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Where technology meets worship and praise!

North Bangkok Church

Internet Church is slightly different than the modern day brick and mortar churches. An internet church campus offers bold new ways to reach people with the message of Jesus all while wearing your pajamas! 

Below is a list of SDA Churches that provide services online.

Do you remember Paul Opp from the class of '76? You may enjoy reading about him and The People of Peru by clicking here.


Loma Linda University Church of SDA:   Watch Live!

Sacramento Central SDA Church:  Watch Live!

Madison Campus Tennessee:  Watch Live!

Collegedale SDA Church:  Poscast Feed

Amazing Facts:  Watch Live!

Amazing Facts Television: Watch Live!

The Napa Community SDA Church:  Podcast Feed

Emmaus SDA Church:    Podcast Feed

Ephesus SDA Church:  Podcast Feed

Sligo SDA Church:  Podcast Feed

Durango SDA Church:  Podcast Feed