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08/12/08 03:46 PM #1    

Sam Cooper

MOST / LEAST CHANGED: Hey all, just a re-cap for those who missed the reunion... Most Changed Male = Wayne Copeland; Most Changed Female = Julie Kaplan; Least Changed Male = Fred Blackwell; and Least Changed Female = Yolanda Jackson. I'll have to say, during the reunion it was fun to see a bunch of grown adults acting like high school kids again, ha! Keep in touch. - sammy

08/12/08 05:02 PM #2    


Tina Ward (Joyner)

It was nice to see my good friend Linda Myers at the class reunion. I had the best time, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. I can't wait untill we meet again at the 30 year reunion. Until then, Be Blessed.

Tina Ward-Joyner

08/13/08 02:54 AM #3    

Keith McFadden

I had a wonderful time at the reunion. Everyone looked great.... I think we should meet more often like once a year or more. I'd like to thank the commitee for doing such a good job of organizing the reunion.

08/13/08 10:39 AM #4    

Beverly Moore

I bought 2 tickets and planned to be there but had a little dental emergency Friday and was on pain pills over the weekend. Wasn't a pretty site! I've heard so much about it from Cole Treece, Fara Westbrook, Janey Pearson,... I wish I had been there. I've enjoyed seeing the photos online. Everybody in charge of putting this together did an AMAZING job! Bev Moore

08/15/08 09:28 AM #5    

Rose Marie Adkins (James)

The little time I was there it was so good to see everybody. I really enjoy seeing Sharon Duncan, she still looks like a high school girl. Also, I enjoy seeing Yolanda, Lavada, Doris & Kadie. Although, my buddy was not there Cheree Coleman Williams. She talked me to coming; then of course she could not make it. I wish I could have seen Tina Ward too.

The Committe did a wonderful JOB! I was going to be a part of the committee, but me & my spouse had just got a little girl at the time the committee was getting started. I knew it would be a hassle, because she was just a few months old.

Everybody take care and I will see you all next time.....

08/17/08 10:15 PM #6    

Lavada Anderson (Brown)

It was great seeing everyone at the reunion. I didn't realize that so many of us still reside in Little Rock. I agree we should try to do something every year. Life is too short and time waits for no one. I'm really enjoying this website. Hopefully more people will find out about it. It is a great way to keep in contact.

08/18/08 05:07 PM #7    

Donald Sage

Kudos to the reunion committee! Great Job!

I have reconnected with some of the people who mean the world to me and had fun!! Was great to see everyones' families and the school again...

This website is fantastic and am trying to help get everyone I know on board. If someone would please give me Tammy Salley's email I'd be over the moon!

Many of us have since joined so come on over...

As much as I HATED high school, it was so great to see everyone! Just wish we had more time to catch up.

Looking forward to our next event whenever it may be...

Evermore to remember thee......

09/09/08 02:07 PM #8    

Murray Walker

Seeing the pictures posted on various profiles made me realize how much Hall High was such a great part of my life. Most of us got along and hung out after school hours. I will make it my business to catch the next one.

May God continue to bless all of you and your families!!!! Stay UP!!!

Murray Walker

10/30/08 05:39 PM #9    

Arthur Joyner

My Wife and I had a great time. It was good to see
everyone! Arthur Joyner

06/09/10 05:35 PM #10    

Angela Donahue

Looking forward to the next reunion, I had a thought.  I would be HAPPY TO COORDINATE the next reunion on one condition - A CRUISE!  We could make a family event out of this with activities for everyone.

08/20/10 11:45 PM #11    

Charles A. Creggett

Just wanted to say how good of a time I had at the reunion. It has been 2 years since the reunion and I still enjoy thinking back to that weekend.  I have been to both reunions and if anyone reading this has not been, you are missing a treat.  Take it from me, try to make the next one.  I promise you will not regret it.  Everyone looked great! I can't wait until our 30 year.  Lookin forward to seeing everybody.      Charles

07/11/13 06:06 PM #12    

Lisa Coates (Fuller)

Due to no response to the 30th reunion, it has been postponed. Hopefully something can be put together later on this year. It is sad that everyone was on Facebook asking what were we doing, but when something was planned, everyone got quiet(at least on FB page).


I suggest that the ones' that want to do something for our 30th reunion, plan a meeting and everyone that is interested attend and let's put something great together.


Bye,bye 30 years :(

07/11/13 10:02 PM #13    

Charles A. Creggett

Hey Lisa, I think thats a great idea. I apologize to planning commitee on my tardiness about sending in my money for this year. I was going to send it by 13th, was just being lazy. I spoke with a few other classmates and they said the same. Here is my number for you or anyone else that decides to get something together. Let try to do something even if its small and one night! Hope to here from someone soon. WARRIOR 4 LIFE!

Charles A. Creggett


09/15/15 07:14 PM #14    

Lynn Blake (Harrison)

Hi My Name Is Lynn Harrison (Blake) I Need For Someone To Gmail Me Concern Next Renunion. Please If You Will.  Since I Graduate  I Have Not Been To A Renunion. Can Someone Help me? Thank You.

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