57th Year Reunion (2015)

Our 57th year reunion was held on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at the Holiday Inn and Suites (Old Coach House, 700 Lillooet Road).  Forty-one people enjoyed a sumptuous brunch and lively discussion. Make sure you go to the "Pictures from Reunions" link to see the event.

The ambience was enhanced by Brian Thompson, Don Homer, Ron Price and David Wilson who arrived in their antique cars.  These were parked immediately outside the hotel entrance where they were admired by many hotel patrons.  After brunch, the reunion entourage went outside to have their pictures taken in front of the cars. 

Further enhancement of the ambience was provided by David Wilson.  He piped in our NVHS class president, Ed Jackson, as a signal that brunch was to start.  Interestingly, before brunch was over, a stranger entered and talked to Dave, who obligingly took his pipes to the lobby to play happy birthday.

Sheila (Brown) Ward and Don Homer were the co-emcees for the event.  Several speeches and announcements were made, including one from Penny (Mallet) McDonald who explained the 1950's origin for the characters in her new book. David Wilson told a story about buying a new fridge from Hudson's Bay.  It was both a Comedy and Targedy.

In attendance at the event were: 

Al Bone and partner (Ginny)
Anne Whyte
Bill Wedley
Brian Thompson and partner (Diane)
Candy (Carroll) Rustad
Dave Wilson and partner (Pat)
David McKay and partner (Joan)
Diana Davidson and partner (Mark Battersby)
Diane (Sweeney) Calder and Partner (Bill)
Don Homer and partner (Johanne)
Ed Jackson
Ellis Breiddal and partner (June)
Gordon Simpson and partner (Arlene)
Grant Speers
Janet (Thompson) Champion
Jim Dickie
Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley
John Bartok and partner (Judy)
John Wilson
Marg (Dance) Chalmers
Nina (Genjack) Kurrle and partner (Herb) 
Norma (Mann) Steiner
Penny (Mallett) McDonald
Rhelda (Fromme) Nicholson
Rob Hohert and partner (Lynne)