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08/28/15 07:10 PM #2394    

Nancy Barnhart (Sage)

Dear Vicki, I am so glad to hear that you made it through your knee surgery  Now you must follow your physical therapist's instructions. Wasn't it great to hear from Bonnie?



08/28/15 08:00 PM #2395    


Phillip Mathewson

I don't think anyone can dispute that Ann Coulter is one of the smartest people in our country today.  Thank God for people like her!


08/28/15 08:14 PM #2396    


Phillip Mathewson

What ever happened to Bergdahl the Army deserter?  Is Obama hiding him somewhere.  Does he still invite Bergdahl to the White House for garden parties?  Anyone know?  I don't, but I would like to hear.  Surely someone in our class knows.  Share with us please.  You remember, he is the deserter that caused the deaths of six American soldiers who were trying to find him.  His father dresses and looks like a Muslim terrorist.  But I'm sure they are just a typical American family....

08/28/15 09:42 PM #2397    


Phillip Mathewson

One of his last performances:


08/28/15 09:52 PM #2398    

Dennis Sander


Just consider this to be a proper antidote to Phil's hurtful post #2379! We all should have been in this fit of a  condition at their age,... him with his basketball, and her with her fitness, but few of us could have even come close!  Just sayin'


08/28/15 10:48 PM #2399    

Dennis Sander

Oops!,....almost forgot,...sorry! I meant to share this with you all, but got all too buisy, and stuff!, El stupido mio!

This is my Dad Stewart's youngest brother's grandaughter, so, daughter of my very dear cousin Annie (Sander) Seyfried,,.((named by my uncle Guifford Sander and my aunt Janet Sander, now 92, who still drives,...yikes)), after one of their all time very favorite people,...and. my very special high school sweetheart, Annie (Witman)  Baehr, you all know her,...

Amanda Seyfried is, to say the least,.......a Sander, and has her great Aunt Lydia's piercing eyes! Wow, that stare goes right through you! Both from my Aunt Lydia, called Sue, not Lydia, as her Mom was called that, which would also be, my Dad's Mom, and my uncle Guifford's Mom, and my Uncle Clarence's Mom, and my Aunt  Elizabeth's (Betty's) Mom, aka my "Grandma Sander",... MaMau, to all us grandchildren, thus cousins!  Stop, Sander, enough already!, Stop the Geneology, I want to get off! ,....That's train, Sander, Stop the train, not geneology!    Oh? O.K.!.

Hey,...just Sharing,....! Don't be so touchy!

So anyhow, my cousin Annie's kid is this very very special young lady on the June 2015 cover of Vogue, with a very interesting, inspirational 10 page spread on her inside. She was also voted best dressed on the Red Carpet at the Oscars two years back, and in the final closing number with Hugh Jackman in the middle, and  Beyonce on his other side,...( a real Busby Berkeley 30's/40's musical finale extravaganza), and has done many, many movies, Mean Girls, Mama Mia, Time,...etc,...lots of the movie industrys, honors, best this's and best that's, and best whatever's and whatever's! She will be doing her first on stage role soon! Needless to say, I'm as proud of her as her Grandmother Janet, and her Mom, Annie!, And she is so down to earth, and even calls my little baby girl, Erika, 23 next week, on special occasions!

Isn't it totally fun to have fun,..and isn't it so very nice to share such nice things, with nice people,  right here on this high school "folksie, talkie, sharie, place", friends, eons of time ago, from when we were just little pups?

Lefty,...Righty,...Centristy, pick!   Hey,...Take two even,..., they're small !



Amanda Seyfried – Vogue US Magazine Cover (June 2015)

08/28/15 11:58 PM #2400    

Dennis Sander

I understand they sell more of these in the good old U.S.of A. than in the rest of the world combined, some of our compatriots are not as badly off as some on our site,.(no names) would have us believe,...and we are still the strongest economy in the world! Well, maybe behind Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Lichtenstein, etc, etc!. So throttle down the incessant  "we're going to Hell in a handbasket" incorrect yammering already!

 Idea! We could pool all our current cars in the class, and maybe we would then be able to cover the down money on this latest super-car gem from Porsche! (sorry for the extra wide pic!)

Note also,...the political comment above, which makes this fantastic automotive/mechanical design excellence example somewhat "approvable" by the "topic entry screening committee" as appropriate topical fodder for our apparently "politics only" site! 

P.S. I think I need one of these! The silver-gray would be good. Nice and quiet, not showy.

Lefty,...aka,... spoiled bratski


08/29/15 10:16 AM #2401    

Dennis Sander

Hey Pete,...( for you)

When you hit it big on the long running, now huge payoff, super powerball lottery, I suggest you go see a guy named Ralph about a car! Only trouble is,...he isn't in the mood yet to part with his Pebble best of show most prized possesion! He's more proud of that Pebble win, than being the top brand in the world,  among all the top brands in the world!

Makes me want to buy somebody else's..., anybody else's,... cologne! Just kidding, he's really a nice guy! He wears his multi-billionaire status quite well, better than most,... as those things go!

