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03/06/13 06:07 PM #1    


Sheila Brown (Ward)

Welcome to the North Vancouver & Delbrook High School Class Of 1958 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/01/13 01:06 PM #2    


Sheila Brown (Ward)

Hello fellow classmates! We are making progress in having people log in and write something about themselves. A few have posted photos and or videos. We still need help in finding classmates and their email addresses. Would you take a few moments to review the list of those who have signed in to date as well as those listed in memorium to see if you can help us find the missing? We have bright sunshine in Vancouver for the 7th day in a row!

06/03/13 11:39 AM #3    


Sheila Brown (Ward)

Hi classmates! Thanks for checking this web site and for helping it to grow. Please don't be shy about adding comments and giving us your ideas/opinions. It is your interaction which will challenge us to make this website fun and useful for many. I really appreciate comments people have added to the In Memory link. I am sure many of you would have things to add about those who are no longer with us.

If you know classmates who are reluctant to sign in to join this website because they feel awkward with computers, I am happy to talk anyone through the process if they let me know. Now --- over to others. Sheila


06/30/13 03:55 PM #4    


Margaret Dance (Chalmers)

What can we do to get this site more active?  I do my best.

08/08/13 02:54 PM #5    


Robert Hohert (Yes Dear)

Hello Ladies,     Rob Hohert    Lynne has been painting . I have been chasing sea creatures with Collins and Randy. ( I am the one in the middle with long hair.

10/25/13 02:08 PM #6    


Sheila Brown (Ward)

Bill Wedley provided a good summary of our 55th reunion which he posted. Those who have additional remarks or observations are welcome to post them on this site. You may have another take on events.  Any comments???

12/13/13 01:31 PM #7    


Margaret Dance (Chalmers)

Hello to all of you.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and good health in 2014.  Enjoy your time with family and friends smiley  Cheers, Marg

12/14/13 11:13 AM #8    


Mavis Rollingson (Creech)

I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating everybody involved in setting up our website.   I've been enjoying it so very much, especially reading all the great stories and being able to connect with old friends........and making new ones.  I would like to wish each and every one of you a truly Merry Christmas and the very best of the New Year.   Stay as healthy as possible and enjoy all that you can, while you can.


Warmest wishes to all!


Mavis (Rollingson) Creech

Penticton, B.C. 



01/19/14 05:15 PM #9    

Suzanne Nuttall (Wyman)

All the best to each of you in the coming 2014-can you believe we made 2014-my head is still in the 60's. thank you for sharing with everyone!         suzanne nuttall  vancouver island

03/02/14 01:35 PM #10    

Bob George

For all those lovers of the rockin 50's watch for  Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story currently playing at

the Chemainus Theatre Festival until 8 March to pop up at a theatre near you. The whole theatre was

jumping when we attended and Zachary Stevenson is one talented Buddy!

In Vancouver, the Arts Club Theatre will soon feature Red Rock Diner, songs of the 50's and 60's

that Red Robinson spun on Vancouver's airwaves.  Check out the website for dates.    Bob G

09/28/16 07:09 PM #11    

Berk Shaw


Is anybody out there or have they turned out the lights and gone home. I would like to chat with someone from the class of 58 from NVH.

I am very fortunate to enjoy very good health and a wonderful wife as well as an active lifestyle. At my age, who can ask for anything more?

Berk Shaw

09/29/16 11:57 AM #12    


Margaret Dance (Chalmers)

It is always good to hear from someone new.  Yes, you are fortunate to be enjoying your life and family.  When we reach this stage it is good to take a look at all the things we should be grateful for.  Keep smiling, cheers, Marg

09/30/16 03:56 PM #13    

Janet Thompson (Champion)

Hi, Berk --  I've been connecting with classmates when they update their profiles by answering or adding my comments after theirs, so this is probably the first time I've used the message forum.  I get messages every day from various classmates.  There seems to be a core of people who answer their messages regularly.  Then there's the rest who don't communicate at all.  There's always something of interest, like the photos that Ted Willcox posts, or the paintings of various talented class members.   Cheers,   Jan

09/30/16 04:02 PM #14    

Janet Thompson (Champion)

This is a message for Sheila (Brown) Ward.  Hi, Sheila,  I'm not able to update my profile...don't know why, but when I click in the space for the text to go, I don't get a cursor showing up.  Any advice?  Thanks,   Jan

11/06/16 10:29 AM #15    

George German

Living in the East and not on the coast very frequently, I really appreciate the class website.  it is a great way to keep in touch and to see how my fellow grads are doing in retirement (or otherwise).  Of course it is sad to see the notifications of the passing of some of our fellow students but I guess that will be the norm for all of us as we advance in age.  It certainly reminds us to make the most of every day and enjoy life.  Cheers, George 

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