10 Year Reunion Pics

Dinner at the Shilo

Jennifer Thiros, Jamie (Byington) McClure, Meagan (Cramer) Phillips, Amber (Marshall) McDaniel,
April (Eames) Avalos, and Emily (Roberts) Baker

Sarah (Tracy) and husband Jim Windisch

Shay and Melissa (Webber) Rotsinger, Debbie Gale, and Justin Smith

TJ Gasser and Sonya Anderson

Angie (Anderson) Cummins, Wendy (Russell) Thomas, and Sarah McBride

The one and only.....Ben Avery

Jamie (Byington) McClure, Brittney (Herrera) Wood,
Meagan (Cramer) Phillips, and Amanda (Davis) Bland


Dave Dexter and Landon Wackerli

Logan and Katie Blankenship

Amanda (Smith) and husband Ben Bragg

Jennifer Thiros and Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel

Melissa and Keith Gernant, Jim Hinman, and Keri Horton

Dan Davis, a waiter, and Brian Wood

Josh Briggs and Matt Fluke

Alicia Buchan and Traci Allison

Ryan Byrnes

On the dance floor

Karen (Collins) Martin, Robin Demmer, and Traci Allison

Tosha (Schofield) Rose, Codee Perry, Jason Plazier,
and April (Eames) Avalos

Dan and Aricka Beck

Tobin Bird and Camille Cox

Our VP, Dan Davis

Kristina and Mark Beck

Dan and Aricka Beck

Robin Demmer

Keri Horton, Dave Dexter, and Landon Wackerli

Jacob and Janna Dixon

Mark and Kristina Beck

Tosha (Schofield) Rose, Codee Perry, Landon Wackerli,
Mark Beck, and Dan Beck

Misty (Hansen) and husband Cody DuPont

Roger and Hillary (Severe) Emmer

Codee Perry and April (Eames) Avalos

Amber (Eubank) Beckstead and Monica (Carlson) Bitrick

Keith and Melissa Gernant

Shawn and Susan (Hunt) Hansen

Darin Harris and Jason Plazier

Amanda (Davis) Bland and Pasquale Shaver singing a duet
with the assistance of helium.

Jim Hinman and Keri Horton

Scott and Gabby Hobbs

Scott and Diane (Gardner) Isom

Jordan and Brooke Sermon

Shawn, Tosha (Schofield) and baby Rose

Shaun Wright and Felicia Little

Kirsten (Loynd) and husband Mark Davis

Kirsten (Loynd) Davis, Rebecca (McFarling) Robertson, and Tammy Crites

Brad and Alison (Hulse) Madsen

Amy Brower, Alison (Hulse) Madsen and Brad Madsen

Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel and Barrie Jo (McQuary) Moss

Jacquie (Green) Moore and Jamie (Brown) Neff

Jordan Sermon and Layne Turner

Tosha (Schofield) Rose, April (Eames) Avalos, 
Landon Wackerli, and Codee Perry

Brandon and Barrie Jo (McQuary) Moss

Barrie Jo (McQuary) Moss and Robin Demmer

Brittney (Herrera) Wood, Jennifer Thiros, Jamie (Byington) McClure,
and Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel

Amy Fahlen and Nick Murphy

Jake and Heather Neitzel

Codee Perry, Tosha (Schofield) Rose, and April (Eames) Avalos

Barrie Jo (McQuary) MossCodee Perry, and Landon Wackerli

Codee Perry and Landon Wackerli

Chad and Krista Porter

Logan Blankenship, Keith Gernant, Landon Wackerli,
Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel, Dave Dexter, Jim Hinman, and Nick Murphy

Marc and Yvonne (Withers) Russell

Ryan and Britton Taylor

Traci Allison and Brandon Tuott

Emily (Roberts) Baker and Ben Avery

Landon Wackerli, Dan Beck and Aricka Beck, Layne Turner,
Jordan and Brooke Sermon, Kristina and Mark Beck


Bryce and Jaime Wheeler

Nate and Jennifer (Sharp) Whipple

Richard and Ryan Taylor

Tiffany (Robbins) Knight, Erin (Shannon) Davis,
and LeAnn (Tomlinson)

Jake Neitzel, Ben and Amanda (Smith) Bragg

Tiffany (Robbins) Knight, Bryce Wheeler, and LeAnn (Tomlinson) Jensen

Amber (Marshall) McDaniel, Layne Turner, Jamie (Byington) McClure, Emily (Roberts) Baker, Frank McClure, Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel, Brittney (Herrera) Wood, Coby (Meikle) Steele, and Meagan (Cramer) Phillips 

Amber (Eubank) Beckstead, Monica (Carlson) Bitrick, Dave Dexter,
Amy Fahlen, Codee Perry, and Tosha (Schofield) Rose

Melanie (Price) and husband Ben Steele, Coby (Meikle)
and husband Jake Steele, and Frank McClure

Back Row: Emily (Roberts) Baker, Jennifer Thiros,
and Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee
Front Row: Codee Perry, Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel, Marcie Johnson,
April (Eames) Avalos, and Tosha (Schofield) Rose 

Rock and Whitney (Lent) Permann, Pasquale Shaver,
Amanda (Davis) and husband Aaron Bland

Darrin Harris, Shannon Stevens, Jennifer (Lucius) Cooper,
and Jennifer Lawrence

Khalea (Hicks) Allen, Aaron Young, Dan Davis and
Sheila (Stoumbaugh) Steel

Landon Wackerli, Layne Turner, and Mark Beck (with Jordan and Brooke Sermon gettin' jiggy in the background)

Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee, Codee Perry, Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel
and Tosha (Scofield) Rose

Picnic at Tautphaus Park

Amber (Marshall) McDaniel and Jessica (Lamprecht) Holmes

Isaac and April (Eames) Avalos

Mark Beck and sons

Nick Bishop feeding the lil' one

Nick Bishop and Justin Frandsen

Amy Boam

Kellen Zollinger, Joe Skousen, Jeff Branson, and Brian Wood

Amanda (Smith) Bragg Family

Jim and Sarah (Tracy) Windisch and Camille Cox in the middle

April (Eames) Avalos, Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee, Tosha (Schofield) Rose, and Amber (Marshall) McDaniel

Justin Frandsen, Dan Beck and son

Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel, Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee, and Marcie Johnson

Nick Murphy, Dave Dexter, and Addisyn Dexter

Robin Demmer and Hillary Guilford

Devri (Cooper) Nulph, Jamie (Byington) McClure, and Meghan Frandsen

Emily (Roberts) Baker and Amber (Marshall) McDaniel

Greg and Katie Fielding and family

April (Eames) Avalos, Codee Perry, and Tosha (Schofield) Rose w/ baby.

Meghan and Luke Frandsen

Hillary Guilford and Brandon and Barrie Jo (McQuary) Moss

Brittney (Herrera) and Calyn and Rylan Wood

Scott, Gabby, Kina, and Mila Hobbs

Scott and Kina Hobbs

Jared Jones


Kina Hobbs and others enjoy the bouncer!

Kip, Mariann, and Paige Landon

Layne Turner + Knee Surgery = A lot of lying around

Logan Blankenship and Layne Turner

Ashley (Machen) Schenk and kids Carson, Emma, and Baby Schenk

Jamie (Byington) and husband Frank McClure


Coby (Meikle), son Hudson, and husband Jake Steele

Amy Brower and Erin (Shannon) Davis

Ryan and Britton Taylor

LeAnn (Tomlinson) Jensen and daughter Hailey.

Richard and Crystal Taylor

Mike and Pamela Meservey and Nikki Young

Mike and Pamela Meservey

Jeff and Katelyn Miles

Jeff, Marcus, Katelyn, and Camille Miles

Steve and Deagan Miller

Monica (Carlson) Bitrick, daughter Kylee, and friend

Nick Murphy

Jamie (Brown) Neff and kids Mikey and Izzy

Jake and Savannah Neitzel

 Rock and Whitney (Lent) Permann and clan

Reese Shurtliff and Eric Reed

Tosha (Schofield) Rose and husband Shawn

Joe and Christa Skousen

Joe and Harrison Skousen

Ben and Melanie (Price) Steele and someone's child

Steve and Dani Stone

Tara (Milligan) Sprengel and brand new baby

LeAnn (Tomlinson) Jensen and kids Hailey and Luke

Shay and Melissa (Webber) Rotsinger and daughter Sydney

Whitney (Lent) Permann and baby Zachary and Amanda (Davis) Bland

Brian, Kayla, and Jordan Wood

Brian and Kayla Wood and kids McKenzie, Devan, and Jordan

Wood girls McKenzie and Devan

Aaron Young and Sarah McBride

Kellen and Calise Zollinger and kids Steven, Reed, and Madalyn

Kellen Zollinger and fam

Jessica (Lamprecht) Holmes, Amber (Marshall) McDaniel, and Emily (Roberts) Baker 

Jeff and Lindsy Branson and children and Joe Skousen,
Steve Miller, and Jordan Sermon

Lots of Class of 1999'ers

Aaron Young, Ryan Byrnes, and Sarah McBride

Robin Demmer, Alicia Buchan, and Traci Allison

Tiffany (Robbins) Knight, someone's baby, Hailey and LeAnn (Tomlinson) Jensen,
Amy Brower, and Erin (Shannon) Davis

Jake Neitzel, Mike Jones, Bryce Wheeler, and Richard Taylor

Tony Davis and Chad Porter

Dan Davis, Yvonne (Withers) Russell, Nick Croft and wife Stevie and daughter Eliza

Christa and Joe Skousen, and Reese and Emily Shurtliff

Emily (Roberts) Baker, Dannielle (Miller) Ginkel, Tara (Milligan) Sprengel, Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee, Tosha (Schofield) Rose, and Shawn Rose's thumb.

Jeff Branson, Layne Turner, and Mark Beck

Jeff Branson and people's wives

Just Chillin'

Susan (Hunt) Hansen, Alison (Hulse) and Brad Madsen, Jeff Miles

TJ Teuscher, Amanda (Smith) Bragg, and Jake Neitzel family

Barrie Jo (McQuary) Moss, Erin (Shannon) Davis, Britton, baby, and Ryan Taylor,
Emily, baby, and Reese Shurtliff, Jake Neitzel, and Nick Croft

Christa and Joe Skousen, Pasquale Shaver, Brian and Kayla Wood family, Amanda (Davis) Bland, Tosha (Schofield) Rose, Annie Lee (Logue) Sallee,
and Whitney (Lent) and Rock Permann and baby.

Enjoying each others company

Calise Zollinger and baby Madalyn, Joe Skousen, and Kellen Zollinger

Jordan Wood and Harrison Skousen, Future Hoodlums

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