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Mindy Zied Campbell

Profile Updated: August 1, 2014
Mindy Zied
Residing In:
Philadelphia, PA USA
Daveda Rachel, (32 years of age); Rebecca Ashley;(30 years old); Shayna Nicole (25)
Yes! Attending Reunion
I lived at:

4939 Pennway Street


Firm believer in Messianic Judaism. What that means? Well... that means I was born Jewish, I remain Jewish, but I have accepted the fact that G-d has provided the messiah - Yeshua (aka Jesus) for all of us to have the way..., the truth...and the life that we were always meant to have, and with that being said.... with prayer, obedience, and the will to serve the one who not only bought us onto this earth but has the power to take us off... ALL things are possible!!! ....

As to the question posed on this site, as to:
What have you been up to since you graduated?,
my message is as follows, and those who read it will undoubtedly know who they are:

"All State and Government Agencies need to comply with the law, especially their own agency rules and regulations, and to all of those who absolutely cannot comply, and choose instead to discriminate due to race, religion, and/or disability, who have no guams [SIC]in taking advantage of the meek, the weak, and the the ones who strive to uphold the law, those people seriously need to (1) get some help; (2) be retrained; (3) Obtain a bible and read it fervently; and (4) Stay away from our family!"

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