Hi, Ralph,.. Lefty here!,...You are looking extra natty in your dress blacks today, in that beautiful Italian garden!!    Hey,...everybody wave back to Ralph!

And Phil thinks I'm crazy!     What?,... Is he nuts???

It's fun to have fun guys,...Let's all lighten up a bit,...say,... 12,000%?

 I mean, Ralph is! Look at how happy he looks! The guy sure loves the color black,...doesn't he? I got to get me a pair of those gloss black sunglasses, will take two, maybe three months off my apparent age! Then i'll look only a scant 74 and 2 months old rather than the 74 year and 4 months that are wearing thin with me already!

10,000 word Nonsense essay? Who?... me???

P.S. much more of Bugatti later, just warning you all in advance! I'm kind of a Bugatti/Eastern France nut!

08/29/15 11:26 AM #2402    

Dennis Sander

And Babs,....while I'm at it,....Happy 54th! It is 54th, right?

Happy Terraplane to you,...

Happy Terraplane to you,....

Happy Terraplane dear Babssss,..(yyyyyy),...

Happy Terraplane,... to,....(drum roll),.... Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,......!

............and many more! 

Seriously, Babs, you have been such a friend, since we were 7 or 8, that when I get rich, I'm going to go find this guy, or gal who owns this, and make them cough it up,...just for you! I don't care what it takes, this one's for you! It will have "Babs" as its Michigan vanity plate. I mean, who else has driven all the way out here, to Lawrence, Nowhere to visit mi little Erika and me! Thanks for the visits! So, for my chldhood golf buddy, and swimming buddy, and just plain buddy, buddy,... this is your car! Pure and simple! And, no arguing!

I mean, is this car Babs? Or , what? Only thing,...If I get this beauty for you and hubby,'ll let me come drive it in around the Penninsula a bit,...O.K.?

1937 Hudson Terraplane Convertible....elegant, striking and bold...

08/29/15 01:03 PM #2403    


Phillip Mathewson

Dancing around the world...



08/29/15 05:31 PM #2404    


Barbara Jones (Sharp)

Thanks Denny.  It sure is a beauty.  I would love to own it and drive in parades and just remember all those classmates who rode with me and shook the daylights out of it at the rec.  Sorry to say our trip to Colorado has been put on hold this fall, so we will not be passing through Kansas to see you and the sunflowers.  Take care and hope to see you next summer.  

I talked to Sue Callahan Ritter today.  That's always a treat.  She wants to have a time of worship and sharing next July like we did at a new room at the old rec.  Who wants to help plan it?  I'm looking forward to hearing of others spiritual journeys.  This labor day will be my 60th new birthday as a Christian.  I accepted Christ as my Savior at Camp Fairfield 1955 and that has made all the difference in my life. I'm wondering where faith in God has impacted your lives.  My love to you all as we come into this challenging chapter of our lives called "old".

08/29/15 06:06 PM #2405    


Phillip Mathewson

Cop’s lives matter!

08/29/15 09:36 PM #2406    


Phillip Mathewson

If a $15 minimum wage would help people make a "living wage" wouldn't a $50 minimum wage be even better?  Anyone disagree?  Cheeez...  politics is easy.

08/29/15 10:59 PM #2407    


Phillip Mathewson

Dennis has called me every name in the book.  So can anyone explain to me why I still like him?  Anyone?  Anyone?

08/31/15 09:52 AM #2408    


Phillip Mathewson

Gut wrenching!  But unfortunately very true.

08/31/15 10:08 AM #2409    


Phillip Mathewson

More truth that some continue to deny...



08/31/15 12:53 PM #2410    

Penelope Place (Abbott)

Our class web site will be going down for maintenance Friday, September 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST. We will be down for several hours for a major hardware upgrade which will upgrade the main hardware that runs the Class Creator system. We expect to be back online prior to 9:00 a.m. EST Saturday morning. Thanks for your patience during the upgrade window.

--Penny A.  

08/31/15 12:54 PM #2411    

Penelope Place (Abbott)

How can we not love (like) Dennis?

08/31/15 05:19 PM #2412    


James Flanagan

A great photo. Click below and enjoy.   Jim

08/31/15 05:27 PM #2413    


Phillip Mathewson

Hillary is resigning herself to calling Republicans "Terrorists".  She must REALLY be getting desperate!  And rightly so.  Her numbers are falling in the polls.  Even the Democrats are turning against her.

08/31/15 07:32 PM #2414    

Dennis Sander

Jim, you win big on this one! One cut fits all! I'm going to start calling her,..."the Hillary"!

Do you think someone will put out T-Shirts with this image on it? If so, I'll order a gross, and hand them out to all my students!

08/31/15 08:34 PM #2415    


Phillip Mathewson

Ask yourself this question - Am I better off today than I was 6 years ago?  The answer might surprise you.

08/31/15 08:51 PM #2416    


Phillip Mathewson

71% of Americans agree!

08/31/15 09:13 PM #2417    


Phillip Mathewson

08/31/15 09:36 PM #2418    


Carolyn Moore (Newberger)

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