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John F Kennedy High School
Class Of 1969

Welcome to the John F Kennedy High School Class Of 1969 web site.

Mt. Angel, Oregon, USA

"All our dandelion days are done and so we'll turn our heads away from every silver morning and every golden day...but sweet Septembers golden arms belonged to us and held us warm. Remember when the summer time sang songs to us, only us...and now all our dandelion days are gone." ~from the JFK HS 1969 Profiles Year Book


Next Year, JUNE 2019, Will Be Our 50th High School Reunion. Any Thoughts??

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To START, click on the "Classmate Profiles" at the top  left-side of this page.  Next, locate your name and click and follow the directions for signing in and filling out your profile.  You will be requested to include your email address and then to create your own unique password to later use for your login information.  I know the profile questions may be a little tiresome, but it's a good way to help generate communication between classmates and such.  Remember, it's been over 49 years now, people want to know what's been going on with you and your life since 1969 or earlier. can gradually add to this as the  website continues to grow.  Goodluck and keep checking back for updates!


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Now that you have joined this unique site, try and think of other classmates that haven't yet signed in and send them an invitation.  If you know their email address just type it into the text box in the "Missing Classmates" section located on this Home page.  This will generate an invite for them to join and participate.  Let's make this site active with more from our own class who attended John F. Kennedy High School during the years of 1966 to 1969.  If you have any other suggestions, drop us a note. 

Have any of you fellow classmates of 1969 thought about trying to get together next year 2019 for our 50th year anniversary? If any ideas on how we can easily accomplish this maybe you can share your thoughts on this matter in the "User Forum".

Thank you for your help.