirley (1959)
Englehart, Marion (1962)
Englehart, Steve (1960)
Engleharte, Marian (1963)
English, Glenn (1959)
Erin, Sharon (1959)
Ervin, Donna (1963)
Evans, Ronald (1963)
Ezell, Cletis (1959)
Fagan, Marsha (1962)
Ferguson, Gary (1963)
Ferrell (Echols ['71 HPHS Grad]), Betty
Fidler, Patricia (1962)
Fischer, Mary (1962)
Fittler, Carol (1960)
Fleek, Allen (1962)
Flood, Mary (1959)
Floyd, Geraldine (1960)
Flury, Lee (1963)
Fogle, Mable (1959)
Ford, Wally (1962)
Forrest, Barbara (1962)
Fortner, James (1962)
Frank, Paul (1960)
Frost, Karen (1963)
Gaffney, Carol (1962)
Gaffney, Ralph (1962)
Gaillard, Thaddeus (1962)
Gaillard [Counselor, Adult Ed], Mayo F.
Garabedian, George (1960)
Gardner, Ruben (1963)
Gates, Lawrence (1962)
Geer, Rosalind (1962)
Genoverse, Sam (1963)
George, Nancy (1962)
Ghannam, Adla (1959)
Gibson, Patricia A. (1960)
Gibson, Phyllis (1962)
Giles, Gloria (1961)
Gill, Clara (1962)
Gillvan, Larry (1963)
Girdley, Vivian (1962)
Glenn, George (1959)
Glover, James (1960)
Goin, Marilyn (1959)
Goodwin, Robert (1962)
Goolsby, Darrell (1960)
Gordon, Shirley (1962)
Gordon [Guest, Gwen Gordon], Carl
Graham, John (1962)
Gray, Gerald (1961)
Green, Barbara (1959)
Green, Keith (1963)
Green, Sharon (1960)
Greene, Charles (1960)
Griffin, Brenda (1959)
Grogan, Elaine (1963)
Grogan, Marcella (1961)
Groves, Philip (1960)
Gulian, Barbara (1962)
Gupton, Margaret (1963)
Haas, Katherine (1963)
Habba, Angel (1963)
Habba, Mary (1963)
Hagens, Sandra (1962)
Haislip, Robert (1960)
Hallopeter, Harold (1962)
Hamilton, Barbara (1960)
Hancock, Priscilla (1960)
Handy, Veronica (1961)
Harper (Beasley), Betty (1961)
Harris, Ada (1962)
Harris, Mae (1963)
Harris, Sandra (1961)
Harris, Vera (1962)
Harris, William (1962)
Harrison, Bill (1963)
Hart, Nancy (1962)
Hart, Robert (1959)
Hart, Virginia (1963)
Harvey, Pamela (1963)
Hatwood, Faye (1962)
Haynes, Shirley (1959)
Henderson, Barbara (1963)
Hennemeier, Kay (1963)
Herriman, Margaret (1960)
Herron, Nancy (1963)
Hicks, Brian (1963)
Hignite, William (1963)
Hill, Corey (1960)
Hodgson, Sally (1963)
Hoepfner, Susan (1963)
Hoke, Constance (1959)
Holland, Eddie (1959)
Hollis, David (1960)
Hooks, Joan (1963)
Hopkins, John (1962)
Howard, Doris (1960)
Howard, Gloria (1962)
Hubbard, Curtis (1962)
Hudson, June (1963)
Hughes, William (1963)
Hunt, Hazel (1961)
Igrison, Daniel (1960)
Immonen, Elaine (1960)
Irwin, Robert (1960)
Isshagi, Adel (1962)
Jaboro, Majy (1959)
Jackson, Alvin (1963)
Jackson, Emma (1960)
Jackson, Maseco (1962)
Jackson, Sharon (1961)
Jackson, Sylvester (1960)
Jacques, Paulette (1960)
Jason, William (1962)
Jerris, Clayton (1961)
