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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Delaware (USA)
5 live in Florida (USA)
1 lives in Georgia (USA)
1 lives in Maryland (USA)
2 live in New York (USA)
1 lives in South Carolina (USA)
1 lives in Texas (USA)
1 lives in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Saint Andrew
4 live in USA
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Bahamas
1 lives in Barbados
20 live in Jamaica
1 lives in Malaysia
1 lives in Saint Lucia
1 lives in Saint Vincent/Grenadines
8 live in Trinidad and Tobago
8 live in United Kingdom
53 location unknown


•   Lincoln Ferguson  6/16
•   Cheryl Joy St. John (Carrington)  12/28
•   Cheryl Clarke  8/6
•   Bridglal Ramkisoon  4/26
•   Tanya Destang (Beaubrun)  4/24
•   Barbara Rampersad  4/20
•   Debbie Thompson  2/16
•   Christopher Sharpe  2/10
•   Phillip Moore  11/8
•   Hazel Othello (Moseley)  8/21
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•   Sharon Andrade (Bucknor)  12/28
•   Marjorie Vassell (Davidson)  1/4


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Missing - Desiree and St. Clair (had to put kids to bed).Note also that Raymond is partially blocking Courtney and Heather is blocking Sharol.


Welcome to the Class of 1991 Reunion web page.


And so it came to pass...after 20 years we got together again and a good time was had by all. Over the next few days I will add the new pages to support password protected pictures and videos, opportunites for electives and a "Please Pray" link as per our discussions over the weekend. Some of you have also asked about how to donate to Leigh's Light and so I will also be trying to get a Paypal link established to facilitate that. In the mean time please feel free to post your own announcements and pics over the next few weeks.

It really was a blessing linking up with everyone who came, including families and loved ones. I have listed the classmates who were in attendance below. Let's commit to keeping  the link ...and finding a disco with less smoke and more compressed air next time 

Please encourage colleagues who have not yet signed up to do so in order to access the picturesthat should be placed in the album titled Reunion Pictures. 


Hi all apparently I was not clear before, the Reunion is from August 25th to 27th, 2017 at the B resorts in Orlando. Some folks will be going on the thursday and the rates are available a few days before and after. Please let me know when you book and tell other classmates also.



Rooms are reserved at B resorts , to book simply click on the link at the top and you will be directed to the booking form where you will see the rooms are with two queen beds for $111 /night. We get the same rate 3days before and 3 days after also, if you want a king bed etc, simply put your request in the special request section of the booking form.
Time to get serious, once you book your rooms please let me know how many rooms you booked please so we can keep a count. If you have any problems contact this lady:

Claudia Dominguez | B Resort & Spa
Reservation Supervisor
O 407 827 3139 | F 407 828 8065

So please contact friends and try to encourage others to book also, I have tentatively asked the hotel to organize a cocktail reception on the Friday evening and I will send out options for dinner on Saturday. Someone else can organize other activities please. At some stage we should probably discuss health and healthcare as a human right.


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The official pictures have been uploaded to the site. THANKS A MILLION to PATRICK and LISA for their labor of love. To view Click on Reunion pictures tab located on the left. I have been otherwise distracted since the reunion but will shortly get around to adding the other links that I promised.

The Leigh's Light website is now live and a Facebook page created. There is a Paypal link set up on the webpage for donations but some of you thought it might be a nice touch for us to make a Class of 1991 bear wid me a lickle longer until I can make that link happen here.

Hope you are all well.



1.          Marian Allison (Vaughn) 
2.          Sharon Andrade (Bucknor)   
3.          Kenneth Appiah 
4.          Richard Augier  
5.          Michael Boyne  
7.          Cheryl Clarke 
8.          St. Clair Clarke 
9.          Colette Cunningham (Myrie) 
10.       Ieon Dawson  
11.       Natalie Dickson  
12.       Patrick Griffith 
13.       Dave Holson 
14.       Brian James 
16.       Glen Laljie 
18.       Dianne Lewis (Tucker) 
19.       Camanee Lutchman (Bhola)  
23.       Odette Morgan  
24.       Desiree Murray  
27.        Christopher Parker   
28.       Bridglal Ramkisoon  
29.       Barbara Rampersad  
30.       Denzil Reid  
32.       Karlene Reid
33.       Karl Serrao   
34.       Raymond St. Hill  
36.       Lloyd Tenn   
37.       Debbie Thompson  
39.       Courtney Watson  
41.       Anthony Williams  
42.       Michelle Williams