Sept 17 2020 80 yr. party video

80th Year Birthday Party Report

Thursday, September 17, 2020, 10:00 am Pacific Time (1:00 pm Eastern time)

Our Virtual Reunion Happened! Click on the link below to see at least the last hour and a half of what happened.  Look below for the attendance list

Some starting times for agenda events:

Time 0:00 (Recording started about 15 minutes after signon.  Missing are the signon procedures and some introductory comments by Colin Watson).

Time 1:12 Joke from Art Mossop

Time 4:28 Comments from birthday participants.

Time 47:00 Picture presentation from Bill Wedley

Time 1:16 Short tour of the website.

 Time 1:20 Revisit of Wasn’t That a Party

Time 1:24 Next Meeting discussion.

Time 1:30 Laura Ward’s virtual exercise

Attendance at the Virtual 80th Year Birthday Party.

September 17, 2020