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12/17/08 09:20 PM #1    

Denise Shamberger (1984)

Hey Nicole, this is great!, I hope we can get in touch with our classmates this way!

02/18/09 01:08 PM #2    

Leslie Ann Pepper (McWatters) (1984)

Holy Cow! 25th class reunion. Time sure flies. It'll be nice to see everyone, reminisce about old times, and laugh a bit. Thanks for getting this together and i'll help any way I can.

03/27/09 02:10 PM #3    

Nicole Davis (Lauren) (1984)

Yearbook photos:
I'm scanning in our official yearbook photos. However, my free time is limited and so it's a slow process. If you already have a digital copy of your yearbook photo, please email it and I'll be happy to add it. Otherwise, it will be added over time.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the site:-)

Nicole Vikhlyantsev

04/18/09 03:55 PM #4    

Donna Jervis (1984)

Hey, how is everyone these days? I have been through the list of names and of the one classmate i have recently been in contact with his name is not on the list. Paul Lindsey joined our class in the midst of our Jr. year. I've told him of this site and mentioned I would be willing to get his name added to the classmates list of names. (god are we getting old or what)

04/19/09 02:07 AM #5    

Paul Torri (1984)

What's up folks. Good job Nicole. This is an awesome site. I can't believe what a blast from the past this is. (Is blast from the past an "80's" phrase? Anyways I hope everyone is doing well. Hey Denise! It looks like you girl's got smart like me and Birtwell and moved south. Anyways I don't think I can make it in May but the middle to end of June is very possible for me.

04/21/09 10:31 PM #6    

Nicole Davis (Lauren) (1984)

Hey Donna!
I hope all is well. Thanks for the update! I'll take care of that now:-)


Thanks for finding the site, stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!


04/21/09 10:34 PM #7    

Nicole Davis (Lauren) (1984)

Hey Paul!

We're trying for June 6th now, but that is still very soon so we'll see what happens.

I heard you were nearby. I hope you had fun.

Do stay in touch and let me know how things are:-)

Yeah, sunny Florida! But I still miss things (and people!!) from up north!


01/11/10 01:24 PM #8    

Michael Dawson (1984)

Awesome news that we are all getting together. I look forward to seeing many old friends

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