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•   Barbara Rauh (McEntire)  6/9
•   Brandon Laubach  2/1
•   Crystal Becker (Hippard)  2/1
•   Melissa Gilbert (Jenkins)  1/25
•   Kim Wilson (Stroope)  12/27
•   Jamie Smith (Boyer)  11/17
•   Joelle Parrott  9/13
•   Buddy Wilson  8/16
•   Jennifer Davis  8/6
•   Jill Weber (Buchanan)  8/4
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1 lives in Missouri
28 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Sweden
3 location unknown


•   Corri Moody  11/10


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Okeene High School
Class Of 1998

Welcome to the Okeene High School Class Of 1998 web site. Take a look around, sign up for the message board, and start catching up with old friends. Go to Classmate Profles, click on your name, and file out the registration information to gain access to all of the website.  Send us a message if you would like something listed that isn't or have a news item you would like posted.  And please check back often, we will be updating the site and listing new information continously!!  Lots of surprises still to come!


Here we are 10 years later!

Class of 1998 reunion

There were 19 of us in attendance at the reunion:

Jordy, Jamie, Eric, Chelsey, Corri, Candace, Heidi, Jill, Barbara, Amie

John, Melissa, Kim, Crystal, James, Trevor

Glen, Mark, Brandon


Just thought everyone might want to read a newspaper article written on Jennifer Davis and hear how she has been lately.  Be sure to send her you well wishes and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year!  Jamie

Beating the Odds

Jennifer Davis, 29, was born April 4th, 1979 in Oklahoma City.  During a routine physical examination at the age of 4, an irregular heartbeat was discovered.  The physician decided to run an EKG, which showed a more serious problem.  Jennifer  was sent immediately to Oklahoma City's Children's Hospital to see a pediatric cardiologist where they discovered a hole between the two heart chambers.  This is known as Atrial Septal Defect, or ASD.  Surgeons performed open-heart surgery and repaired the defect with no complications following surgery.  In July 2004, at the age of 25, Jennifer had out-patient surgery to remove her gallbladder.  The next day changed the family's lives forever.  Jennifer passed out in the bathroom and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  The problem was at first thought to be a blood clot that formed after the surgery.  However, after further testing it was discovered that Jennifer had an enlarged heart.  Over the next three months, Jennifer met with many doctors and underwent numerous tests before the diagnosis of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) was given.  PPH is a disorder of the arterial blood vessels in the lungs.  These arteries carry oxygen to the heart.  Without enough oxygen reaching the heart, the heart must work overtime, eventually enlarging and finally stopping to work at all.  Pressure will continue to increase inside the heart and lungs if proper medications are not administered.  Three months later, on October 19, 2004, Jennifer was admitted to Mercy's ICU for the implantation of a heart catheter.  This would become a part of her for the rest of her life.  On this date, the lung specialist refused to touch her until the cardiologist got her heartbeat under control.  It took putting her to sleep and shocking the heart three times to get it into an even rhythm.  The heart catheter was put into place during surgery, and a specialist came into the room the next day to teach the family how to mix the medicine, replace the tubing, change bandages and to watch for signs of trouble.  Signs of trouble could include: shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, swelling of the hands and feet and/or chest pain.  During the past four years, Jennifer has been holding her own and improving steadily.  Normal pulmonary pressure is 25.  Her original pulmonary pressure was 101.  She still continues to have a somewhat fast heart beat.  She is currently on three different medications, some of which must be refrigerated at all times.  Traveling requires special considerations, such as having medication on ice.  Dangers exist.  If there is a line leaking or the pump quits working, there exists a window of only three to six minutes to reconnect the medicine or Jennifer could go into cardiac failure.  The Adair County Hospital nursing staff and EMS staff have been specially trained in this area.  A representative from the rug manufacturer held an in-service to educate the staff three years ago.  Life flight is also aware of Jennifer's condition, as well as the Adair County Sheriff's office.  With these life saving measures in place, it will insure someone will respond within the six-minute time window.  Jennifer's medicine comes in a monthly shipment, which is then put together into daily baggies.  In each day's baggy there is 20 pieces of medicine and accessories that have to be used to create just one day's medicine cartridge.  This includes one cartridge (which holds the medicine), two needles, two syringes, three alcohol pads to keep each vial from becoming contaminated, one tubing, two batteries for the pump, a pump which has to be changed daily, gloves, mask and hand sanitizer.  In addition to the daily routine, Jennifer's bandages on her chest where her heart catheter enters must be changed twice a week.  She is also on oxygen as needed and uses the Lifeline Safety Device in case of an emergency.  Some of these duties have been taken over by a home health nurse who visits three times a week.  When Jennifer was first diagnosed she was taking two medications.  Now she takes 39 pills per day.  When asked how it has changed her life, Jennifer said, "You can't take life for granted.  I have to take one day at a time.  It's been an emotional roller-coaster not knowing if I will wake up tomorrow."  Jennifer can no longer swim, take a soaking bath, water ski, go on rides at amusement parks, be in cold or hot temperatures for more than a few minutes due to keeping the medicine at a stable temperature, walk very far and, the most heart-breaking for Jennifer, become pregnant as it would be fatal for both Jennifer and the baby.  Jennifer's mom, Pam Blazek had this to say, "I wish I could trade places with her.  She has always wanted to be a mother and wife, and she'll never be able to have children due to the PPH.  It's hereditary.  Her father's side has had eight people between the ages of 8 and 30 suddenly die of a heart attack.  An autopsy was never performed, but Jennifer's specialists are confident they had the same disease.  I, as a mother, feel as if I've been put on the merry-go-round and can't get off.  The news from the doctor telling us she only had two to two and half years to live back in 2004, five years at the very most if things went perfectly, sent me into a state of mind that I never expected to have to enter.  I want to give her the most that I can.  Her very wish, I want to fulfill.  It totally consumes me as a parent.  She is a very strong young lady and I will be by her side through the good and the bad, no matter what."  Jennifer will turn 30 years old April 4, 2009, which is a major milestone for her.  Also in 2009 she will be approaching the five-year mark.  With her constant improvements and determination, she will beat the odds.

Hey classmates! So we made it through our 10 year reunion!   I want to thank everybody for coming.  It was a great time, and I enjoyed seeing everybody there.  I missed all of you who did not make it.  I will be posting pictures of the reunion soon, so keep checking the website.


Thank you ALL for coming to the reunion and making it such a memorable event for all of us!! We missed those of you who could not attend.

To help us with planning your next spectacular reunion, we'd like your feedback. Please do us a favor and answer the few questions from the Post Reunion Survey.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.  It was our pleasure to plan this reunion for you.  Keep in touch!


Your class of 1998 10 year Reunion Planning Committee