Joamise, Cloie (1959)
Johnson, Charles (1961)
Johnson, Christine (1962)
Johnson, Darrel (1962)
Johnson, Evelyn (1960)
Johnson, Francine (1959)
Johnson, Geraldine (1963)
Johnson, Josephine (1962)
Johnson, Kay (1963)
Johnson, Linda (1963)
Johnson, Nancy (1962)
Johnson, Raymond (1960)
Johnson, Steve (1959)
Johnson, Vera Jean (1960)
Johnson, William (1962)
Johnston, Rebecca (1959)
Jolly, Noel (1962)
Jolly, Thomas (1959)
Jones, Carolyn A. (1960)
Jones, Gloria (1962)
Jones, Mary (1959)
Jones, Sharon (1963)
Jones, Theresa (1962)
Jones, Theresa (1960)
Joulfaian, Mary A. (1960)
Kaboshian, John (1960)
Kalish (Egan [Daughter Of Doug Kalish]), Kimberly
Kanipe, Luthor (1963)
Kates, Linda (1960)
Kehn, Don (1962)
Kelel, Joseph (1963)
Kelly, James (1963)
Kelly, Larry (1963)
Kennedy, Dana (1963)
Kerns, Marley (1963)
Khiralla, Brenda (1961)
Kiffner, Ronald (1960)
King, Dougles (1963)
King, Mary (1963)
Kirton, Patricia (1961)
Knapp, Timothy (1963)
Knudsen, Bill (1963)
Knupp, James (1962)
Kocel, Katherine (1963)
Kocel, Martha (1962)
Kokron, Carolyn M. (1960)
Kolbe [Jun Treas], Joseph (1960)
Krampert, Carl (1960)
Krivak, Richard (1959)
La Born, Walter (1963)
LaFrance, Edward (1962)
Laird, Audrey (1959)
Landers, Henry (1963)
Lane, Frank (1959)
Langenburg, Michael (1962)
Lapsit, Renate (1960)
Larkin, Ruenette (1962)
LaScott (Gauthier), Margaret (1961)
Lauer, Sharon (1962)
Lavell, Mary (1962)
Lawrence, Mary (1963)
Lazar, Frank (1962)
Leach (Humphrey), Carolyn (1961)
Leach, Ronald A (1960)
Leapheart, Hattie (1961)
Lebert, Nancy (1960)
Lee, JoAnn (1961)
Lee [Jan Treas], Donald (1963)
LeFranc, David (1963)
Lehan, Honora (1960)
Leitch, Patricia (1963)
Leonard, Geraldine (1960)
Levy, Sheila L. (1960)
Lewis, Arthur (1962)
L'Hommedieu, Frank (1962)
Li, Shu Him (1962)
Lo, James (1963)
Lo, Stephen (1963)
Loggins, James (1963)
Lohr, Judith (1960)
Lossia, Richard (1962)
Love [Jun Vice-Pres], Claudia (1960)
Lovell, Mary (1962)
Lovett, Emily (1962)
Lowery, Paul (1959)
Lucuisano, Josephine (1962)
Lumley, Mary (1960)
Lungsford, Willie (1959)
MacDonald, Norma (1959)
MacDougall, Alan (1961)
Mack, Marian (1960)
Mackey, Alice (1959)
MacTaggart, Frances (1962)
Madarasz, Charles (1960)
Makled, Mahmoud (1960)
Maksymetz, Ronald (1961)
Malone, Patricia (1962)
Mann, Patricia (1963)
Manney, Karen (1963)
Mapp, Jo Ann (1962)
Markey, Carol (1959)
Marshall, Judith (1961)
Marsom, Jill (1963)
Martin, David (1963)
Martin, Kathalyn (1959)
Mason, Sandra (1963)
Mason, Scott (1959)
Masters, Martha (1962)
Mayberry, Gene (1962)
Maynard, Betty (1963)
Maynard, Delma (1960)
Maynard, Gloria (1962)
