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•   Kim Redmond (McFall)  12/19
•   Susan McClendon  12/26
•   Tracey Meacham (Gann)  12/26
•   David Klaus  1/2
•   Wanda Cephas  1/10
•   Leah Nabors (Allen)  1/16


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•   Cheryl Kantor (Bazor)  12/6
•   Cheryl Reed (Tomlinson)  9/26
•   Melanie Essary (Walker)  9/25
•   Robert Murray  7/13
•   Nelson Williams  7/19
•   Jerry Alombro  12/14
•   Jennifer Patton (Lott)  8/31
•   David Klaus  7/28
•   David Charlton  6/16
•   Melissa Mullins (Turner)  5/7
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The Reunion Weekend was a huge success!  We had a great time catching up and getting reacquainted. Here's a picture of the group on the DHS lawn during the family picnic.  We're all singing the Alma Mater.   The Class of '85 rolls on!













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Please take a few minutes to visit our 'In Memory' page.  It would be great if you added any personal stories about our friends who have passed on.




















Alma Mater

As Warriors bold and brave

Fond memories we save

Remembering dear ole Davidson

Long may her banner wave

We lead the way in spirit

As warriors we are proud

Our strength, our might, our honor

We make it known aloud

No finer Alma Mater

No finer story told

Always marching forward, onward












Memories from DHS:












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What We Look Like Today:

















Every five years, as summertime nears,

An announcement arrives in the mail,

A reunion is planned; it'll be really grand;

Make plans to attend without fail.


I'll never forget the first time we met;

We tried so hard to impress.

We drove fancy cars, smoked big cigars,

And wore our most elegant dress.


It was quite an affair, the whole class was there.

It was held at a fancy hotel.

We wined, and we dined, and we acted refined,

And everyone thought it was swell.


The men all conversed about who had been first

To achieve great fortune and fame.

Meanwhile, their spouses described their fine houses

And how beautiful their children became.


The homecoming queen, who once had been lean,

Now weighed in at one-ninety-six.

The jocks who were there had all lost their hair,

And the cheerleaders could no longer do kicks.


No one had heard about the class nerd

Who'd guided a spacecraft to the moon;

Or poor little Jane, who'd always been plain;

She married a shipping tycoon.


The boy we'd decreed 'most apt to succeed'

Was serving ten years in the pen;

While the one voted 'least' now was a priest.

Just shows you can be wrong now and then.


They awarded a prize to one of the guys

Who seemed to have aged the least.

Another was given to the grad who had driven

The farthest to attend the feast.


They took a class picture, a curious mixture

Of beehives, crew cuts and wide ties.

Tall, short, or skinny, the style was the mini;

You never saw so many thighs.


At our next get-together, no one had cared 

If they impressed their classmates or not.

The mood was informal, a whole lot more normal;

By this time we'd all gone to pot.


It was held out-of-doors, at the lake shores;

We ate hamburgers, coleslaw, and beans.

Then most of us lay around in the shade,

In our comfortable T-shirts and jeans.


By the fiftieth year, it was abundantly clear,

We were definitely over the hill.

Those who weren't dead had to crawl out of bed,

And be home in time for their pill.


And now I can't wait; they've set the date;

Our sixtieth is coming, I'm told.

It should be a ball, they've rented a hall

At the Shady Rest Home for the old.


Repairs have been made on my hearing aid;

My pacemaker's been turned up on high.

My wheelchair is oiled, and my teeth have been boiled;

And I've bought a new wig and glass eye.


I'm feeling quite hearty, and I'm ready to party

I'm gonna dance 'til dawn's early light.

It'll be lots of fun; But I just hope that there's one

Other person who can make it that night.


Author Unknown

Life is Wonderful. Don't forget it!

Praise The Lord, we've made it this far!!





DHS 25 Year Class Reunion







   Check out pictures from our Reunion weekend on the DHS 25 Yr Reunion page.

Take a moment to upload your high school photos in our Photo Gallery .  It's fast and easy to do!  We'll include all the photos in a slideshow to be viewed at the reunion dinner.  

To include current pictures of yourself and your family, go to MEMBER FUNCTIONS, and select "Edit/Upload Photos."  These will appear in your Classmate Profile for others to see.

Please stop by the In Memory page and add your thoughts, comments and memories of our classmates who have passed away.

Take our Poll in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Page.  Polls change weekly, so vote every week. View answers to previous polls on the Past Poll Results page.



 Check out who attended the Reunion Activities:


  Chad Alford   Dawn Newell
  Jerry Alombro   Dianne Normand
  Ashley Askew   Chris Parker
  Dana Bergstrom   Jennifer Patton
  Mike Boddie   Heather Pitts
  Frankie Bonner   Kevin Presley
  Chrissi Brettel   Ingram Quivers
  Wanda Cephas   Kip Raley
  Darlene Cleveland   Felicia Ramos
  Cammie Cochran   Lonnie Rawlins
  Todd Daniels   Kim Redmond
  Theresa Darty-King   Letitia Robinson
  Roy Delaney   Brenda Rodgers
  Jeannie Dillard   Bill Sanford
  Dennis Grace   Suzanne Shontell
  Sylvia Grace   Kurt Simons
  Troy Harrison   Kristine Sixbury
  Pat Herring   Michelle Smith
  Kelly Jarrett   Melissa Speakman
  Jeannie Kilgore   Todd St. John
  Danny Kinard   Mike Stratas
  Larry Layman   Sorina Suma
  Johnny Lewis   Gail Taylor
  David McGill   Cherie Thomas
  Susan McClendon   Michelle Underwood
  Tracey Meacham   Chris Walker
  Angelo Miller   Jimmy Ward
  Steve Minhinnette   Darryl Wilson
  Angie Mobley   Cathy Wright
  Jeff Money   Phillip Wright
  Ginger Mueller   Michelle Young
  Bill Murph   Chris White
  Robert Murray      
  Leah Nabors