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09/25/09 12:44 AM #1    

M. Scott Crawford

A thanks for putting this forum together.

Speaking of which, who are you?

Who is our mods, it's good to know. Why are we pre-moderating the user forum now? Bad form IMHO...

Can we enable embed videos in the UF?


09/25/09 12:02 PM #2    

Patti Baker

Love this! Am I the only one who cannot believe it has been almost 30 years? AMAZING!!

10/10/09 10:30 PM #3    

Rhonda McElreath (Dollar)

You are not the only one Patty. I too cannot fathom the amount of time that has gone by! I don't feel a day over 46! Rhonda Dollar

10/15/09 12:42 AM #4    

Jeff Conkle

We need to stick with the back to back double R's like it was when we went to school.

10/24/09 12:15 AM #5    

Kathy Holder (Neely)

I agree with Patti, it is a little hard to believe it has been this long. I would also like to agree with Jeff about the Double R's.

10/26/09 12:07 PM #6    

Bobby Kurosky

I think that my mind is in trouble. After looking at the list of classmates, I am having a tough time remembering some of the names. Either my memory sucks or you guys are not very memorable. I think it's the memory.
Bobby Kurosky

11/02/09 11:05 AM #7    

M. Scott Crawford

Awesome new features. Thumbs up!

11/02/09 10:33 PM #8    

Chuck Berry

Hello everyone,

For anyone interested. I've spent most of my professional career stuck in the halls of Richland High School and it absolutely feels like I've been left behind and never graduated. However, there are some advantages for snooping around old storage. I have searched for old football games from the past and what I have come up with is the 1979 Haltom/Richland game which we won 34-20. The only problem is it is on 16mm. reel to reel and I have no way of showing it. I'm sure it can be transferred, so If anyone is interested, or better yet, can do it, then I have it ready to transfer. If your interested, then maybe we can get copies made by the reunion. Wish I had more games, but that's all I found. The others were probably destroyed.

Take care,


11/04/09 06:07 PM #9    

Teresa Hughes (Spencer)

I'm glad I'm not alone in not being able to remember some of these names. The year book has gotten a lot of use here lately. I've noticed there are some names not on the list. Mine was one, probably cause my picture was never added to the Yr. book.

11/05/09 06:36 PM #10    

Michelle Weaver (Whitley)

My yearbook's been getting a workout recently, too. I missed the 10 year and 20 year, so I'm really looking forward to this one and seeing everyone.

11/28/09 10:25 PM #11    

Cara Napper (Burgess)

Oh, it's not your mind Bobby-it's some kind of trick-all the pictures on these profiles are of OLD people, LOL! Where did all the young kids go? Maybe we should only post our senior pics:-)


"I think that my mind is in trouble. After looking at the list of classmates, I am having a tough time remembering some of the names. Either my memory sucks or you guys are not very memorable. I think it's the memory.
Bobby Kurosky "

01/07/10 03:37 PM #12    

Maure Jenkins (Gardiner)

#12 Hey Bobby,It could also be all those years of kick boxing to your head! Miss ya.

02/09/10 06:51 PM #13    

Dondi Mayhew (McCallister)

Hey Everyine. This IS a great site! Who did make it and where are the instructions? How do I find the "threads" that Bobby mentioned????

Dondi Mayhew

02/14/10 09:51 PM #14    

Cindy Coker (Plano)

hi everyone i certainly dont feel 30 years older this is crazy i cant beleive we graduated 30 years ago wow

03/01/10 01:24 AM #15    

Penny Phelps (King)

hey guys i cant believe its been 30 years i was looking through the profile and havin so much fun lookin at everyone - everyone looks really great!!!! amazing how you would not recogonize some - love it love it see you there!!!!

03/07/10 10:21 AM #16    

Sandy Clement

Hi penny! I wish everyone had photos of then/now in their profiles...what fun! I can't seem to find too many of the then type photos. *shrug*

03/11/10 03:45 PM #17    

Cheryl Hill (Puluti)

Hi Penny and Sandy,
I totally agree, would love pictures of then and now

03/13/10 01:25 PM #18    

Stuart Joynt

Hi Patty, Barbara and I were talking about you the other day, I don't know how my name was changed from Stuart to Steve but I guess it is something that can be fixed. It does just seem like yesterday were were at school and in church togther. I miss those days. Hope all is going well with everyone. See you all at the reunion.

04/13/10 07:17 PM #19    

Brenda Mishler (Coulson)

Hello everyone, how has life been treatin yall? (sorry for the slang) Can't wate to see all the old friends. I know i have changed so I hope I can tell who im talking to without making an Ass of my self.Life has been really good to me,I can trully say I have been Blessed.

04/20/10 06:31 PM #20    

Timothy Oggier

Hello Folks... Sorry that I can not make it down their this time... vermont is wonderfull. Have Fun you all dang there goes my Texas twang again dang it .... Oh I am also on facebook if you want to add me.

05/24/10 03:13 PM #21    

Diane Shapley (Box)

 Sorry I will have to miss this one. I will be either enjoying Destin or volunteering to help clean oil off the animals. My timeshare is the same week as the reunion. I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I will see everyone at the 40th!

06/02/10 11:28 PM #22    

Kathy Holder (Neely)

I can't beleive that there aren't more of our classmates that are interested in getting together thatn have responded. I do look forward to seeing everone that will be there.

07/04/10 06:15 PM #23    

Teresa Hughes (Spencer)

The reunion was awesome. Thanks to all who put it together and the idea of having cameras at each table was a great idea. I just wish there was some way to put names with each of the faces. I'm sure there are others like me who are having a hard time remembering faces,

08/05/10 10:41 PM #24    

Tammy Pennington (Day)

I was just called and informed that on the "In Memory" page Tina Pennington was listed as to have passed away. I was just updating that my sister has not passed away..she is alive and well. Thank you.

Tammy Pennington Day

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