McAllister, Roberta (1959)
McCarthan, Betty (1959)
McCleod, James (1962)
McCormick, James "Shawn" (1960)
McCormick, Sarah (1961)
McCroskey, Willie (1959)
McCumber, Judy (1963)
McDonald, Yvonne (1959)
McDonough, James (1960)
Mcguire, Mary (1963)
McKee, Patricia (1963)
McKelley, Michael (1962)
McKelley, Patricia (1963)
McKibbon [husband Of Carole Burdett], Bill
McKinnon, Jerry (1960)
McLeod, James (1962)
McVeigh, Barbara (1960)
Meador [Jan Vice-Pres], Danny R. (1960)
Meckens, Sylvester (1962)
Medico, Angelo (1962)
Melford, Ryland (1959)
Mendenhall, Gwendolyn (1960)
Mercea, Barbara (1961)
Merciers, Carol (1960)
Meretsky, Richard (1962)
Mester, Dennis (1963)
Mester, Georgia (1961)
Mihertadian, George (1961)
Miklus, Delores (1959)
Miller, Charles (1963)
Miller, Clifford (1960)
Miller, Rosemary (1961)
Mills, Don (1960)
Mills [Guest, Former Classmate] (Crump), Gwendolyn
Milton, Eugene (1962)
Minco, Charles E. (1960)
Miron, Bonnie Jean (1960)
Mizell, John (1961)
Mobley, Gloria (1960)
Moore, Marilyn (1963)
Moraitis, Dennis (1962)
Moran, Pauline (1962)
Morgan [Guest, Tessie Stanley] (Thomas), Georgitt
Morgans (Stadler), Carol (1961)
Morris, Darlene (1963)
Morris, Marilyn (1963)
Morse, James (1960)
Moss, Sheila (1962)
Moy, Michael (1962)
Murdock, William (1963)
Murray, Harry (1962)
Myers, Sharon (1959)
Nanney, Karen (1963)
Nash, Ronald (1963)
Navickas, Diane (1963)
Neesley, Leslie (1960)
Neesley, Roberta (1959)
Newing, Vera (1959)
Newman, Patricia (1959)
Newton, Dorothy E. (1960)
Nicholos, James (1960)
Norman, Judy (1963)
Norum, Barbara (1959)
Nousain (Hayden), Judy (1961)
O'Brien, Mary (1963)
Ohanessian, Mardi (1962)
O'Neal, Earnestine (1960)
O'Neal, Flora (1961)
Orlander, Carol (1959)
Palazzola, John (1963)
Panozzo (Cogswell), Carol (1961)
Papakonstantinov, Theofanis (1960)
Parker, Carol (1963)
Partin, Patricia A. (1960)
Partridge, Dorothy (1962)
Pastorio, Nancy (1961)
Peavley, Tony (1960)
Peneyra, Sharon (1963)
Person, Lucy (1961)
Pinka, Ugis (1960)
Pittman, Lloyd (1963)
Pitton, Michael (1961)
Poe, Sanual (1963)
Points, Dexter (1961)
Poma, Janet W. (1960)
Pond, Donald (1963)
Poole, Lawrence (1963)
Porche, Maia (1963)
Porter, Henry (1961)
Powers, Charlotte (1960)
Powers, Sharon (1962)
Pratt, James (1960)
Price, Anthony (1963)
Prince, Mary Ann (1963)
Pringle, Rosie (1963)
Proen, Louise (1960)
Prosyk, Gloria (1960)
Pulkki, Paul (1963)
Pylkas, Sigrid (1963)
Rahall, Rose (1959)
Ramzia, Ella (1962)
Ransom, Joseph (1962)
Ratliff, Rose (1963)
Raum, Birgit (1963)
Redden, Samuel (1960)
Reese, Nellie (1959)
Reid, Donna (1962)
Relich, Nick (1963)
Reynolds, Mary Louise (1963)
