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The Classes of ’58 Memorial Bursary in Honour of Barry Sullivan

The 1958 classmates of Delbrook and NVHS have been supporting meritorious graduates of the North Vancouver school system for many years. Although maintained in memory of all past classmates, the bursary is named in special recognition of Barry Sullivan, a lawyer/classmate who passed away much too early (1940-89). 

Barry Sullivan was one of our classmates who epitomized the type of student that the school foundation is set up to assist. Barry did not go directly to university in 1958. But when he did decide to pursue further studies, he did so in his typical fashion: with dedication and determination. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a law degree and he went on to become the Crown's prime prosecutor for high profile cases. In his short legal career, Barry successfully prosecuted the Robert Noyes child sexual abuse case, wrote a report on sexual abuse of children by school board employees, and advised on Human Rights. Later, he was appointed Chairman, Royal Commission on Education in British Columbia. His report, A Legacy for Learners, is also a legacy of his concern for the development and education of children. It has had a major impact on educational requirements and programs in British Columbia?  His life was shortened by cancer but his concepts have lived on in our educational system.  

Like many of our classmates, the success we have achieved in life can be attributed to the foundation laid during our upbringing in the North Vancouver educational system. Your contribution to the Classes of ’58 Memorial Bursary Fund in Honour of Barry Sullivan will be an act that recognizes the solid foundation that you and others achieved at a special time in your life.  We look forward to you encouraging others to succeed.

The North Vancouver High School Education Foundation administers the Classes of ’58 Memorial Bursary Fund. It is a non-profit organization, registered as a society with the B. C. government and as a charity with the Canadian federal government. Its purpose is to help deserving North Van grade 12 students finance their post-secondary education. As a volunteer organization, all donations go directly to fulfilling the objectives of the foundation.

Although non-endowed, contributions to the Classes of ’58 Memorial Bursary Fund have been sufficient to support worthy graduates of North Vancouver secondary schools.  By the time each reunion occurs, the fund needs replenishment.  Contributions are tax deductible.

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