Class Publications

Terry Allen

No Cash, No Fear (Entrepreneurial Secrets to Starting Any Business Without Money), (Wiley, 2001)

Making 36% (Duffer’s Guide to Breaking Par in the Market Every Year in Good Years and Bad)

Coffee Can Investing (A Better Idea Than Mutual Funds in an IRA or 401(K)), 2014

New books in the works: one about hiking adventures in Europe (with my wife) and a second one tentatively called So You Think You Want to Downsize?


Sally Bogle Gable (co-author: Carl Gable) (

Palladian Days: Finding a New Life in a Venetian Country House.  2005

Victor J Cino

Little Gangster, iUniverse Publishing, 2015 (

Susan T Hollis

The Ancient Egyptian “Tale of Two Brothers”. Rev. edition in paperback. Oakville, CT: Bannerstone Press, 2008 

In the works:  Egyptian Goddesses: Their Beginnings, Actions, and Relationships in the Third Millennium BCE (tentative title of book proposal accepted for publication, Bloomsbury, Press, Ltd. London).

Editor/coeditor of several volumes to which I have contributed and am in the process of editing by invitation of Oxford University Press, Handbook on Ancient Egypt and the Hebrew Bible, forthcoming 2020 or 2021 (has 36 international contributors including myself and 40 chapters).


Martha Johnson - 

Why Not Do What You Love?  (

Vol 1 – Tears, Lies and Fresh Fruit Pies (1997-2001)
Vol 2 – Pain, Persistence and Purifying Waters (2002-2008)


Estelle Lauter

Feminist Archetypal Theory, University of Tennessee, 1985 (co-author and co-editor)

Teaching Literature and Other Arts, Modern Language Association, 1990

Pressing a Life Together by Hand, Finishing Line Press, 2007

The Essential Rudder, FLP, 2008

Transfiguration, FLP, 2013

You Never Said. We Didn’t Ask, FLP, 2018


Co-edited …

an anthology of poems Soundings: Door County in Poetry, Caravaggio press, 2015

2017 Poets’ Calendar, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, 2016.  

The fourth book of poetry is due in May. Women as Mythmakers, Indiana University Press, 1984


Jeanne Magmer

Three editions of the National School Public Relations Associations Win at the Polls

Two editions of the Oregon Bond Manual

Multiple editions of Oregon School Boards Association’s Reporters’ Guide to Education in Oregon

Editor for:

Orval Robertson and Jim Magmer’s Rogue River Guide and his Gold (2017)

Shirley Britton’s Pieces  of Life


Gail Minault

The Khilafat Movement: Religious Symbolism and Political Mobilization in India (NY: Columbia University Press, 1982; reissued in paperback by Oxford UP, New Delhi, 1999)

Secluded Scholars: Women's Education and Muslim Social Reform in Colonial India (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1998)

Gender, Language and Learning: Essays in Indo-Muslim Cultural History (New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2009).  


James L Payne

Overcoming Welfare: Expecting More From The Poor And From Ourselves. 

Why Nations Arm

The Culture of Spending

Costly Returns

Patterns of Conflict in Columbia

Foundations of Empirical Political Analysis

Labor and Politics in Peru

The Motivation of Politicians

A History of Force: Exploring the Worldwide Movement Against Habits of Coercion, Bloodshed, and Mayhem

Incentive Theory and Political Process

Six Political Illusions: A Primer on Government for Idealists Fed Up with History Repeating Itself

The American Threat: National Security and Foreign Policy

Principles of Social Science Measurement

When the Rich Get Richer: How the Endowment Illusion Leads to a Misunderstanding of Poverty and Inequality

The American Threat


Robert A Pease (

Troubleshooting Analog Circuits (1991)

How to Drive Into ACCIDENTS – And How NOT To (1998)


Malcolm Peck

The A to Z of the Gulf Arab States (Scarecrow Press, 2008)

The United Arab Emirates: A Venture in Unity (Westview Press, 1986)

Historical Dictionary of the Gulf Arab States (Scarecrow Press, 1997)


Oliver H Woshinsky

The French Deputy: Incentives and Behavior in the National Assembly (Lexington Books, 1973)

The Science of Politics: An Introduction to Hypothesis Formation and Testing (co-author William Coogan, University Press of America, 1982)

Culture and Politics: An Introduction to Mass and Elite Political Power (Pearson College Div, 1994)

Explaining Politics: Culture, Institutions, and Political Behavior (Routledge, 2007)

Conflicted Legacy (Amazon, 2015)