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Welcome F & the Boulevard Neighbors! Click here to see if this site is for you.

Membership is free. Click here to see if you are aleady listed.
Click here to email your information to get listed.

2nd Neighborhood Reunion now scheduled for June 2, 2018. Details here: http://register.fandblvdbabyboomers.com/

Almost 50 of our neighbors, friends and guests are registered to attend:

Irvin David Sankey & Sheryl Sankey
Celie Levin & Phil Witkowski
Alan Paul
Marcy Lapinson Silverman
Illene Davis (Berg) & Turtle
Rhonda Poore Snyderman & Buddy
Patty Campbell--Keller
Barbara Sherr Titleman
Karen Chackman Dalbey
Ronald Gusoff  & Patricia Gusoff 
Rick Sutcliffe & Dawn Sutcliffe
Sam Freeman
Lisa Ditlow  (Elyse Hockfield) & Ed Ditlow
Selina Kanowitz (Silverman)
Steven Silverman & Merci Silverman
Michael J. Bivens & YuYin Bivens
Joan Bivens Tucker & Joe Tucker
Susan Wiesel (Schwartz)
Linda Freimark & Bob Doyle
Craig Larry Sherman
Ann Flynn (Levy)
Steven Freemer & Sheila Freemer
Anne Faye Berlin (Levy)
Marlene MIKKI Grossman  (Rosen)
Ellen Strongin Rendulic
Fred Slensky
Jerry Zager
Rochelle Waxman
Todd Klein & Catherine Klein
David Folkman & Jacki Folkman 
Sherrie Segal 
John J. Notarianni
Steven Kress & Betty Kress


If you have a current email address for any of these members, please click here to email that to me so I can update them.

Suzanne Abrahams
Jill Adelman
Ellen Apparies
Ray Armento
Joan Bank
Linda Bank
Lynn Berger
Les Bernstein
Judi Biren
Sharon Blank
Harris Bookfor
Michael Bradley
Linda Brandoff
Marsha Brason
Lorraine Brethwaite
Robert Broff
Bobby Campbell
Ned Carroll
Stephanie Cohen
Albert Davis
Eileen Dobson
Ellen Edelstein
Mike Felici
Carol Fields
Robert Figlin
Lynn Fisher
Alan Folkman
Joel Frank
Michael Garber
Howard Gases
Bonnie Glenn
Ken Goldstein
Sharon Goldstein
Sharon Gottleb
Barbara Horowitz
Bob Izuka
Lois Joffe
Barbara Klein
Marc Kolman
Joey Kravitz
Stephen Kress
Susan Kron
Elaine Levin
Frank Levine
Joyce Lippen
Chuck MacElroy
Lon Palitz
Jeffrey Paul
Jeffrey Paul
Carol G Pennes
Bob Perrong
Joan Pinsky
Harold Pond
Joan Reese
Michael Reese
Rick Roth
Barbara Rude
Fred Sacks
Hal Scherzer
Lynda Schulman
Linda Shanes
Gene Silverman
Frankie Slensky
Miriam Slotnick
Eileen Somers
Dave Staude
Marlene Stein
Scott Weitz



Please help add and locate people who lived in our neighborhood. If you see someone on the People Profiles page without a check mark behind their name, AND if you have their email address, just click on their name and enter their email address. If you see someone missing, send me their name and they will be added.

www.FandBlvdBabyBoomers.com can be used for this site.

www.phillyhistory.org/PhotoArchive/Search.aspx Search for your street, your home and your favorite corners.


•   Priscilla Demski (Brosious) (1966)  1/26
•   Lori And Eisen (Barnett) (1976)  1/18
•   Jerry Lipsky (1968)  1/15
•   John Ripka (1971)  1/7
•   Michael C. Gerson (1974)  1/7
•   Shelley Rosenthal (Radinsky) (1971)  1/3
•   David Weber (1970)  1/3
•   Stephen Kress (Kress) (1965)  12/13
•   Eddie Haaz (1968)  10/31
•   Ben "Skip" Sepielli (1965)  10/4
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Know the email address of a missing F & Blvd area neighbor? Click here to contact them!