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Jason Alldredge / Bringhurst
Residing In: Port Angeles, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Jennifer
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Occupation: Business Owner / Professional Cable
Children: 6 children
Jason Alldredge / Bringhurst


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Attending Reunion



Wow! 20 years. It's really unbelievable.

I graduated and went on to Salt Lake Community College studying business. I straightened my life out and decided that it was time to grow up. I changed a lot of things and decided to go on a mission.

I served in the Bordeaux, France mission from 1991-1993. I returned and went to BYU where I met my wife Jen. We were married in 1995. A year later I was offered a job in Holland. We moved to Europe and lived overseas for a couple years, having our first child Julienne in Holland. I love Europe and have returned many times for business and pleasure.

We returned to Utah and lived in Springville, UT for about 5 years and I finished my degree at BYU in International Relations with a French Minor.

We eventually decided the house was too small and moved to Highland, UT (close to Lehi and Alpine). I went back to school and got an MBA. We now have 4 children. I've since started my own company and have an office and warehouse in Orem, UT. We manufacture and supply cables & wire. Of course it was always my dream back in 1988 to be selling cables and wire. Who didn't want to do that! :)

I'd love to get in touch with anyone from High School. Also, I should mention because it's dang confusing, I went by "Alldredge" in high school because it was my mom's maiden name and I didn't know my father very well. My legal name is "Bringhurst" and I have gone by Bringhurst since high school graduation. Going by the name "Alldredge" is just one of the regrets that I have from my school days. I imagine that some of you are like me and think that you could have been a lot nicer to people and done some things differently. All I can say is that I've grown up a lot since then. I look forward to reconnecting with you all.

Best wishes

School Story:

OK there are two stories that stand out... and both show what a complete idiot I was during high school.

1. To the best of my memory, we were in Mrs. Mitchell's English Class (how did I get away with this?) and I mentioned that I thought that it would be a great educational experience to have the class go over to Harmon's Grocery Store and look at Haley's Comet through the big telescope that they had in the parking lot. For some reason Mrs. Mitchell agreed and we all left class. I don't think that hardly anyone actually went over to Harmon's. :)

2. Sitting in Mr. Mcguire's class (I really wasn't good at science). We sat at the desks that had the power outlets at each desk for microscopes, etc. I had just put a stick of that neon green Extra gum in my mouth and had the aluminum foil wrapper in my hand. I folded it nicely and stuck one end into the power outlet...then bent the wrapper into a "U" shape. (yeah, I'm an idiot) and with my pencil, slowly shoved the other side in... and then a flash, a boom, and the power went out. I couldn't believe what had just happened. The person sitting next to me was looking at me in unbelief, and then Mr. Mcguire came in, realized the power was out, and then left again to get a janitor. From what I remember, we missed part of the class that day because of my little prank.

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