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•   John Nestor  4/27
•   Lois Jahnel (Eberhart)  4/27
•   Terry Urbach (Ehlers)  4/27
•   Katie Greenlee (Wynkoop)  4/27
•   Cecelia Lunders (Kinsey)  4/27
•   David Garrison  4/22
•   Rebecca Watts (Meyer)  4/21
•   Allen Kulp  4/17
•   Stephanie Hauge  4/17
•   Mary Lynn Milam (Anderson)  4/17
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10 live in California
2 live in Colorado
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3 live in Idaho
1 lives in Iowa
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1 lives in Minnesota
2 live in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in North Carolina
16 live in Oregon
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176 live in Washington
2 live in Alberta
1 lives in Colombia
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144 location unknown
27 are deceased


•   Debbie Finck  5/2
•   Shelley Wilson (Olson)  5/2
•   Gary Weaver  5/10
•   David Garrison  5/18
•   Lester Maier  5/19
•   John Patrick  5/27
•   Marietta Doane  5/29


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My goals for this week are to have the written registrations mailed out by the end of the week. For those of you with a current email address, I will create our event by Sunday so that you can begin to register online.

Item number 1 - Please confirm your email address at In the future all notices will go to your email address, eliminating the need for written registration forms and a considerable savings in postage for the class. Perhaps we can establish a scholarship from our PHS class of 1971. I went to an PHS Endowment Foundation Dinner honoring Mrs. Covington in February. The Foundation is very flexible. More on that later.

Item number #2 - For those of you coming in from out of town you can make registrations at the Red Lion. Call 1-800-733-5466. Let them know you are with a group for August 5 & 6, 2016. The group # is Pasco 805 then complete the registraion with the Red Lion agent. 

Item number #3 - The registration fee is $65.00 This will cover the food cost on Saturday night at the Country Gentleman. Not everything has been nailed down for Friday night. We have kept the fee at $50.00 for the all of the previous reunions but the cost of printing, mailing, name tags and meals have increased over the years. I hope this answers some of the questions related to cost some of you have had. 

Item number 4 - We are going to have an auction that Gary Weaver has volunteered to conduct. More on that later as well.

Enough for tonight. Z

Our 2ND committee meeting will be held Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Country Gentleman Restaurant, 9221 W. Clearwater Are.,Kennewick,WA. at 10:00AM. Every class member is welcome. This will be the site of our 45th reunion...both nights.I would like to encourage classmates to go to the website and complete your individual profiles. I will try to keep this meeting to one hour as I recognize everyone's time is valuable. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Our 2nd PHS committee meeting will be held Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Country Gentleman Restaurant, 9221 W Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, WA at 10:00AM. Every class member is welcome to attend. This will be the site of our 45th reunion - both nights. The purpose of this meeting is to bring people up to speed with regard to where we are in the process and to discuss options with regard to the activities as they relate to the reunion. We will also determine the date of the next planning meeting. I will attempt to keep the meeting to one hour as I recognize that your time is valuable. I would like to encourage all of you to go to our website and enter and or update your profile information. Pay special attention that your email address and mailing address are up to date. This is important as we want to move, ultimately, to electronic notices and registration forms in order to save money. Hope to see everyone on Saturday.

Pasco Class of 71 Reunion Coming Soon

Zona Says...
The registration form will be going out around April 15,2016. 

  1. If you need to make reservations for a place to stay call the Red Lion. Phone is 1-800-733-5466. Tell them you want to make a reservation at the RICHLAND Red Lion, GROUP NUMBER/CODE is Pasco805 (one word)and then complete reservation with RL agent. Again to be clear the code is Pasco805
  2. How many of you would be interested in a tour of Pasco High?
  3. Bob Smith has offered to put together a golf day. How many people are interested?
  4. The committee hasn't decided on a theme or even if there will be one but you can let us know what you think and give us any suggestions. A couple of ideas are a Hawaiian theme or a Hippie theme. 

PLEASE give feed back. It helps the committee. I will try and get as much information as possible on the registration form but we are limited for space so be sure and check this page periodically. 


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Not A Member of the Class of 71?

No problem! Just contact us and we will add you to the list and you can then join in the fun. Everyone is invited and encouraged to contact classmates, teachers, janitors, whatever from other years.


Zona has begun planning for the 45th PHS 71 Reunion. Check out the Reunion group on FaceBook for more information. Pasco High Class of 1971 on FaceBook  More will show up here, just hang on...

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Log in, create an account, leave messages, upload pictures. Most importantly, spread the word! The reunion is happening sooner than you think, so speed is critical. Your loyal site administrator has procrastinated long enough. Let's try to contact every classmate from 71. If you or someone you know went to Pasco High, let's find them. Send any tips on missing classmates here or contact one of the site administrators here. You can also send missing classmate info using the handy "Missing Classmates" box on the right-hand side of your screen.

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