Tina Bridgett Hill

Profile Updated: June 17, 2009
Residing In: Fairfield, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Jamil
Occupation: Importer Wholesale Merchandise
Children: Kiana 25, Born Sept 14,1983
Tiffany 23, Born Feb 25,1986
Paul 22 , Born Mar 9,1987

My other Kids: Not Biological "Raised"
Shanika 24 (Niece/Daughter)
Pavianna 24(Niece/Daughter)
Anjahne 19 ( Niece/Daughter)
Deandre 18 (Nephew/Son)
Tamia 10 (Niece/Daughter)

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Attending Reunion



Wow... we are in our 40's and it is so hard to believe..... Where did the time go?, I still feel 17. I look forward to our 25th Class Reunion.

The Older I get, the more fabulous I feel. My life has taught me to appreciate every year. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 18 years, Had three successful Business.

I am also working on a few coffee table books, every once once in a while , I'll pull out my movie script I been working on for the last 10 years called "Myrtle Street", And attempt to write. But for the most part I enjoy my Grandson "Jordan" who keep me young. Other than that, I am Still Tina.

(I added more pictures of my family, My sister Gaytrice c/o 83' Passed and she had 3 kids, My Cousin Tanya c/o 83' passed and she had 3 kids,) I consider them all mines. My cousin Clifton c/o 83' Passed. His wife Rocky did an amazing job raising his 4 kids. I included this information cause I see classmates who asked about my sister or cousin, And when I tell them they passed away,It so hard for them to believe, So I included pictures of my Cousins & Sister Kids. For thoses classmates who remember my family from St Patrick, Prescott, Clawson, Foster, Mack.

School Story:

Hmmmm. where do I start?, I could write a book on school stories. I do miss hanging out in the halls, miss The drippy jerry Curls hahaha, My favorite Art Teacher Mr Herb, I really miss catching that crazy " 88 School " Bus after school. High school was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it..Hopefully I will see all you guys at the reunion.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

To this day, I will not watch the exorcist movie with Linda Blair. I seen it in in 1973 and it scared the hell out of me I was 8 years old, and that movie still effect me.... ( You know I didn't know how to nswer that question, but when I read the question to my family.... They all said , tell them you are scared of the exorcist?) LOL

How did you locate this reunion web site?

Who referred you? Myself.. Creator of Web Site

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My Silly Prom
"Me & Paul"
My Daughter Tiffany 23
My daughter Kiana 25 years old
My Son Paul 22
My Pride and Joy, My Grandson "Jordan"
Kiana, Shay , Pavianna, Tiffany ( My Girls)
("Shay" cousin Clifton daughter, "Pavianna" cousin Tanya Daughter)
Family Supporting Mack Annual Picnic 2008
(Kiana,Pavianna, Shay)
My Cousin/Sister Latanya c/o 1983 She had three Kids (Pavianna, Anjahne, Terrell Grandson Dylan) Tanya passed from Cancer in 2002
Cousin Tanya Kids ( Pavianna, Anjahne, Terrell, Grandson Dylan). Terrell Lives w/Granny in Washington & Anjahne Lived w/Father in Lancaster.
Sister Gaytrice Bridgett c/o 83' w/Boyfriend at Time Bobby Perkins c/o 83'.They Had my Beautiful Niece Shanika Perkins.(She Have two other beautiful kids Deandre & Tamia w/Husband of 9 years Vincent) Gaytrice Passed from Cancer in 2000
My Niece Tamia, My sister was diagnosed with Cancer when she was pregnant with her. Sister passed when Tamia was 2. This is my baby ... She is 10 now, I had her since Birth.
My handsome nephew DeAndre w/prom date. he is 18 now, He was only 9 when my sister passed. I had him ever since. He graduated this year from high school an attends college, My big football player... Yes!
Cousin Clifton c/o 83' w/Wife Rocky. They had 4 beautiful kids.( Clifton, Delmon, Shay, Jazmine) and they have three grandkids. Clifton Passed in 98'
Clifton Wife Rocky holding her niece, Son Delmon seated w/ Son Delmon jr, and Daughter Jasmine holding her nephew Clifton IIII.
Clifton family, Daughter Jasmine, Son Clifton w/ Girlfriend Carmen, Daughter Shay. Wife rocky seated holding her grandson clifton.
My Grand son Jordan, 2yr old now.... grannys little star?
I guess you can say I love my one & only grandchild "Jordan"
This is my birthday girl.... I had Tiffany on my 20th birthday, Yes we share the same birthday February 25, 1966 & 1986 LOL..
My Niece/Daughter Pavianna 24 & Nephew (Her Son) Dylan 5yr old.. This is my cousin Tanya/Sister oldest daughter
Family Reunion 2009, Porterville, Ca Memorial Day weekend May 22-24, 2009. we have over 300 family members attend.
Check out some of my little ladies, Tanya, Clifton, Tina's kids... Fot those who remember my family. Family Reunion Porterville, Ca 09'
An old picture of my husband Jamil Hill back in his Navy days... USS Carl Vinson..LOL, He was a bit thinner back then.I believe this was taken in 1988'
Check out my little sister Danielle.. One of the baddest dancer out of Detroit at the KBLX Stone Soul Concert May 25, 2009. We had to rush home from the reunion to go to the concert. Whenever she is in town or anywhere in California my husband make it apoint to go see his sister.
(Danielle on the Right side,not a good pix, people kept standing up)
KBLX Stone Soul Concert May 25, 09'My sister Danny is in the green suit, If you were at the concert she was the one holding the mirror. Danielle have been dancing with Charlie Wilson for 4 years now. ( The ticekets she get for us are too close, my ears still sound muffled) Any way I am proud of her.
"Blast from Past Pix"..... Hey Mona, this photo is for you. I told you I have a 8th grade grad picture or you. Picture above: Shiela, Mr Brinkley & Remonia Perry June 1980... Wow, that was 29 years ago... Whew wee, that a long time...
"Blast from the past pix"... Hey Tommietta, didn't forget about you. Here's a picture of our 8th grade grad Marcus Foster... Taken in hall of (Valerie Alexander, Oliver Richardson & Tommietta Taplin) ... Yes, this was taken 29 years ago. LOL
'Blast from the past pic".. Hey Dearan .. if your looking at this profile, Does this picture look familiar.. yeah , it's Jeffery Liggins, I believe this was around 1975 or 76'.... Not sure, but it was at Clawson Elementary School. I have to go to my granny house to find the old old pictures.. LOL