Reunion Opinions

Please post below some of your impressions of the 50th Reunion -- what you thought about it overall, the specific events (baseball game, Friday night barbecue, Saturday morning meeting at MICDS, Saturday night dinner, etc.). Where there any surprises for you? What do you think is the defining character of our class? How could it have been even better? (Please note that your responses to this question will be circulated to the entire class by email.)



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1)   What was your overall feeling about the 50th Reunion? Did it meet your expectations?

2)   What did you think of the specific events during the Reunion? Was there anything else we could have done, or done better?

3)   Were there any surprises for you during the Reunion?

4)   Please add any general comments you have about the character of the Class of 62 -- how it is similar to or different from other classes?