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06/30/09 08:15 AM #133    


Dollina Overton (Wear)

It was GREAT! Jan and Mike did do a GREAT job and it was wonderful to see everyone. A few of us have been talking about doing a get together every 2 or 3 months just to keep in touch, it gets harder as the years go by. I would love to keep in touch with everyone and see how things are going. Sherri's idea sounds like fun as well. I don't know how that kind of thing works but I would love to know how it progesses as well!

06/30/09 12:28 PM #134    

Paula Sanders (Hansen)

I've uploaded Reunion pic's on the Photo Gallery, if anyone has any pic's they would like to share, please contact myself or Jan so we can get them uploaded for everyone to see.

Reunion was a Blast!! Thanks to all who showed up.. It was truly Great seeing everyone.

06/30/09 06:37 PM #135    

Pam Schulz (Richmond)

I have a friend who is a travel agent if you want me to see what she can set up for a cruise? She has one planned for us to go on May 22 2010 for 7 days leaving out of Florida going to St Thomas, St Maartin and Nassau. Seems its cheaper to cruise in May then June but May might not be a good time for everyone. Let me know if you want me to have her check for us!!

07/03/09 01:48 PM #136    

Jan McGee (Parks)

The reunion was a blast! Thank you to everyone who was in attendance. To those who didn't make it, we missed you. I would like to try and put all the pictures of the reunion on one webpage for everyone to enjoy. If you have pictures that you would not mind sharing, please email them to or and I will get them all posted! I wont be 50 next year but would love to be included in any group travel plans. Keep me in mind when you're planning.

07/15/09 05:10 PM #137    

Marshall Helsel

Just some FYI on cruises, based on our experiences. Its a LOT less expensive to go the first or second week in May. Plus the rugrats are still in school, so you don't have to deal with a lot of ankle biters. Carnival is the best deal out there, and Galveston is the least expensive port. If we are going to do this, I would recommend scheduling at least 7 months in advance. We usually schedule a Spring cruise in the fall of the previous year, and it works out nicely.

If you are going to use a travel agent, pick one that does a LOT of cruises, or specializes. There are a ton of special deals and incentives that are out there and sometimes travel agents don't know (or don't care) about them. Booking directly through the cruiseline, we have found, is often a better deal, and they will negotiate an upgrade or perk with you as a customer that a travel agent isn't going to get.

Finally, the 7 day is THE way to go. 3 day is a waste of time, and 5 just leaves you wanting more. Go for 7 at least. Its not that much more money, but you generally get better ports on the 7 day, and you get 2 formal nights, which are a lot of fun.



07/19/09 12:13 AM #138    

Sherri Heistand (Sneed)

I'm up for seven days, but think we should definitely look into sailing out of Galveston. That way we won't have an additional expense of flying. We usually go down the day before and spend the night in Galveston. (Which would still be cheaper than flying.) May might work but would need to be early in May for all of the crazy teachers. Later is definitely not an option because of finals.

07/23/09 08:39 AM #139    

Twila Sossamon (Bow)

We always go out of Galveston as well. My ex mother in law is a cruise agent and has booked almost all of my cruises and gets me very good deals. She always lets me know if the price goes down after we book and then we get a refund for that amount. I really don't have the time to arrange everything, but I would be glad to provide her name and number to someone else.

07/23/09 04:06 PM #140    

Pam Schulz (Richmond)

Lori is my best friend, who I have cruised several times. She is a travel agent and can book for us whatever we need if everyone wants to use her. If we book enough cabins there will be cabin credit for each room as well. When she prices it out it includeds gratuities. She does let us pay down the deposit to hold the room and then pay out the remainder of it which is nice. She has been on at least 10 cruises that I know of so she has a good idea of what is what. The cruise her and I are going on in May we decided to go out of Florida this time but she was looking at the Galveston port for our "we're 50 cruise" Let me know if you want me to have her plan it for us??

09/03/09 03:44 PM #141    

Marshall Helsel

So....whats the or no cruise? If we are going to do it, best book soon!

09/03/09 06:36 PM #142    

Jan McGee (Parks)

I haven't heard anything more about a cruise. I agree if we're going we need to get it booked. Maybe we should just decide which one to go on and then post the information so everyone can start looking into booking.

