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12/22/08 06:41 PM #1833    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Hey Tara!!! Yes, I can't help checking this site after I check my emails, and I miss everyone so much!!!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Angie!!!! Yes, they closed school!!!! First "snow day" for Las Vegas since 1979!
It was crazy, they even shut the roads down coming into Boulder City and my husband couldn't come home that night, he had to stay at a friends in Henderson! It was crazy! We aren't prepared for the 10 inches of snow we received and didn't have enough snow plows to go around, not to mention not one kid in Las Vegas owns a pair of snow boots or gloves! We live on light jackets and flip flops! LOL!!! My kids had a blast playing in the snow!!! As beautiful and fun as it was, I was happy to watch it melt away.....that is the one thing I don't miss about Utah!!!!! (sorry snow skiers, I am a water skier!!!)

My love to all and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

12/22/08 11:23 PM #1834    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Hello Every body Happy Holidays to every one. I miss every one so much. I hope all is well. Yes Melissa let us know how much longer till the babies are here if I am not to late already.

Love to all


12/24/08 10:30 AM #1835    

Hiedi Hammer (Johnson)

Merry Christmas Everybody and a happy, healthy 2009!

12/25/08 12:11 AM #1836    

Craig Berstler

Well, I just wanted to jump back on here to wish everyone (all 4 of you) a very Merry Christmas. I hope all is well with you all and I wish that we had stayed true to this site. I say "we" since I have pretty much abandoned it, as it is no longer a place to talk. Tina, you are trying your best, but I just don't see it lasting. I mean really, one page takes care of over a month of chatting? There were times that one page wouldn't cover 5 minutes...

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and has a great holiday season.

12/25/08 01:37 PM #1837    

Steve Dewey

Merry Christmas! I hope all of you are having a great holiday season!!! I also hope that you all have a great 2009! It has to be better than 2008, right? (Except for the reunion weekend of course.) Take care and I miss you all!

12/25/08 07:03 PM #1838    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)

Merry Christmas!

Hey least we are still trying!

I want to wish you all a very Merry CHristmas...
I still like the idea of a Thursday night chat....

12/27/08 12:36 AM #1839    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Ya we used to have a lot of fun on here. It would be nice to have everyone back on. I know that I was real horrible and got out of the habit with my son using the computer all the time for his college homework. May be we could just choose a date and then jump on that night. All of us if in favor put it on here.

I thought we were the forum club.

12/27/08 11:26 AM #1840    

Stephen Vincent

Happy Holidays everybody!!! May it be a safe and prosperous one for everyone of you.

12/30/08 01:47 PM #1841    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!! I will be staying in my cute little town for New Years, avoiding the crowds in Las Vegas! What a party pooper huh........

Hope all is well with everyone!



12/31/08 12:53 AM #1842    

Stephen Vincent

Ya'll have a safe New Year!!!

01/01/09 03:22 PM #1843    

Cydnee Montague (Jaskolski)

Hi guys, just checking in. Sorry I missed the reunion, heard it was great! Norway was wonderful.

Happy New Year to all!


Many hugs, Cyd

P.S. Thanks for your message Steve, I just got it (haven't been on the site for a while). xo!

01/02/09 09:27 PM #1844    

Nichole Knubel (Jensen)

Jack. No summer party. Can we come over and build a snowman?
It has been way to long since I have been on here. I almost forgot how to log on.
I hope everyone is well. Troy and I were laughing about the difference in our New Years Eve from twenty years ago to the other night. Playing pictionary and wii with Kaitlyn was a blast.
Heidi Hammer! Send me a message. I want to see you again. One of my oldest friends.
Well, everyone have a wonderful New Year. I hope the troubled times pass you all by.
love, Nichole

01/04/09 02:30 PM #1845    

Tamra Olsen (Martinez)

Hey everybody... wow is it 2009? We are all going to be the big 40 before we know it!! Jack how did the tests go? ... It sounds like the summer party is in your basement now!! LOL .. I miss you all and hope you all survived the holidays.

