October 25, 2017 minutes

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958,

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Present: Ron Price, Don Homer, Ed Jackson, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Ellis Breiddal, John Bartok,

1. Review of The Minutes For The August 23 ,2017 Meeting

The committee reviewed the prior minutes which were accepted.

2. Boat Cruise Report

Don Homer reviewed his findings on costs of various cruise options which included a brunch. He outlined the costs received for 3 separate cruise ships:

Harbour Princess- $130/person based on a minimum of 60 people 

Magic Hornblower- $115/person based on a minimum of 60 people

Magic Charm- $128/person based on a minimum of 80 people; $153 for 60 people

The “Hornblower” is a smaller vessel and not as conducive for mingling. Magic Charm was the vessel we used in 2008 when we had approximately 110 attendees. Cost at that time was $58/person.

The committee was concerned about the high cost of the cruise. This would be addition to approximately $30 for the Sunday brunch. Also on booking the companies required a non-refundable deposit of from $1,000 to $2,000.

One thought was to invite the 1957 and 1959 grads to increase the numbers so as to reduce the per person cost. The committee also thought that another letter should be sent to all grads requesting an immediate response committing to attend. Marg agreed to follow up with Bill Wedley on sending out such a letter.

If the cruise is not a go then a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant could be considered.

3. May 13 Brunch

Bill Wedley sent a report that he had reserved the Holiday Inn for the Sunday May 13 brunch.

4. Reducing The Lost List

Bill Wedley sent a report indicating he has prepared an updated lost list.  He plans to assign names to the 12 grads that have volunteered to help find the lost souls. He will provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the lost people. The committee did not see a problem in departing from our usual privacy protocals.

5. Report of Website

Since Sheila Ward was not in attendance the report was deferred to the next meeting

6. Publicity

Ed Jackson suggested that a story with a picture of some of the committee members planning the reunion as well as the event schedule be put in The North Shore News approximately 1 month prior to the event. Don Homer agreed to assist Ed on this.

7. Gifts and Door Prizes

This item was deferred until the next meeting

8. Next Meeting

The Committee agreed that the next meeting should be on December 20, 2017 at the Wedleys suggesting 1:00Pm rather than in the evening. Note: It may be necessary to call an emergency meeting sooner to discuss a commitment for a boat cruise.