09/05/09 03:28 PM #143    

Paula Sanders (Hansen)

Great Idea!!! Let's get it started... Looks like we've had a couple people say they know travel agents, have them both give their bids & we'll take the best offer...

09/10/09 10:33 AM #144    

Pam Schulz (Richmond)

I will have Lori check and see what she can do and let you all know. It looks like the majority is June for 5 days? Is that what you see?

09/13/09 01:52 PM #145    

Pam Schulz (Richmond)

I have sent all of the info to Jan so hopefully she can send out an email to all with the info and see what everyone thinks. There was 4 options on there and we can change and do something different if need be :o)

10/05/09 05:53 PM #146    

Sherry Booe

CONGRATULATIONS....To the 2009-10 Jet Cheerleading Squad!They placed in the top 10 at the OSSA Cheerleading competition in Skiatook last Saturday. This is the first cheerleading squad in Western Heights history to place in the state competition.

11/05/09 10:37 PM #147    

Cynthia Mounts (Curry)

This Saturday John Glenn Elem. School will be having a tour of the old building and I believe the new building at 10 a.m

12/03/09 11:20 AM #148    


Dollina Overton (Wear)

Hey everyone! Cyd was thinking we should have a Christmas get together. Would anyone be interested in doing that and playing Dirty Santa? On December 11th, 12th or 18th. Please e-mail me if you would. I know it's not much notice, but it could be a lot of fun!

12/04/09 10:20 PM #149    


Rudy Peterson

ok. what is dirty santa?

12/31/09 05:22 PM #150    

Tara Shaver (Conway)

Hope everyone has a great New Year. Waiting on information about cruise. Hope to see everyone in 2010. Mike I am still mad at you for not contacting me regarding the reunion.

02/09/10 01:02 PM #151    

Sherry Booe

The 2009-2010 Western Heights Basketball Queen is Ciara Segura. She is the Daughter of Camie Cox class of 1979. Ciara is a Senior and a member of the Jet Cheerleading Squad. The Basketball Team is having a great season!

02/15/10 07:12 PM #152    

Shane Smith

A few of us 79ers are going to the WHHS B Ball game Tuesday night the 16th. The guys are really good I hear.

06/20/10 10:55 AM #153    

Jan McGee (Parks)

Everyone stopped chatting in the Forum!  Where did everyone go?  We have several people who have changed e-mail addresses.  Please keep your profiles current so we can keep in touch with you.  I attended the Class of 80 reunion last night and had a great time.  It was great to see everyone.  I was a little disappointed in the turn out.  Each night they has approximately 50 people and I'm pretty sure this included dates and mates.  I was told that they hired a company to handle the search and the event details.  I have to say we did an outstanding job of locating the classmates of 78 and 79!!  We need to think about scheduling a picnic or something soon and I am still in favor of a fall cruise if anyone is up to planning it!!!!  Come on let get together!!!

07/17/11 12:50 AM #154    

Marshall Helsel

 So...does anyone still check this forum?  I changed my email several months ago and have sort of lost touch.  Anyone out there anymore?

07/21/11 08:31 AM #155    


Dollina Overton (Wear)

Were still here!  Jerry had a fish fry not to long ago and it was great!  Larry Lindsey and his wife, Mike Paxton, Tommy Dixon, Stephanie (Cox) Kelly, Tina (Hill) Marshall, Benny Wood and his gal, and myself were there.  They are getting together some kind of Western Heights Alumni in August at the South Lake Park on the South side.  Are you on Facebook?  The info is on there.

03/22/12 06:51 PM #156    

Sherri Heistand (Sneed)

Does anyone know if a 35 year reunion is going to happen? I didn't get to go to the 30 and would love to see everyone. (That's only next year! Crazy, right?)

08/07/12 05:50 PM #157    

Michael Paxton

Richard Boyanton one of our fellow classmates lost his home in the recent fire this past weekend. Richard & his family do so much for others in need. Please pray for the Boyanton's during this time, I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. It would be a blessing to this family if everyone who possibly can, send a love offering to help them get through this tragedy. Please pass this message on to other classmates that who may not otherwise see this....Thanks  Paula Sanders Hansen for the information...
Below is the address:

Mission Norman
Att: Richard Boyanton
2525 E Lindsey
Norman 73071

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