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•   Brittany Butler (Rouse)  5/24
•   Michael Campbell  9/2
•   Michael Pilla  5/30
•   Matthew Jacques  9/16
•   Tiffany Orianna Willette  7/2
•   Jamie Lynn Ficalora  2/15
•   Amber Marie Bean  1/25
•   Katrina Lynne Bragg  1/21
•   Erika Jean Veilleux (Bonenfant)  1/12
•   Cari Powers  11/8
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2 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Florida
74 live in Maine
5 live in Massachusetts
2 live in New Hampshire
2 live in New York
1 lives in North Dakota
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
2 live in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
63 location unknown


•   Danielle L Thorne (Douglass)  12/20
•   Veronica Lee Henninger (Thibodeau)  12/24
•   Carrie Lee Brown (Dyer)  12/31
•   Jon Delaware  1/2
•   Michael Campbell  1/3
•   Kristin Wurpel (Overton)  1/4


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Messalonskee High School
Class Of 2000

Hope everyone had a great time at the Messalonskee 2000 Class Reunion events!  Glad we all got together.  Thanks for everyone who helped organize/setup/donate/etc!  See you all in 2015!

We raised $113 towards the next reunion from the goods donated by classmates and friends!

Please claim your classmate profile information so we are able to contact you for updates on the 2010 High School Reunion by clicking the Classmate Profiles link to the left, clicking on your name, and clicking on Join Here.

Welcome to the Messalonskee High Class Of 2000 web site.

Remember When...

we could have barbecues in the parking lot and pizza in the art room, Paige collected $2.70 for eating bird poop, and Jack ate a moth?

Meghan was engaged, Jess and Jen started a "PDA Patrol," Bobby slept with Miah, Jessie and Nick weren't dating, and Ms. Johnson passed out condoms in health?

our coolness was measured by how many snap bracelets we had, we were put on the wall when we were naughty, we were all afraid of sixth graders, and they put our names on our pencils so we wouldn't loose them?

Fun Nites were the pinnacle of our social lives, everyone was "dude," the year 2000 seemed like it would never come, and Molly went in for her license the first time... and the second... and the third... and the forth...

Mr. Brown wore Mat's dog spike collar, all we heard was "Leo Grivois to the office," Mr. Nelson told his "FUN-GUY" joke, we actually hurried to class, every girl was in love with Mr. Petrak, and that familiar clicking noise sent students running (we love you Ms. Downing)?

Jack Tracey cried because he lost all of his money (and almost his car) to Jason Breard, Chepe accidently set the carpet in the math wing on fire, Mat lost his voice... twice!!, and "Ionic Perameter" was a literary term?

A.B. raced on the Interstate and missed the exit, Freshman year was awesome, Melody walked down the "yellow brick road," and Zoobilee Zoo and Today's Special were kewl?

Carrie accidently hit Nick's new car, the senior float won, Ms. Glennon's cackle, Paige was innocent, JF -aka- "Charles," KS & JP needed a Mexican, Mr. Vayo threw his chalk, Makenzie had her concert ticket stolen, violence wasn't so common, and soccer went to Presque Isle -twice?

Melody hit the kisosk at Fabian, gas was 84 cents, we couldn't wait for recess, Jamie and Amanda had to bring a mat to the Jr. High with the car doors open, SK took a sneak peak at Mr. Spear's report cards, Brad dressed as a girl for pictures, Ice Storm '98, and all of Jen's flings?

Virginia was GinGin, Marden wouldn't grow, PC wore fake leather pants with a camo shirt, PP mooned Coach Cormier, MP & BS were inseperable, and Rob was Tomato Boy?


hanging out in the back of the library talking to Mrs. Hanson and Mr. Woodside about life, the food fight at Truckers, Ross Road, the Field Hockey trip to Boston, Acadia with Mr. Mazarolle, fun with bubbles, courtyard dances, referrals, Girls Soccer '99, KFC, Monsieru Denie - DenDog, the 8th grade girls bball championship?

snowball fights after school, the "deer in the headlights" stare?

skipping school... and getting caught?

NI impersonations, Ripple Dipple. when Nintendo came out... then Sega... then Playstation, My Little Ponies, Smurfs, and Fraggle Rock?

Brittany Spears & The Backstreet Boys, Quickie QUizzes, "White Lightning" Basketball, and "Marge" vs "Bertha."

Senior year?