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50th Year Class Reunion was a Success

Thomas Wolfe stated that one "can't go home again."  People, buildings, landscapes change; our memories are selective and often shift in nature.  High school reunions, in particular, bring back a myriad of reflections and emotions.  They vary widely, depending on individual perceptions of connections to the past.  One classmate's fond remembrance is another's tortuous experience.  We all had interesting stories to share regardless of our personal high school experience. The most difficult part of the reunion was discovering that a fondly remembered classmate had died.

Our 50th reunion was made possible by those that offered to be on the reunion committee, but our "Reunion Guru", Connie Breeding Ackerman, spearheaded the planning as she moved beyond personal tragedy in order to bring us together to keep special memories alive and to create new ones.  She acts as a role model for the rest of us as we continue our journey in life. Thank you, Connie!

The reunion will be etched in our memories forever.  Yes, people, buildings, and landscapes change, but special friendships and memories are never destroyed.   Many of our classmates no longer live in the area, and since many of our parents are gone, we don't often get back "home"; yet, there will always be that one precious moment when we can go home again, because home is where the heart is for all of us.

Thank you to all who attended the reunion.  We missed those of you that were not able to make it.  Let's all stay in touch by using this website and by keeping your profile up to date.  Please let us know what is happening in your corner of the world; new grandchildren, travel opportunities, activities, etc.  Let's celebrate every little joy that comes along.  Let us know when life throws you lemons, and you need some help mixing that lemonade.  We may not be in the same ol' town together, but we can stay in touch.

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