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10/19/08 08:49 PM #1    

Judy Stibal (Mayer)

Welcome to the Osage High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/03/08 08:19 PM #2    

Judy Stibal (Mayer)

One of my first memorable moments at Osage High School was the "Sit-In" we had in the gym when wrestling coach Ken Fuchs got in trouble during the State Wrestling Tournament. Because I didn't start coming to school at OHS until my senior year I had never even been to a wrestling meet but I was right in there at the "Sit-In" along with probably most of you. Actually I remember sitting next to Dave Mayer :) on the stage!

What was the whole story on that Sit-In? How long did it last? Did it do any good? Did the whole high school participate?

11/06/08 09:25 PM #3    

Penney Morse

I think the sit in was because Ken Fuchs was fired as the wrestling coach. I don't really remember the details of why. Margaret Lack could probably fill in some of the details.

11/10/08 10:03 PM #4    

Shirley Rieman (Stephen)

Oh ya, the sit-in, I remember that. I remember feeling very daring being a part of it. But I too do not remember the details of the why he was fired. As I remember we did not really accomplish anything other than getting out of classes for the day!!!!

11/12/08 10:17 PM #5    

Penney Morse

We made a statement. Maybe it made Coach Fuchs feel better.

11/13/08 08:53 PM #6    

Shirley Rieman (Stephen)

Yes, that was a very big accomplishment.

11/19/08 05:48 AM #7    

Philip Hoven

Fess Up! Who called in the bomb scare?

11/20/08 08:49 PM #8    


John Walker

Hey Phil,
The Bomb Scare! Remember how the administration nipped that in the bud by having us all sit in school buses for class instead of sending us home. Now that was some pretty nimble tactical thinking. They really parked that lark!

Hello Judy, Shirley, and Penney
The Sit-In.
I was never sure what that was all about but I always sensed that Coach Fuchs would rather have let things been settled more quietly no matter what issues were at stake. It was, however, a palpable display of loyalty and appreciation by the athletes who labored under his coaching. And, judging by the reputation Osage has always had in wrestling, labor they did. So wherever life has led Mr. Fuchs in the ensuing years, I'm sure he looks back on the coaching aspect of his time in Osage with a certain sense of satisfaction.

Hey, did you notice how many people mentioned the Band trip to Winnipeg among their profile's most memorable moments? Sid and the Band Boosters sure had something going! Sid was another of those gifted teachers who inspired so many to accomplish great things. We were all very fortunate in that regard. Our alma mater did give us a great deal. The school seemed to mesh seamlessly with the fabric of life in Osage. The community as a whole seemed to be well aware of what was going on at school. Great way to grow up.

Judy, Thanks for putting this website together for us. I liked the music too.

Best to all,

11/28/08 10:03 PM #9    

Shirley Rieman (Stephen)

I remember at least 2 bomb threats. The first one we got dismissed from school. The next one we had to sit in the buses as John said. Were there more than that or did getting sent to the buses end it?

The Winnipeg Band Trip was the greatest. I remember practicing every morning and every afternoon. Then we played only once for the big concert band contest and came out on top. When we got home we were given a heroes welcome by the Osage Community.

12/05/08 10:15 AM #10    

Steve Condon

Here's something just for fun--maybe it will kick this forum in gear and get some other people involved...

As I was thinking about things I'd done since High School it occurred to me, 'What is the most harebrained thing I'd done since I graduated'?

I've got a deep reserve of dumb things I've done in my life, but few of them are documented with pictures. I remembered some photos taken while I was working in SW Colorado on a gravity survey in the 80s. So I scanned some of them and put them up on a web page here:

Have a look and then chime in with your own confessions.

01/24/09 07:19 PM #11    

Bonnie Snyder (Becker)

This is all very interesting!!! Why don't I remember class in a school bus...was I sick that day?? I remember the sit-in, but I didn't remember that Coach Fuchs was fired...really???...hmmmm???!!! Steve, loved the pics...can't imagine doing that though!!! I continue to be amazed that I'm gonna be 58! It seems like just last month I was in my 40s!!! I'm looking forward to the reunion at Sunny Brae...I lived next to the golf course all of my childhood, then in 1980 sold the land to Tom Foth who built all those beautiful houses there next to the that what it's called? I lived there, but obviously didn't golf!! Of course the house I lived in is gone, it's all a big hole up there on the way to the reunion, it's quite a spectacular sight!

02/27/09 09:33 AM #12    


John Walker

Whoa Steve! That's a pretty amazing story! Loved the pictures and explanations too. Thanks for that little window on your world. It certainly does put one in the the mind of "hmm, just what would I do in that scenario?"

Anybody else got a story to tell?

06/08/09 08:45 AM #13    

Jean Kloberdanz (Stockdale)

Okay, back to the wrestling days! I'm sure a lot of you got to "ride the bus" to go to the State Wrestling our Senior Year when Bruce Gast and others qualified for State. I remember begging my mom to let me go even if I didn't go to any wrestling meets in High School. Bruce wrestle MY husband for the State title and won in over-time.

I told mom she should of let me go.......I would of got a peak at my future husband I married three years later:-)

Jean (Kloberdanz) Stockdale

07/21/09 11:25 PM #14    

Jane Olson (DuChene)

Calling all home-ec classmates from Mrs. Young's class... Do you recall when we made egg custard one day and we were even expected to eat it?????? When our teacher was called out of the room, custard was stuffed into any available place behind cupboard doors, drawers, or anywhere else that we could find?! Nobody fessed up... She was such a nice teacher..........Jane Olson DuChene

07/24/09 06:13 PM #15    

Bonnie Snyder (Becker)

I was in Mrs. Young's Home Ec class; the class was early in the morning. The thing I still remember is making a spinach souffle. I grew up on a farm, I'm sure I'd never heard of a souffle before! I have to admit, I love to cook and I cater parties quite often, but I've never made a spinach souffle since!!

09/19/12 09:44 AM #16    

Bonnie Snyder (Becker)

There has been much talk on this forum about Coach Ken Fuchs.  I found this article.  I guess after he left Osage (for whatever one  seems to remember), he continued to be a great coach.  I thought this was interesting and hope you do too. 

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has announced the 2002 class of Iowa coaches, officials or contributors to be recognized with a "Lifetime Service to Wrestling Award."   The honorees are: KEN FUCHS: Ken Fuchs was born and raised at Fairbault, Minnesota. After graduation from Mankato State University, Ken spent the next 35 years teaching and coaching in Iowa. Coach Fuchs spent one year starting the wrestling program at Creston, Iowa before becoming the assistant coach at Britt, a position he held for two years. Ken became head coach at Osage before directing the North Central of Manly wrestling program from 1969 to 1990 when the North Central and Northwood-Kensett programs were combined to form a very successful program. During that time, Coach Fuchs had over 200 dual meet wins, 60 state qualifiers, 8 runners-up, and crowned 15 state champions. In 1981 he was named Class 1A coach of the year and in 1995 was inducted in to the Iowa High School Wrestling Hall of Fame. In the early 1980's, as President of the IWCOA, he was instrumental in reorganizing the association into districts to help it become the viable organization it is today.

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