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Bentley Gregg

Profile Updated: February 7, 2014
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Residing In:
Vienna, VA USA
Children:(Name, age, education. If applies NMH and year)
Sara, born 1975; Middlebury AB, 1997; Columbia PhD, 2004 (plus MA and MPhil, 2000).
Environmental Scientist
Military Service:
Army in Armor, then briefly in Guard and Reserves.  
Yes! Attending Reunion


Grandchildren (Name and NMH year if applicable.):

Alden, born 2009; Caroline, born 2011

What Was your Hometown While You Were At Northfield Or Mt Hermon?

Burlington, VT

Number of years you attended Northfield or Mount Hermon?

2 years

Dorms in which you lived:

Overtoun, Crossley

Most memorable N/MH experience/s: could be "feasting" on Saturday nights after lights out and/or sneaking out of the dorm or something like the thunder and lightning at Christmas Vespers or a significant athletic triumph. What do you remember that brings a big smile to your face?:

Being in choir during Junior year; getting moved up from JL (or was it C-Squad?) to JV football team during the season of my Junior year; working in the laundry on 3 pants-pressing machines during sophomore year; Latin Class sophomore year with Carlton L'Hommedieu; Being cared for in my homesickness by David Burnham and his family; the occasional date with a Northfield girl.

Any secrets or stories you can finally divulge?

According to John Robinson, the African-American senior who was my Floor Officer my junior year, I set the record for early lights in Crossley my junior year, probably due to: 1) giving up, and getting ready to go back to Burlington High School for senior year; and 2) difficulty reading because my eyes got so tired so fast, because I have always had astigmatisms in both eyes, but never was tested for glasses, which I now wear ALL the time!
Robby parenthetically asked, "Just between me and you, when did you study?" Answer: sometimes during the day, but in general "rarely!"

What do you remember about your dummy / work jobs... that you want to share?

while working in the laundry on 3 pants-pressing machines during sophomore year, the muscle in front of my upper right leg (just in the front and at the top of my thigh) became so developed that it bulged and stuck out, but ONLY on my right leg, because that was the one with which I pushed down on the machine!
Worked in the basement under the dining hall of West Hall, where the school storeroom was located, with the occasional job of running out to the gas pump to put gas into faculty vehicles!

Which faculty / staff members and coaches do you remember with respect and affection and why?

Vitold Piscuskas and Lou Turner, two formidable football players and coaches, who were every bit as formidable as math teachers! Latin Class as sophomore with Carlton L'Hommedieu and somewhat so with Harlan Baxter as junior; Chemistry with Richard Kellom; Biology with Jeffery Baker and Steven Webster; John Clark and K Kelly Wise in English, but that was not my favorite course; Ronald Grant and Donald Bitzer and Duane Estes made limited long-term impression in Religion; virtually no recollection of ANY history classes (or didn't take any so my bad?)
PS: I cribbed, by checking our yearbooks, to recall some of these teachers.

Think about the highlights of your life since you left the hallowed halls of Northfield/Mount Hermon…tell us about yourself. Please write as much as you wish:

Graduated from Burlington (Vermont) High School, in 1964, then Middlebury College (AB), University of Vermont (MS), and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (PhD).
23 year career in various environmental consulting firms, then 14+ years at Environmental Protection Agency, as biologist/chemist in pesticide registration. Retired at end of June, 2012.
Attend Episcopal church, and have done some volunteer work at church and for various not-for-profits, as well as for Middlebury College.
LOVE being a grandpa.

(FOR EXTRA POINTS) : Tell us how the friends/education/lifestyle/traditions of the Northfield Schools impacted your life in 1964 and through the last several decades:

Love of sacred music, especially the Christmas Vespers and Sacred Concerts, for both of which I sang in the choir for during my junior year.

Where Have You Lived the Past 45 Years??

Burlington, VT; Blacksburg, VA; Londonderry, NH; Portsmouth, RI; Vienna, VA (two different houses, since 1980)

Your Education after N/MH undergraduate Degree (where, when) Any Graduate/Professional Degrees: where, when, what):

Middlebury College (AB in Biology), 1968; University of Vermont (MS in Zoology [limnology, study of lakes]), 1970; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (PhD in Biology [environmental toxicology]), 1975.

Our 50th Reunion will take place Thursday - Sunday, June 5 - 8, 2014. We hope you will attend. Please answer from the heart.

Talk me into it!

As part of our 50th Reunion we will be printing a yearbook, using everyone's responses to the above questions. To help determine the appropriate quantity to print, we need to know now if you expect to purchase a copy ( approx. cost with mailing $40)

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