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Doug Hundley

Doug Hundley

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07/19/17 08:36 PM #1    

Lanny Jones

Doug:  Wail, yes, I am still jealous ofyou, thank you for asking.  

    Fifth grade and I'm still dressing in the closest thing that CDS permitted for jeans.  (Bonus point for anyone 'proving' the year we went to coat and tie all the time - Class 5??)   

     And there was Doug, crsiply dressed, pressed clean shirt and - well - 'crisply'.  I can never claim to having acquired a sense of dressing 'well' and much less more than well, but Doug was the man who made me aware of that impossible-for-me goal.

    At the 'new' school campus, Doug and I in math class and I'm absurdly jealous of Doug wearing clisply pressed shirts.  Accurately that's a single vivid image from milling around before math class when I turned to see Doug in - YET ANOTHER - prefectly pressed, totally clean and seemingly never touched shirt.  

    Jealousy, thy name for Thee is the one who dresses better than me and is enjoying dressing well.  Golly I still envy him.

     Doug, I, and Eddie O'Neil in the seventh?? grade (OK, Class 6 - anyone ever learn > while in school < the particular reason for that particular numbering?)  Ahem.  And it bothers me - a little - to recognize, only now as I write, that I'm the survivor of that short-lived triumverate.  

      Class 7 - I think Eddie was skating with Bunny Burkham (and my apologies for mis-spellig her name).  Neat, clearn, at ease.  How dare he?

      Class 5 - I think! the year we moved to the new school.  Doug in a perfect coat and tie.  Yep, that's a first class jealousy memory. 

      Class 2 - Doug established as THE one who knew how to dress.  Dam I was - and remain -envious of that dress sense.

     Best my firend.  chris pantaleoni





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