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•   Joe Castro  2/23
•   Scott Haltom  2/23
•   Hillary Ferguson  2/23
•   Christina Flores (Mayfield)  2/22
•   Kristina Corbett (Massey)  2/22
•   Nicole Wolfe (Gage)  2/22
•   Mickey Sinayi (Hensley)  2/22
•   Linda Santos-Hood (Bayless)  2/22
•   Julia Pryor (Bessler)  2/22
•   Cara Perkins (Nelson)  2/22
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1 lives in California
1 lives in New York
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in South Carolina
35 live in Texas
2 live in Washington


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Macarthur High School
Class of 1988

Hello everyone,

Thank you for signing up with this site.. It will be a great way to keep organized as we plan the reunion.

I want to make sure that we get the word out to as many as possible..  Please go on FB and befriend as many of our class as you can find. Also, please share the posting about this site with all friends and family You never know who it will reach. 

We have a lot of people and a great way to get the word out, we just have to use it to its fullest extent.  Please make sure you befriend me, if you haven't already and that will be a great start as I will post things quicky and timely as the team makes progress.  All team members are friends with me, and you should be too :)

More details will be coming, as the team meets monthly.  As decisions are made and finalized - we will spread the word.. But first we have to make sure we have as many notified and registered -- which we can all play a part in helping do.. 

So, please get busy and find all our HS buddies and get the party started.  :) :)