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•   Linda Voas (Audet)  3/9
•   Doreen Dandeneau (Knapp)  1/18
•   Deborah Sweeney (Spellman)  1/16
•   Jane Belhumeur (Finch)  1/12
•   Lisa Preston  10/1
•   Susan (Suzy) Therrian (Landriana)  9/26
•   Kathy Renaud (Joyce)  9/26
•   Emilio Dispirito  9/5
•   Cheryl Walsh (Harrington)  8/29
•   Deborah Walling (Desrosiers)  8/17
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Welcome to the N Smithfield Jr/Sr High Class Of 1976 web site.



The following classmates have been added to our list of attendees :)

Sally Esten Morelle

Joanne Leclaire Chitwood

Joanne Cournoyer Shuman

Kate O'Hara Monfette

Claudia Giordano Wagner

Emilio Dispirito

Louise Romans Meade

Shirley Picard

Thank you to all who have registered.... who will be next???

Cheryl Walsh Harrington has joined the party!!

Hello all fellow 76ers,

When things happen unexpectedly, you deal with them. Duty calls and I will be unable to be with all of you this Friday night.

With that said, rest assured that all is okay.

You are now directed to do the following:

1. Open your arms and feel the hugs I'm sending to all of you.
2. Understand that I will truly miss all of you and wish I could be there.
3. This is important. I have paid for 2 tickets so pick one one of the
following options.

Get them to people who want to go to the reunion but registered to late or could not get tickets etc.

Use the cash (if you can get a refund ) to have a drink on me. " Cheers "

Take the two meals, split them among yourselves and bring your pets a small (very small ) treat bag.

Take the meals and give them to a panhandler ( on the condition that they put their names on the ballot for the upcoming presidential election. Really, don't we deserve a real choice? )

If a refund is fourth coming, put it into the class treasury for the next reunion.

Use it as cab fare if one of you gets to slammed to drive home.


Wish I could be there. Be safe, have fun,
Love, and my best wishes to all of you..See you next time around,

Johnny O.

So far our guest list is as follows:

Sharon Beauchemin Tobin

Mike Levesque

Normand St Laurent

Elena Dipardo Pewtress

Linda Perez Aprea

Donna Duhaime

Robert Plante

Dale Boyko L'Esperance

Jocelyn Shaw

... and the committee

Sign up soon so we can get a head count!! Less than 3 months away!!


Johnny O, Linda Voas Audet, and Chuck Kenoin have registered!  Deadline to register/pay for tickets is August 27th....

Phew!!!  What a night!  By all measures, the 35th looks to have been a success.  Below is a slide show from Debbie Walling and a beautiful sentiment by Johhny O.  If you would like to post pictures, please use the "35th Photos" link on the left.  

Click to play this Smilebox photo album


To all of you who attended the reunion (and those who didn't)

I have to say that being with all of you was one of the highlights, if not the highlight, in my life in the past 35 years. It seems like all those years dissolved into what seemed like only days or weeks ago since we were all together. I have never forgotten any of you. You are my friends and the people I've loved most in my live (OR at least as many of you as I could. JUST KIDDING, RELAX LADIES.) and still do. I sincerely hope that none of us wait as long as we
did, to get together with each other again. If life has taught me anything, it's to be true, honest, loving, fair, loyal, and compassionate to the ones who are closest to you. When people say life is short, I guess that this is what they mean.
Okay all of you, I was having too much of a good time to take any pictures. The fact that I'm
too cheap to buy a camera may be an issue. That aside, if any of you have pictures, please email them to me.

Love, respect, and my best to all of you,
Johnny O. c:508-951-8036 office: 508-896-7237

From: Finding Greatness at My High School Reuion by William Frank Diedrich

"At my reunion there were just people. There were no groups to join. I felt welcomed by everyone and I felt very welcoming toward everyone. There were no cliques, no divisions between popular and those who were not.

I am grateful to my classmates for a wonderful accomplishment that we all shared — we grew up.  With maturity comes acceptance — acceptance of self and acceptance of others. If I were to take a snapshot of my reunion, that picture would serve as a standard for what the world could aspire to — people from all walks of life, sharing their experiences, genuinely interested in each others’ lives to date, and caring."