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Welcome to the Northfield Mount Hermon Class Of 1957 web site - your "home base" for exchanging messages, news, pictures, announcements, etc. with our classmates.

Please take a quick tour of the site - review class histories and epilogue, check out the Class Photo Gallery, check the Message Forum for discussions, etc.  Also, see how things have (and have not) changed since "our days" by taking the NMH Video Tours.

Enjoy our class website, and if you have suggestions for improvement please share them.


You'll laugh - you'll cry - you'll be amazed!  OK, slight exaggeration maybe.  In any case, just before our 60th reunion the following classmates contributed updated bios.  Click on a name below to go directly to their profile and take a look at what they've been up to!  If the School Story window does not appear, click on the link next to Profile Questions.

Andy Aldrich, Bill Ballou, Pat Butterworth, Tony Cameron, Darrell Cooper, Jim Dunne, Dave Hamilton, Aaron Henschel, Lloyd Mitchell, Ed Olsen, John Parker, Jim Payne*, Malcolm Peck, Steve Springer, Peter Stone, Chuck Streeter, Ralph Wadleigh, Dave Williams, and Oliver Woshinsky

* record will download

NMH FY2017 Summary

Follow this link to download and read a quick wrap up of the end of the school year and reunion, and how your Alumni Council is helping to facilitate the communications process. I hope you’ll let me know if this information is informative, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything you’d like to hear more about in the future.  Lloyd Mitchell (

Malcolm Peck provided us with fascinating insights into Islamic Terrorism during our reunion.  Follow the link to read a summary of his presentation -  Islamic Terrorism: How Great Is The Danger And How Do We Defeat It

The Kelloms:  Marilyn Kellom was our class's Faculty Advisor at Northfield, so she and her husband, Dick, were invited to join our 60th reunion celebration.  Marilyn honored us with a presentation covering her "secret faculty courtship", discussion of some of the school rules and practices back in the day, some insight into behind-the-scenes decision-making regarding sale of the Northfield campus, and other interesting events during her tenure.  Click on this link - KellomsVideo - to view the video.

Class of 1957 Notes for December 2017 NMH Magazine

57 Northfield Mount Hermon

Jeanne Schwartz Magmer (Scribe) -

Lloyd E. Mitchell (Website) -

In June 1957 there were 179 Northfieldites and 166 Hermonites who walked across separate stages on separate campuses to collect our diplomas, ready to use our heads, hands and hearts to make a difference in the world. In June 2017, 16 Northfieldites and 18 Hermonites gathered together on the now single campus to share equally in our 60th Reunion celebration as a combined class.

  • We  elected Chuck Streeter Class President, David Williams Vice-President, Jeanne Schwartz Magmer written class notes Secretary, Lloyd E. Mitchell class website secretary, Steve Springer 65th Reunion Chair, and Joyce Moore Arthur Assistant 65th Reunion Chair.
  • We held a single memorial service on Round Top on the Northfield Campus to remember the classmates we lost during the past five years. Our memories included 35 Northfield and 43 Mt. Hermon classmates and Joe Harrington's wife Diethild, who died May 9, 2017, after a brief bout with cancer and a related cardiac disorder.  All of these classmates' names and dates of death are listed on our class website:
  • We cheered at Convocation when Joyce Moore Arthur and Lloyd E. Mitchell were awarded Alumni Citations. Joyce for her "extraordinary ability to bring people together...inspire classmates to stay connected to each other and to the school, and have a lot of fun in the process." Lloyd for chairing the Alumni Council Diversity Committee for six years (2008-2014); serving on the Strategic Advisory Committee since 2014; serving as chair for our 55th reunion and co-chair for our 60th reunion with Sarah Drew Reeves; plus designing and maintaining our wonderful, interactive class website.
  • We held the first ever Alumni Conference calls to talk with a number of our classmates who were not able to attend the reunion: Northfieldite Barbara Tuttle in Austin TX and Hermonites Chuck Streeter, Paul Reyes, Vic Cino and Ed Abbott.
  • We listened attentively to Malcolm Peck's insights on Islamic Terrorism and Countering Its Threats based on his years as a Middle East expert for the U.S. State Department.
  • We enjoyed meals together in Alumni Hall with great conversations that often lasted past mealtimes and at dinners that included a new reunion feature -- NMH provided wine and beer.
  • And, those who stayed at Hayden Hall shared our first reunion coed bathroom.

Our 60th Reunion adjourned after a memorial service for Sam Greene Sunday morning. It was continued September 19-21at Maine Madness, hosted by Bob and Judi Mansfield.

Northfieldites attending the Reunion were: Joyce Moore Arthur, Phebe Townsend Banta, Cynthia Stevens Brabson, Anne Boothby Dickens, Sarah Drew Reeves, Susan Tower Hollis, Joy Goddard Knightly, Virginia Roe Lang, Linda Shemwick Lindquist, Jeanne Schwartz Magmer, Judith Wagner McKernon, Gail Minault, Marianne Severance Parris, Eleanor Gross Pendleton, Joyce Cutler Shane, Thalia D. Verros.

Hermonites attending the Reunion were: Walton P. Butterworth, Bradley R. Cook, Darrell M. (Coop) Cooper, Roger W. Day, Michael J. Doudoroff, Marshall Greenspan, David S. Hamilton, Joseph Harrington, H. Aaron Henschel, Nelson D. Hulme, Bruce K. Johnson, Robert A. Mansfield, Lloyd E. Mitchell, Bruce E. Nystrom, Malcolm C. Peck, Stephen M. Springer, Jonathan H. Staley, David C. Williams.

