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•   Jason T. Holmes  6/19
•   Kendra J. Forck (Burmaster)  4/2
•   Angela M. Ethridge (Smith-Hoggatt)  1/8
•   Kevin Kennedy  1/7
•   Kerri McGinnis (Paflas)  12/25
•   Karen Zielsdorf (Park)  12/20
•   Rick Leiker  12/20
•   Darrin Chase  12/19
•   Eddie Long  12/19
•   Kimberly Cain (Edmisten)  3/22
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Welcome to the Turner High Class Of 1988 - 20 Year Reunion web site!

Can you believe it has been 20 years already!!!

The reunion is scheduled for July 25-27, 2008.
We look forward to finding each and every classmate and invite everyone to attend this special weekend of events.

Check back often for updates!

Hope everyone is doing well:) I have met with a couple of people and we have been trying to figure out what to do for our 30th. We have came up with 2 separate events and hopefully everyone can make one of these if not both. We will have a Family event that surrounds Turner Days next year, the date is Oct 13th. Lana can get Pierson Park reserved for us and Kendra Burmaster will be leading this effort and we will be entering a float for Turner Days. Kendra will need tons of help, so please let us know if your able to help plan this event.

The 2nd part is we are going to Antigua July 14- July 21. Terri Jobe will be booking the travel for us all and has provided the pricing/dates, etc that I've attached to this email. Terri will need the following information from each of you who are interested in joining:

Full names EXACTLY as they appear (or will) on passport
dates of birth
phone number
credit card number, exp date and security code
credit card billing address
email address

You can contact Terri at the following:

Text to 816-365-5978
or call that same number and give to me on the phone

Anyone with questions please feel free to contact Terri directly, or feel free to ask Eddie/Lana/Cynda/Kendra

Eddie - 913-706-7294
Lana - 913-206-2564
Cynda - 913-991-7953
Kendra - 913-271-1191

For the trip, you can figure out how long you want to stay, etc. I think we will have someone there the entire week, but if you want to go 4, 5 , 6 nights, you can work those details out with Terri.

Apparently I can't attach the spreadsheet with pricing on this forum, please email Eddie for this info, and/or we will be posting in multiple places, so will attach where I can. I did add this information to the bottom of this email. All final payments would be due 45 days prior to departure (May 30).

Here is the itinerary for the week
Passenger Information
2 Adults
Flight Information:
Outbound Flight
American Airlines #671 Bulk Fare
7:00 AM to 10:14 AM 14Jul18 MCI to CLT
American Airlines #519 Bulk Fare
11:30 AM to 3:30 PM 14Jul18 CLT to ANU
Return Flight
American Airlines #2405 Bulk Fare
2:53 PM to 6:34 PM 21Jul18 ANU to MIA
American Airlines #4659 Bulk Fare
8:15 PM to 10:39 PM 21Jul18 MIA to MCI

Check-In Date: 14Jul18
Check-Out Date: 21Jul18

Prices shown are for all travelers on the reservation and include airport/hotel transfers. Any other features or add-ons will be additional to the total cost listed.

Verandah Resort & Spa - All Inclusive - From $5,116.43
Rating: 4.0
Location: Antigua - Beach
19.60 miles from airport (ANU)
Room #1: Waterfront Suite
- Instant Savings!

Feature prices listed are not included. Select features, tours or excursions may not be available with all hotels.

All-In-One Travel Protection
• Cancel for Any Reason • Low Deposit • No Revision Fees • Price Guarantee • During Travel Insurance Benefits and more.
From $281.98

2 adults: Hillside Water View Water Front Sup Water Front Deposit W/Insurance
July 14-21 4,616.00 $4,843.00 $5,116.00 $5,298.00 $400.00 $481.98
July 14-20 4,220.00 $4,415.00 $4,648.00 $4,804.00 $400.00 $481.98
July 14-19 3,824.00 $3,986.00 $4,181.00 $4,311.00 $400.00 $481.98
July 14-18 3,428.00 $3,558.00 $3,713.00 $3,817.00 $400.00 $381.98

1 adult:
July 14-21 3,239.00 $3,467.00 $3,739.00 $3,921.00 $200.00 $240.99
July 14-20 2,908.00 $3,103.00 $3,337.00 $3,493.00 $200.00 $240.99
July 14-19 2,577.00 $2,740.00 $2,934.00 $3,064.00 $200.00 $240.99
July 14-18 2,246.00 $2,376.00 $2,532.00 $2,636.00 $200.00 $190.99