Reynolds, Paula (1963)
Rhoads, Donald (1960)
Rhoads, Gerald (1960)
Richardson, Madolyn (1961)
Richardson, Patricia (1962)
Roberts, Bonny (1960)
Roberts, Roberta (1960)
Roberts, Wanda (1963)
Robinson, James Harvey (1963)
Robitaile, Jeanine (1962)
Rofick [Daughter Of Carlotta Jason-Rofick], Konee Elana
Rogers, Muriel (1963)
Rogers, Ogretha (1961)
Rogers, Richard (1962)
Roland, Benautrice (1963)
Rolby, Kathleen (1963)
Rolheiser, Denise (1963)
Rondon, Lucille (1963)
Rose, Annetta (1960)
Rose, George (1961)
Ross (McMillan), Mollie (1961)
Ross, Sandra (1960)
Rotofsky, Gayle (1961)
Roumayah, Sabah (1963)
Roundtree, Mary (1959)
Rouse [Eldon Rouse Son], Mark
Rudder, Linda C. (1960)
Ruokonen, Thomas (1963)
Russell, Marion (1961)
Russell, Richard (1963)
Rzendzian, Diane (1960)
Sabo, Ricky (1961)
Salo, Donald J. (1960)
Salton, Nancy (1963)
Salton, Ruth (1961)
Sansfacon, Mary (1961)
Santikian, Arman (1963)
Sarkisian, Sarkis (1960)
Schabel, Martin (1963)
Scott, Carl (1963)
Scribner, Paul R. (1960)
Seaman Jr. , Eddie (1962)
Sergeichik, Paul (1963)
Seropulos, Shirley A. (1960)
Shannon [1980 HPHS Grad], Juan
Shelby, Betty (1959)
Shepherd, Claudia (1959)
Shonk, Douglas L. (1960)
Shurish, Susan (1961)
Siegel, Arnold (1959)
Singleton, Diana (1959)
Singleton, Eugene (1959)
Skapyak, David (1962)
Smedley, Jerry (1963)
Smiley, Judy (1959)
Smiley (Vettraino ['68 HPHS Grad]), Pat
Smith, Donna (1963)
Smith, Douglas (1961)
Smith, Elaine (1963)
Smith, Guy (1963)
Smith, James (1963)
Smith, Janet (1960)
Smith, Mary Ellen (1960)
Smith, Mattie (1962)
Smith, Myrtle (1963)
Smith, Nancy (1961)
Smith, Pauline (1962)
Smith, Shirley (1959)
Smith, Thomas (1963)
Smith, Welbour (1959)
Snell, Joann (1960)
Sokolowski, Patricia (1960)
Souten, Nadia A. (1960)
Spano, Claudia (1963)
Sparks Jr. , Alfred (1960)
Spearman, Gerilyn (1960)
Spearman, Wilma (1962)
Speight, Patricia (1961)
Sperry, Ronald (1963)
Spivey, William (1963)
Stahl, Elliott (1960)
Stephens, Robert (1959)
Stevenson, Cecilia (1962)
Stevenson, Maxine (1961)
Stewart, Theola (1963)
Stindt, John (1960)
Stindt, Thomas (1963)
Stitt, Venus (1962)
Stokes [Guest], Chris
Stonier (** Not Interested **), Bob (1961)
Sullivan, Dan (1959)
Sullivan, Eddie (1959)
Summers, Jennifer (1963)
Susnjar, Jo Ann (1960)
Sykes, Forrestine (1961)
Sykes, Willie (1962)
Szczepanski, Mary Ann (1960)
Tackett, Mae (1960)
Talley, Rosemarie (1963)
Taylor, Carol (1962)
Taylor, Joy (1960)
Taylor (Nicks-Miller ['57 HPHS Grad]), Sarah
Techaris, Bill (1962)
Terrill, Patricia (1960)
Thacker, Dorothy (1962)
Thacker, Patricia (1960)
Theoharis, Bill (1962)
Thivier, Mari (1960)
