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Welcome to the Labayi International Schools (Main Secondary) Class of 1995 official website!

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Honour the past. Celebrate the present. Embrace the future.
The past is our history. It has been the vehicle that has carried us to this moment. We honour it, by recognising that from those Labayi crazy fun, wild and stress free days, we have grown into the people we are today. 

Our present is our cash in hand, our time to live and create our evolving future. We celebrate it, by becoming exemplary and fascinating living histories of our future.

The future is our canvas on an easel, ready for us to paint a masterpiece using the strokes of our lives. We embrace it, by using the uncertainty it brings as stepping stones to support each other jump over the hurdles of life, and to positively influence our society and transform it into our collective vision. 
We are waiting to hear from you!
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