Hammer! No not Hamma time.. Heidi Hammer! What is up? I am with you Nichole! Another we have known since kidnergarten. What is funny is that when I was going through my pictures from school, I found one of Heidi's pictures that you had given me. Half of your hair is pulled back in one ponytail kinda on top of your head and you were in like a cream colored brownish dress. Yes, I still have it and you wrote your name on the back. Wow! That is old and I will never forget your big slumber party you had playing light as a feather, stiff as a board!! Yes, I rememeber because it scared me to death. Write me and we need to get together for &%$#@ sakes!!

Tina, Dewey, Dawn, Craig, Jake, Maybe, Tori, Angela, Melissa, Nichole, and anyone I missed... I hope you are all well. Give me a call or write me. I am on facebook as well under Tami Olsen... No longer have the married name Martinez. Everyone needs to stay in touch and we will get together soon!!

Loves and kisses your friend.. Tami

01/09/09 10:31 AM #1846    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Hello everyone!

It is time for my weekly post! LOL!

Tami, how are you and your man.......? Hope all is well with you both!

Ang! I miss you! How is Utah?

Cyd, Heidi, Tara, always good to hear from you!

Steve V., how is that new baby boy....we need updated pictures!

Melissa, have you had those babies yet?

Craig, Jack, Dewey, miss chatting with you all!

Nichole, Tori, Dawn miss you girls!

Hope everyone is starting 2009 off right!

My love to all!


01/11/09 12:33 AM #1847    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Hello every one. I hope that the new year will be great for all of you.

I miss every one.

Lots of babies being born or about to. Let us know.

Love you all


01/11/09 10:30 PM #1848    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Hi Tori!

Hope you had a great birthday!

Who else is expecting babies other than Melissa? Congrats to all! I love babies!!! Call me, I will babysit!!!!!

01/12/09 06:31 AM #1849    

Chris Barron

Hey everyone out there, hope 2009 is treating you well! Hey Heidi haven't seen you since the lunch at the sandwich shop in Ivy Place with my Dad! I hope you are doing well. My Dad used to always say how nice you were. I miss those days. Hey Jack,Dewey,Tori.

01/12/09 06:36 AM #1850    

Chris Barron

I almost missed you, hey Tami Olsen! How are you? Thats cool to go back to Olsen, I wish my ex would drop my last name!

01/18/09 02:11 PM #1851    

Tamra Olsen (Martinez)

Hey Chris!

Havn't I known you since birth or something. Nice to hear from you! How is it going?

Still havnt heard from JACK! No pressure at all! LOL

Hi Tina .. saw you on my facebook! We all need to plan a date this summer and maybe meet somewhere or something! It would be fun!!

Ken and I have dinner once a month with Shane Heaps, Mont Sherrif, Kurt Rallison, Doug Johnson and spouses. If anyone else is interested you just have to let us know. It is lots of fun and its great to keep in touch.

Miss and love all you guys!! Hope all is well. =>

01/19/09 12:50 AM #1852    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Hey every on. Chris how is married life for you?

Thanks Tina for the birthday comment. For a moment I didn't
know what I was trying to say.I must be getting old LOl. Nope never mind because I do not feel old and I heard a saying that you are only as old as you feel. I do not feel
any older that I did in School. I know my son looks at me and differs.

Take care every one.

01/19/09 09:53 AM #1853    

Steve Dewey

Chris!!! How the heck are you? I was hoping to see you last August. But I am sure the honeymoon was a great time. I look fore ward to catching up with you sometime soon. Phoenix seems like such a long time ago. Good Times... Take care!

How doin' everyone? Hope all is well!

01/20/09 06:29 PM #1854    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Tami! Wish I was closer, I would join you guys for dinner. Yes, we need to plan another mini reunion! That would be fun!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Dewey! I miss chatting with you!

Hi Tori! Hey we aren't 40 yet!!!!!!! what is the saying, 39 forever? How about going back to 17 knowing what I know now? LOL!!!!!

Everyone take care and stay in touch!!!!!

01/28/09 06:58 PM #1855    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)





01/31/09 03:49 AM #1856    

James Goodfellow

Wow been almost a year on here and you guys are still reminiscing? Ok! High school is over, get over it! JK

02/02/09 12:57 PM #1857    

Tina Dumas (Finn)

Oh James, you know you miss us!!!

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