Thompson, Judy (1962)
Thompson, William (1963)
Thornhill, George (1963)
Thornton, Shirley (1963)
Tikkanen, Donald (1960)
Tillotson, Elizabeth (1960)
Tillotson, James (1963)
Timmreck, Paul (1963)
Toben, Carol (1960)
Tocewicz, Ronald (1960)
Tomoff, Joanne (1960)
Tompkins (Hall), Juanita (1960)
Toumajian, Lucille (1959)
Toumajian, Thomas (1963)
Tovmassian, Harry (1960)
Townsend, Nancy A. (1960)
Trewin, David (1960)
Trudeau, Judith (1961)
Tsoukalas, Virginia (1963)
Tudor, Wanda (1959)
Turner, Bettie (1961)
Turner, Lerethia (1960)
Tyre, Joan (1960)
Vaive, James (1960)
Van Dyke, Donald (1960)
Vandervest, James (1963)
Venson, Leatha (1961)
Vestevich, William (1961)
Vettraino, James (1962)
Visnoski, John S. (1960)
Vollmer (Turk), Janet (1963)
Vujich, Olga (1960)
Wade, Patricia (1959)
Wagner, Lawrence (1962)
Wagoner, James A. (1960)
Wagoner, Sandra (1960)
Wagoner, Sharon (1962)
Walker, Carolyn (1963)
Walker (McIntosh), Patricia (1961)
Walsh, Brian (1963)
Waltonen, Peggy (1962)
Ward, Lorrie (1962)
Warren, Christine (1962)
Warren, Nancy (1962)
Warren, Sharron (1963)
Washington, Donna (1960)
Washington, Richard (1959)
Waters, Bernie (1963)
Watkins, Julie Ann (1960)
Watkins, Julius (1962)
Watts, Cleveland (1959)
Welch, Frank (1963)
Wells, Priscilla (1963)
Wells, Ruby (1963)
West, William (1962)
Westbrook, Roslyn (1961)
Wheatley, William E. (1960)
Whitaker, Roberta (1959)
White, Alvah (1961)
White, Linda (1962)
White, Marion (1962)
White, Ronald (1960)
White, Ruth Ann (1962)
Whitehead, Marshall (1963)
Whitfield, Michael (1963)
Whitworth, Carlon (1961)
Wieman (Swinea), Delora (1961)
Wieman, Karleen (1963)
Wilde, Patricia (1961)
Wilkins, Suzanne (1960)
Williams, Diana (1960)
Williams, Janie (1962)
Williams, Joseph (1962)
Williams, Sammie (1963)
Williamson, David (1960)
Williamson, William (1962)
Willis, Bernadine (1960)
Willis, Charles (1963)
Willman, Robert (1960)
Willows, Judy (1960)
Willows, Miriam (1962)
Wilson, Emalene (1963)
Wilson, Robert (1963)
Wilson, Rosemary (1962)
Wilson, Sharon (1961)
Wilson, Terry (1960)
Windom, Patsy A. (1960)
Winfrey, Suzanne (1959)
Winkler, Karen (1960)
Wonacott (Etienne ['56 HPHS Grad]), Margaret
Wood, Charles (1959)
Wood, Lee (1963)
Wrenn, Arthur (1961)
Wright, Randall (1961)
Wright, Richard (1962)
Wright [Guest, Former HPHS Classmate] (Cutler), Rose
Yates, Charles (1963)
Young, Gordon (1963)
Young, Judith (1963)
Young, Kathleen (1961)
Young, Patricia (1962)
Yousif, Joseph (1963)
Zahn, Dorothea (1960)
Zeitz [Jun Pres], John (1960)
Zeni, Guilia (1959)
Zysk, Dennis (1963)



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