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06/29/15 09:39 AM #1652    


James Flanagan

A video of music that I enjoyed. I hope you do. Jim

A little bit of a different entertainment – pleasantly enjoyable.




06/29/15 07:46 PM #1653    


Judith Zionts Fox

Part I:

A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men marry men.

B. Allow those women who want to marry women marry women.

C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies abort their babies.

D. In three generations, there will be no Democrats.

I love it when a plan comes together; don't you?!


Part II: 10 Poorest Cities in America (How did it happen?)

City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level

1.  Detroit, MI 32.5%

2.  Buffalo, NY 29.9%

3.  Cincinnati, OH 27.8%

4.  Cleveland, OH 27.0%

5.  Miami, FL 26.9%

6.  St. Louis, MO 26.8%

7.  El Paso, TX 26.4%

8.  Milwaukee, WI 26.2%

9.  Philadelphia, PA 25.1%

10. Newark, NJ 24.2%


What do the top ten cities (over 250,000 pop.) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

1.  Detroit, MI - (1st on poverty rate list) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961

2.  Buffalo, NY - (2nd) hasn't elected one since 1954

3.  Cincinnati, OH - (3rd) not since 1984

4.  Cleveland, OH - (4th) not since 1989

5.  Miami, FL - (5th) has never had a Republican mayor

6.  St. Louis, MO - (6th) not since 1949

7.  El Paso, TX - (7th) has never had a Republican mayor

8.  Milwaukee, WI - (8th) not since 1908

9.  Philadelphia, PA - (9th) not since 1952

10. Newark, NJ - (10th) not since 1907

Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats... yet they are still POOR.


Part III:

"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."

~Abraham Lincoln


"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a much closer look at the American Indian."

~Henry Ford


06/29/15 09:36 PM #1654    


Judith Zionts Fox

I enjoyed the music video James.

06/29/15 10:08 PM #1655    

Peter Mills

Ruth & Dennis.

Boy did you two stir up the old car collector in me...and more!

Ruth mentions Deusenberg to Dennis and he's off and running.  And I'm so busy this weekend with family get togethers and other great stuff that I can't answer.

So here's my (delayed) take on this:

1) Thank you, Ruth, for mentioning your trip to the Duesenberg/Cord Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  I wasn't aware of its existence so I looked it up to check to see if there was mention of a car that Augie Deusenberg built in the late '30s for Ab Jenkins, the mayor of Salt lake City.  At the end of the Wikipedia coverage of the Indiana museum, there's mention of Augie building the Morman Meteor.  So, following this trail led to "Morman Meteor", also in Wikipedia.

2) And thanks to Dennis who sent you a photo of the cream-colored Morman Meteor at a Concours (unknown location).

3) Augie Duesenberg also built a second race car for Jenkins (both cars were based on the Duesenberg chassis which were being made by the Cord-owned Duesenberg, Inc. in the '30s).  The second was called the Morman Meteor III and was powered by a huge aircraft aircraft engine producing 750 hp in the late '30s!  Both cars looked almost identical on the outside.  In July, 1940, Jenkins set a new world land speed endurance record for 24 hours in MM III of 161 mph average speed at Bonneville Salt Flats.  His feat made the front page of the New York Times.

4) 49 years, 9 months later (3-1-1990), our team broke that record in a basically stock ZR-1 Corvette with an average speed of 175+ mph, setting 2 more world records along the way (5000 km & 5000 mi).

5) The Wikipedia coverage of the "Meteors" also has (footnote) articles about Jenkins and our team & a test drive story by Jay Leno of MM III.  Some of us were interviewed in Leno's Garage for a documentary on the MM III which is the "anchor car" in the John Price Museum in Salt Lake City.  However, I've checked the promotional "trailers" put out by the museum and it appears our interviews made it as far as the cutting room floor.  Leno mentioned driving the monster a few months before we appeared there for our videotaping.