Kudos go to Sarah Drew Reeves, Darrell Cooper, and Lloyd Mitchell for co-chairing an outstanding Reunion event; to Darrell (Coop) Cooper and to Joyce Moore Arthur for their diligence in tracking down as many of our classmates as possible prior to reunion. Coop heard from Ray Paris, Andy Aldrich, Bill Bertsch, Steve Webster, Eddie Olsen and Bruce Turner; and Joyce heard from Cyndi Chutter Kahn, Renee Ryter Mueller, Priscilla Young, Nancy Hartman Rodney (in Hawaii), Ada (Peg) Wilson Taylor, Norma Darden, Judith Rosenbloom Hodges, Janet Bairstow Kokoszka, Linda Patterson Perkins, Margaret (Peggy) Johnston Quinn, Joan Kendall Hyer, Robin Foster Spaulding. Many other Northfield alums were contacted by dorm callers. Thanks to all of them and the wonderful conversations between friends from 60 years ago. Since it is not possible to include all of this news in this column, we are posting the conversation notes on our class website:

Here are some highlights:

Cindi Chutter Kahn and husband Ed celebrated their 50th Anniversary last summer with a family raft trip on the Green River, Utah. Retired from law, Cyndi is currently helping Denver Public Schools treat homelessness as an urgent educational issue.  "We have about 2,500 homeless students in DPS and after four years, we may actually build some 100 units of family housing on vacant school property. We will also house some new teachers and retired school staff," Cyndi reports. 

Robin Foster Spaulding missed the reunion because she was at Carnegie Hall to see her grandson receive a special  Medal from the Arts and Education Foundation for a sculpture he did called "Flight".

Marti Gladstone aka Betty Welsh is still holding fast to her starter house in Washington, D.C.  even though the city has changed dramatically since her move there in 1970. She writes, "My household is diminished with the loss of my husband and youngest son. I enjoy living in Maine during the summer, visits to the grandchildren on Cape Cod and occasional jaunts to Portland, OR, to visit my son and have lunch with Jeanne Magmer."

Aldace (Aldie) Howard, a regular at Maine Madness, missed summer 2016, and was there September 2017. Aldie lives in Oregon and winters in Florida.

Peter Stone is an advocate for keeping public park land in Tallahassee FL and not selling it for private development. He also is writing a technical book on materials science for architects. Peter says he is very active professionally, is staying fit and is generally doing well.

Terry Allen is still holding forth in Ferrisburg VT. He would like to know classmate John Shu's whereabouts. There is no current record for John at NMH or the college both he and Terry attended. He's not listed as Deceased, Lost or Removed by Request in NMH files. Does anyone know where John is?

And many thanks to David Williams, who, as class secretary for 35 years, faithfully met every class notes deadline. David writes, "It has  been a long journey for at least the last 35 years, keeping in touch with my Mount Hermon classmates and more recently with a few Northfield classmates. It was especially helpful as many of you joined us at our Maine Madness gatherings each summer or fall. The bonding as we celebrated at our 60th reunion will bring more of us together even as some our classmates cross the bar!

"That is leading me to encourage those who have not been in touch with classmates nearby or not been with us in Maine to seriously consider hosting a regional gathering or join us as we plug along toward our 65th reunion.

"As I close my class notes responsibility I want to thank you for the honor and privilege you have given me to share your stories about what we did on campus and since.

Finally, two stories surfaced at Reunion 60. Guys, do you remember that one winter morning when we arrived for breakfast, all the trays on which the waiters so proudly delivered our meals were missing, gone, nowhere to be found, hidden in a snow bank. It wasn’t until supper the next day that the waiters could strut again. Talk with Bruce Nystrom and you will get 'the rest of the story'. 

"Guys and Gals, do you remember that one early winter Sunday afternoon when several cross country runners set out to run across the river and on to the Northfield campus, to meet their girl friends and/or to deliver notes from non-runners to their female friends? Ignorant as they were about many things, they actually  ran on roads on the west side of the Connecticut River and crossed the river on the high rusty railroad bridge and were then intercepted just short of the Northfield campus. That previously unnamed faculty person delivered them back home to our side of the river without reporting them, which silence probably kept them from dismissal. I sure would like to know who they were, so we can hear 'the rest of that story'! 

"Think too about what stories you might share now!"

David, here is one from Northfield. Our '57 faculty advisor Marilyn (Zajan) Kellom and her husband, Dick, were guests at our reunion class dinner. Marilyn told us the story of how, at 19, just graduated from Barnard College and in her first year teaching History, she was assigned to be our faculty advisor. We heard the story of her romance with and marriage to MH Chemistry teacher Dick Kellom, including how she broke her leg skiing on their first date. The Kelloms were on the faculty at NMH through all the years of transition and hearing their stories  mirrors our own journey as alums that have brought us to this place of being one class, on one campus, completely coed as we look toward 2022 and our 65th Reunion.

NMH Strategic Plan: Want to learn about the direction in which our beloved school is headed?  Follow the link to the booklet providing an overview of the NMH 2020 Strategic Plan -

Inside NMH June 2014

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