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•   Hope Ulman (Graves)  10/25
•   Jennifer Webb (Goodman)  10/25
•   Janice Press  10/25
•   Jodie Colone  10/24
•   Toby Mast  10/23
•   Julie Norris (Hall)  10/23
•   Jennifer Fisher (Piechorowski)  10/23
•   Autumn Munn (Howe)  10/21
•   Amber Gribble (Gaethke)  10/15
•   Kristian Stankiewicz  10/13
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

3 live in Arizona
6 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in District Of Columbia
4 live in Florida
6 live in Georgia
3 live in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
163 live in Michigan
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Jersey
2 live in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
2 live in Ohio
2 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
2 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Finland
1 lives in Guatemala
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Korea
32 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


The 25 year Reunion is being planned. Make sure you are watching for surveys and announcements. 

We still have a long list of missing classmates any help you can offer to help find those individuals would be helpful. A list of those classmates is posted below. Also the list can be found in the tab to the left under "missing classmates". You can click on name an individual you know how to contact and provide prompts to help them join the site. Any information is helpful. Finding classmates, even if it is only one person is the most helpful way to help plab reunions. Anyone marked as "Facebook", has been sent private emails at least once (but likely three or more times) Many on Facebook do not get on often. The last date was 7/31/18. It is possible that a message sent via Facebook went to the others box. All contact will be via the class page as to gain our classmates in one spot, with social media changing keeping all class related contact in one place is really important. 

Brighton?  Brandon Koebel
Brighton?  Robert Rudin
Classmate Dusty Bennet
Classmate Sarah Kelly
Classmate Beth Pine (Stodart)
Classmate Pat Voyle
Classmate Linnea Garrison
Classmate James Hamilton
Classmate Ryan Hoffman
Classmate Laurie Ross
Classmate David Carpenter
Classmate Karl Holland
Decare- Jason Wise
Unknown Frank Dean-Paredes
Facebook  Russ Berger
Facebook  Mindy Blades (Ringle)
Facebook  Leslie Burmester
Facebook  Duane Chubb
Facebook  Ian Connolly
Facebook  Heidi Davis (Raus)
Facebook  Terri Holdcraft (Maisano)
Facebook  Rusty King
Facebook  Steve Lawrence
Facebook  Kristina Lyke
Facebook  Jay McWhinnie
Facebook  Angela Mihlfeld
Facebook  Joe Perkins
Facebook  Kristen Regan (Lu)
Facebook  Brian Reynolds
Facebook  Amber Roslyn (Bishop)
Facebook  Lynette Ross (Budnick)
Facebook  Rachel Saylor
Facebook  Suzanne Stahl
Facebook  Rick Wolverton
Facebook  Lorie Zamborowski (Ball)
Facebook  Jeremy Dean
Facebook  Cassandra Frost
Facebook  Tim Glenn
Facebook  Christine Grey
Facebook  Angela Harwick
Facebook  Edward Lewandowski
Facebook  Scott Maus
Facebook  David Mullins
Facebook  Brian Topp
Facebook  Robert Wahls
Facebook  Shelly Ellerholtz
Facebook  Renee Eros
Facebook  James Caroen
Facebook  Tymm Earl
Facebook  Mike Fleming
Facebook  Dan Hodel
Facebook  Geno Kelly
Facebook  George Klotz
Facebook  Jeff Lentz
Facebook  Dale Lewis
Facebook  Ryan McGinn
Facebook  Thomas Pierson
Facebook  Jordan Toth
Fowlerville?  Jeremy Skaggs
Instagram Rafael Garcia- Lujan
Linked IN Nikifor Banchoff
No leads  Jennifer Barker
No leads  Jason Bowles
No leads  Mark Burns
No leads  Teresa Cheplicki
No leads  Jodie Colone
No leads  Heather Conklin
No leads  Jeff Cornett
No leads  Andy Couch
No leads  LeAnn Cox
No leads  Jesse Crosby
No leads  Kimberly Crout
No leads  David Donet
No leads  Jeremy Drenchen
No leads  Saidee Duris
No leads  Mike Howell
No leads  Rebekah Hubbell
No leads  Laurie Kaiser
No leads  Randall LaFehr
No leads  Tom Lahm
No leads  Michael Lee
No leads  Jason McCoy
No leads  Melissa Mohr
No leads  Lois Moore
No leads  Natasha Norris
No leads  Shane Nuoffer
Linked In  Brad Palumbo
No leads  John Prine
No leads  Jamie Proos (Maas)
No leads  Claude Ratliff
No leads  Steve Rickmers
No leads  Mark Russom
No leads  Danielle Sabon
No leads  Melissa Schlosser
No leads  Christopher Sharrard
No leads  Jennifer Snycer
No leads  Brian Sojka
No leads  Ruth Tobias
No leads  Nicole Villanueva
No leads  Danielle Wade
No leads  Heather Whitaker
No leads  Tony Whitaker
No leads  Susan White
No leads  Paul Wilke
No leads  Brain Williams
No leads  Jessica Wilson
Sister on FB T.j. Falls