6) Then Dennis drops in a black & white picture of the 1933 20 Grand Duesenberg (google "nethercutt 20 grand duesenberg" for dozens of photos of this platinum gem).  This  car was built as a test to see if there was a market for a $20,000 luxury car in 1933.  The answer is: They only built one.  The Nethercutts specialized in finding the rarist (is this a word?) of the rare.  Their museum in Sylmar (San Fernando Valley), California is divided into two buildings.  The Collection in the 1920s showroom may be toured by appointment only (plan months ahead).  The Nethercutt website gives you an indication of how extraordinary their showcase is.

&) By the way, I interviewed Ab Jenkins' son in 1989 while researching our 1990 effort.

See what you stirred up, Ruth?

Afterthough: Do they still show the (is it "Frick") car collection in the estate on top of the hill in Pittsburgh?  It's got a few Rolls, but none would win "Pebble" due to their strict rules, as Dennis pointed out.

Speedy Pete



06/30/15 12:07 AM #1656    

Peter Mills

Babs & Dennis:

Babs, thanks to Dennis' picture postings, I remember your car!  I thought it was as cool as my uncle's pea green hand-me-down jacket which I'm still waiting for Mt. Lebanon's Lost & Found to return to me.

I'll admit I'm sorta guessing, but if memory serves me (and it has its days...) I'd say that Dennis' Terraplane #2 fits the bill.  Don't tell me if I'm wrong.  I want to remain young, dumb and full of.... liberalism.




06/30/15 12:15 AM #1657    

Peter Mills

Regarding President Obama's Charleston speech....

Judy Louis, you hit it on the 'ol Button.

06/30/15 02:51 AM #1658    

Peter Mills

And as for you, Dennis...

I'd like to caption your idylic series of alpine scenes.  (#1649):

1.  You talk about tough fire fighters in Southern California: They have to tie thenselves to ropes to cross the ash fields and not fall into the San Andreas Fault.

2. We shoot squirrels, don't we?

3. Looks like Yosemite before the drought.

4. We're not in the Olympics anymore, Toto. 

5. Silverton, Colorado from the narrow gauge railroad.

6. & 7. We 4 caught 74 trout in these 2 Nevada lakes.

8. An Alps postcard.

9. My summer swimming hole on Mount Rainier.

Dennis' #1650 (Man at lake with big pipe): Smoky Bear says to be sure it's out.

Honestly, Dennis, beautiful scenery, but alot of it is similar to what we have right in our own backyard.

I love to see new, beautiful vistas but I enjoy meeting people in different places even more.  And don't get me wrong.  I can wax as much about Washington as much (maybe more) than people who live there.  Two of my four children wouldn't move down here (to California) for anything and the other two don't live near the Evengreen State.  However, I did meet my eldest Seattle resident for a "significant" birthday tour and dinner during a week in San Francisco and the Bay Area recently.  She had never spent any real time there.  She WILL be back.  The trick is to get her further south to the desert. 

Pete say, "You can take the girl out of the green, but you can't take the green out of the girl."

06/30/15 03:53 AM #1659    

Dennis Sander

Peter, and other car and/or design enthusiasts,... I start a new post, just to keep things Rollsing along,... faint chuckle here. The other '35 Rolls-Royce (fastback) Jonckheere Coupe post had gotten an addendum of 3 new images, but is so far back there,...,it is Post #1636  for any quick reference,(Do go back and look at the 3 new images though, it is well worth your while) So, here I present a few more stunning proofs of the Pride of Britain's supurb design capabilities, especially today!.The all new Rolls-Royce Wraith Fastback Coupe, at its Geneva Autoshow Launch was a home run. I guess the main "ad campaign" idea has to do with the new Wraith being a heavenly thing, thus all the dry ice hugging the floor!. That, or the Ad Adgency for RR were trying to create the illusion that the entire audience at the launch had all just died, and gone to Heaven! Not sure which idea ruled, but a very corny launch ploy, compared to the Wraith itself, which represents a totally new vehicle type for Rolls, and is anything but corny! Pretty incredible actually, an almost delicate, and airy design presence for a Rolls, always a monster sized car! Here are a few descriptive shots which show the company's very considerable design capabilities. Finally!  An almost modern and current grille, long overdue, which still says,. Rolls-Royce!, Will wonders never cease? 

