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08/27/11 11:08 AM #115    


Mary Ellen Church Fuzzard

If you haven't purchased Bob Peace's first book "Moonlight Mafioso", I do recommend it. Hopefully, he's working on more to come. Isn't great to know one of our classmates has been published?

09/02/11 05:44 PM #116    


Phillip Mathewson

Did we not have anyone killed in Vietnam from Mt. Lebann HS?


10/06/11 11:44 PM #117    


Phillip Mathewson

Does anyone remember what Elvis Presley's first recorded song was?  You should.  You are old enough.

10/08/11 11:12 AM #118    


Phillip Mathewson  

12/24/11 12:04 PM #119    


Thomas W. Brown

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all my classmates.  May 2012 bring you nothing but blessings and happiness.

12/31/11 11:15 PM #120    


Phillip Mathewson

Happy New Year to the class of 1959!  I wish health and prosperity to all during the coming year.

04/18/12 05:07 PM #121    

Joanna Hart Yuninger

Does anyone know if another Farmers' Reunion is being planned?

06/03/12 06:29 PM #122    


Phillip Mathewson

Keep in mind that several of the class of 1959 are on Facebook.  That's a good way to get up to date information on your old friends.

08/09/12 08:49 PM #123    


Phillip Mathewson

Well, our 55th is coming up soon.  Two more years.  I would like to suggest that we hold our 55th reunion on the top floor of the William Penn Hotel as we did for our 10th reunion.  It is difficult for some of us to get out to the St. Clair CC.  But in any event, I am looking forward to seeing you all in 2014.  I hope everyone is well.

08/28/12 04:21 PM #124    

Jane Fellows Carpenter

On August 25, 2012, Mary Ellen (Church) Fuzzard, Bunni (Segall) Hoffman--along with photographer husband Marshall, and hostess Bonnie (Higginbottom) Ledyard coordinated a very enjoyable reunion of Southern California Mt. "Lebo-ites" at Bonnie's house in San Marino, California.  It was fun looking at the old yearbooks and talking to classmates from "many  many lifetimes" ago.

Jane Carol Carpenter (Jane Fellows)

08/28/12 05:04 PM #125    


Mary Ellen Church Fuzzard

We did have a very nice dinner and evening with our '59 classmates. Several unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.


Bunni Hoffman (Segall), Mary Ellen Fuzzard (Church) Lynn Fox, Jane Carpenter (Fellows) and Bonnie Ledyard (Higgingbottom).

11/25/12 08:44 PM #126    


Thomas W. Brown

For all you St. Bernards graduates, look under Brad Plumber's profile for your 8TH grade class pictures.

01/13/13 12:45 PM #127    


Phillip Mathewson

Since we all grew up in the 50's I thought you all might find this video enjoyable


01/13/13 04:35 PM #128    


Thomas W. Brown

Phil, that video was just great!!  One guy in one of the first few songs had a hair dew like Rich Maffei.

03/18/13 07:14 AM #129    


Kathleen Allen Royer

I am trying to get a message to Rosemary Kasper. I have sent five messages and none go through. Rosemary, if you get this one I did get your birthday wishes and thank you. Everything is fine with us. We happen to be in FL right now for a few days. Nice to get out of the dreary MI winter. Thanks again.....Kathleen.

06/18/13 10:29 PM #130    


Phillip Mathewson

Looking back….

07/09/13 09:53 PM #131    


Phillip Mathewson


I hope we did a little better than the class of ’57.  But we all did the best we could.  We should be proud of the class of ’59!

07/09/13 11:15 PM #132    


Phillip Mathewson

Mt. Lebanon had its cliques and I didn't fit in but I love and miss you all.  I have many fond memories of the two years I was there and all the friends I was able to make.  I am looking forward tro seeing everyone next year. 

07/16/13 11:00 PM #133    


Susan Engel Cantelupe

Thank you all who have sent condolences and prayers to us during and after Joe's passing.  He was truly one of a kind.  There are not enough words to express my appreciation. So many stories and experiences were shared with me, I thought I had known them all, but there were some he had not shared believe it or not.  He had endured a chronic form of leukemia for almost 5 years; he just kept going until he could no longer and passed away Feb. 6, 2013, at The Dayton Hospice very peacefully. Again thank you and may God bless all of you and your families.  Susan

09/05/13 06:37 PM #134    


Phillip Mathewson


12/20/13 08:11 PM #135    


Thomas W. Brown

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my classmates!!

12/21/13 12:50 PM #136    

Geraldine (Jeri) Demaret Fetzer

Thanks, Tom, for the holiday greeting.  This is truly a special time of year.  Ihope you enjoy the best of the season and and wonderful 2014.

Jeri (Demaret) Fetzer

12/23/13 03:00 PM #137    

Penelope Place Abbott

Christmas Blessings to you Tom, and may 2014 be a very good year!


12/23/13 09:44 PM #138    

Judith Reynolds Herder

Merry Christmas to the Class of '59.  Love it that we can communicate all these many years later. Hope 2014 is kind to everyone.

AZ Horseback Vacation - 2013                     Judy (Reynolds) Herder - McMurray PA




01/03/14 09:31 PM #139    


Phillip Mathewson

We grew up with these guys.  This is a tribute to them.  RIP Phil....

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