50th Reunion

 50th Class Reunion

Looking back at LHS Class of 1958.

This letter reflects the essence of the Reunion weekend.

There was a mixture of feelings at the reunion; the predominant was of joy, as old memories were shared with friends, a little sadness, as class members who are no longer with us were remembered in conversation, however a true sense of happiness and friendship prevailed throughout the weekend.

Much excitement was reflected during the weekend's multiple gatherings; Friday night at Ralph and Susan's gracious home, there was much conversation and emotion at seeing classmates again, some for the first time in 50 years.

At Leonia High School Saturday morning there was conversation that our class is comprised of people that care for each other and have a sense of community. Ten classmates spoke to the assembled group of 70 people. They covered various subjects from old memories of growing up in a simpler time to how being in the right place at the right time made a big difference. Also how the willingness to take a chance created opportunities that lead to successful careers. Our thanks to Ken Nakayama, Angela Cirone Reppert, Vince Sgro, Frank Biamonte, Robin Cook, Aida Stippo Flaherty, Bob Adam, Ed Rietz, Paul Ammon and Rett Oren for sharing their stories with us.

Saturday night at the cocktail and dinner, everyone continued to reminisce.  Mike Mulieri, our perennial emcee, helped us to remember what was happening in 1958. He recalled the popular songs and movies of the ‘50’s. In his bowling shirt, he reminded us that LHS Bowling Team was State Champion in 1958 (the only team that was state champion) . Cyndy Hair Herrmann was selected as the “keeper” of the beautiful afghan that Jeanne Gilbertson Virminis crocheted for the 50th Reunion. It was also noted that people came from all over. Many came from California and Florida. Bishop Buckle, came the furthest from Wasilla, Alaska. He gave more than 100 State of Alaska quarters to those present to be used to call him if in Alaska.

Last, but not least, the breakfast gathering on Sunday morning gave an opportunity to continue talking with classmates, until some difficulty goodbyes were required. Planes to be boarded and trips back home to return to the present.
Many people were making arrangements to visit with each other in the near future. Perhaps some mini-reunions in Florida & California will be held.

If you were able to attend, then YOU are responsible for the tremendous success of the 50th. If it weren’t for you being there it would have just been a place and food. But with your warmth & friendship it was a wonderful three days connecting and reminiscing with classmates and creating new memories.

If you were unable to attend the 50th Reunion, we hope that you will join your class at the next one.  Yes, we said the next one!

Please use the class website to keep your contact information current. http://www.classcreator.com/Leonia-NJ-1958/index.cfm

Till then, stay in touch and be well!

The Reunion Committee
Angi & Bob Adam, Anne Albanese Ring,  Pat & Dave Ausmus, Dolores & Frank Biamonte, Lillian & Dave Blood, Bunny & Frank Giordano, Susan & Ralph Hellmold, Ellen Sherman Schwartz and Ray Stupienski