In Memory

Jeffrey Riebe

Jeffrey Riebe

Jeffrey Lloyd Riebe, 61, Lincoln, born on June 15, 1951. Passed away on Thursday, February 28, 2013. Here's Jeff's story by his sister, Linda:

Our lives could be taken from the pages of the classic movie "To Kill a Mockingbird"; I was "Scout", my brother was "Jem". I would beg Momma to run and play with Jeff out in the fields not far from home...sometimes she would let me go. One time he was "running away from home" walking up 70th Street with a red handkerchief tied to the end of a stick, saying he was never coming back. I cried & screamed until he turned around and laughed, and came back home. Momma was watching all of this, I know this brought a smile to her face too. Our days were filled with running down alleys in east Bethany heading out to play in the cornfields & country roads, which back then, the "country", started at about 74th & Francis Street. 70th Street was a gravel road with ditches you would rake leaves into & sit for hours watching the embers glow in the autumn evenings. No one believes me...

We grew up with 2 beautiful people... Mom & Dad...who chose us both at the Lutheran Children's Home in Omaha. We both were the lucky ones. We spent our childhood on many camping trips to Colorado, visiting relatives in Louisiana, and on Grandma's farm in Bradshaw, Neb. So many adventures together...we thought we were poor but how RICH we were. They showed us the world.

Jeff had a variety of jobs (Brandeis store in downtown Lincoln; Library Lounge Manager 70th & Clocktower); and many hardships. But the very BEST job he ever did with TOTAL success was taking care of Mom & Dad in their home until their deaths in 2012; 2 months apart; Mom New Year's Eve 2011, Dad of a broken heart March 5, 2012. Jeff cooked & cared for them 24 hours a day, which kept them IN their own home...he must have done a very good job, they lived until their early 90's and never had to go to an "old folk's home". He was the BEST Son and Brother. He became ill shortly after we lost Dad, losing his battle with lung cancer. I think maybe he thought he needed to go to Heaven and take care of Mom & Dad there. When you find them, Jeff, tell them I miss them & love them, and you, too. You all are my hero's.