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10/07/10 12:26 AM #1    


Barbara Belk (Cekine)

Welcome to the Penncrest High School Class Of 1975 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/16/10 02:34 AM #2    


Tyrone Beulah

How was it to see class members 35 years later?


02/15/11 11:11 PM #3    


Glenn Wilson

It was great, we really had a good time at the TownHouse.  Many thanks to the committee for doing such a great job.  I was surprised to see my parents photos on the wall while at their 1950 Reunion! Glenn


05/21/11 09:39 AM #4    

Cathy McKee (Flood)

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May 21, 2011

09/28/11 01:01 AM #5    


Mark Coleman

 Hello Class of "75",

This Mark Coleman,  didn't know we had a site until I went to the Penncrest main site and saw it. Sorry I could not attend any of the class reunions but, I been traveling around the world for my military job and just retired after more than 20 years. Sure would like to hear from y'all, would be nice to catch up with what everyone is doing. The pictures were great from the reunion, sorry to hear we lost some classmates. Can't wait to hear from those participating on the site. My email address is on my profile, feel free to drop a line.



11/24/11 08:59 PM #6    


Tyrone Beulah


You did the whole 20? I could only handle my 9.5 years. I requested to get out early. I did my time at IBM and NASA and it was great. I can thank the USAF for my training.

My want to be independent got the better of me. I loved the tech stuff while I was in but I made rank fast and had to supervise (baby sit) people who did not take things as seriously as I did and was not as flexable as I sould have been in that role.

Good on you for taking it on.


Tony (Tyrone)

06/24/15 09:59 PM #7    

Jim Hake

Dear Penncrest Ladies of the Reunion Committee,

Thank you for getting everything rolling with the October Reunion. It's a great thing to do. Really nice of you. I look forward to it. The Towne House will be excellent. 


ps: get some of the Penncrest Gents to help you.

pps: except me!

06/28/15 05:02 PM #8    


Maria Bustamante (Matheus)

Dear classmates 75
This is MarĂ­a Isabel Bustamante I was your classmate in student from Ecuador.Probably some will remember me.I had a very good year over there. I will Try to go for the reunion its a long way.But I am going to do my best. I really like the pictures.

09/21/15 09:50 PM #9    


Glenn Wilson

I hope everyone has a great time in OCT 2015 at the Reunion!  I cannot make it but give the other classmates my regards and have fun! GLENN WILSON

10/17/15 08:54 AM #10    

David Phipps

I won't be making it to town tonight. Photographing about 3 hours away and last appointment starts at 8pm. I will be getting to media about midnight or so tomorrow, Sunday. If anyone is still in town, out and about and wants to get together give me a call 804-241-7526

10/23/15 10:06 AM #11    

Jim Hake

My great regrets that I won't be able to make to the reunion on Saturday after all. I can't get out of Los Angeles for the weekend. It's a long story that I won't bore you with. I'm really sorry I will miss seeing everyone. Thanks to the Barbs for getting it organized. JIm

10/24/15 08:24 AM #12    

Wesley Michael

Sorry to hear at, Jim, I was looking forward to seeing you. 


10/24/15 02:32 PM #13    


Maria Bustamante (Matheus)

Dear 75 classmates

I am so sorry I can't make it for the reunion , I hope you have a very nice time .

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