And, just as a side,...the Lady's necklace, up there on the jumbo-tron,  most definitely cost much more than the car,... I'm sure of it.., So the Wraith is a comparatively good bargain, not even $485K, so, it's actually a value added and even useful,..useable purchase for those in the the disturbingly rich category! Mere chump change in their world!. Better than the mega-purchases of multimillion dollar private plane tax write offs, and hundred million dollar yacht necessary entertainment expenses! Not knocking the idle rich, well, not too much, as they have earned, or stolen it, But,  I have labored long, hard, and often doing sorely needed projects for the extremely disadvantaged, and money is much more well spent there! But hey, some people have to be rich,...right?  What would our world be without its billionaires?



06/30/15 06:25 AM #1660    

Peter Mills

Hey, Dennis?  Anybody listening?

Danica's a good driver.  But not top tier.  She's earned good rides and has not capitalized on her opportunities.  Her one Indy Car (oops, IRL?) victory in Japan was a fluke.  I think Janet Gutherie (1st woman to race at Indy) was better.  Susan St. James, a sports car racer, might have been the best I've seen racing wheel-to-wheel.

My nod to the best woman driver I've ever seen goes to a talented athlete from Seattle who I'll call Jackie T. 

She looked me up to ask me to evaluate her skills before she she started time trial (autocross) competition.  I took her out to a large shopping center on a Sunday morning, put up a few cones, showed her what I wanted her to do.  She executed perfectly the moment she started through the simple course (designed to bring out basic errors).

I told her she'd do "just fine" and assured her that her fear of making a fool of herself was groundless.  So she started competing in a women's class mid-season and won the championship.  During this time, I met her parents.  One evening, her father asked me if Jackie ever mentioned her bowling.  I told him I didn't know she bowled.  Turned out her coach recommended that she should take up professional bowling.  She had a 210 average while bowling in high school.

I was taking my race car to SCCA's North Pacific Championships in Sacramento at season's end and she asked if she could drive it there as well.  I enthusiastically agreed to that until she said she wanted to compete in the men's class.  I pointed out she'd be running against me, in a car I was more familar with than she.  Over the weeks that followed, she insisted and I finally gave in.

Later that same year, after she raced at Sacramento, I met the man who barely beat her for second place.  He was the sales manager of a new public rfelations client I'd landed.  When I walked into our initial corporate meeting, his first words to me were, "Who was that girl driving your car?"  We talked for a few minutes, during which time he said, "I barely beat her on my last run." 

Then he asked me, "Why didn't you go to the national championship?"  He added, "When I went I expected that the best I could do would be second to you!  And I was worried that she might beat me, too." 

I explained that that was Jackie's first time ever driving my race car and that I chose not to go to the midwest in the Fall because I had wheel-to-wheel races scheduled in the Northwest which was my prime motorsport interest.  He grinned and  thanked me for "allowing" him to win the SCCA National Title.

Jackie was exceptionally good.  She went on the following season to dominate the Pacific Northwest men's class in  her competition car.  She called me that Novemeber to ask if I knew anyone who taught skiing.  I had a client who ran an excellent ski school and encouraged her to join right away to get into their pre-season conditioning program. That's the last time I spoke to her.

The following March, I received a call from Jackie's ex-boyfriend whose first words were, "Did you hear what happened to Jackie?"  "No," I replied, "did she hurt herself skiing?"  His answer, "No, no.  She's on the ski patrol at Snoqualamie Summit!"

Damn, she was an absolute athletic "natural".  And, I'm convinced she could have made the Olympic Ski Team, except for one thing:  It all came too easily to her   She got bored and went onto something else.

                                                    *          *          *          *

Over the years I have had opportunities to race against women and observe many events that included top female racers,  And some no-so-good distaff drivers.  I've also been asked to work with or evaluate top-fuel drag racers, including folks like Shirley Muldowney and Danny Ongais. 

Woman excel at drag racing's highest competition levels.  Look at John Force's daughters: Outstanding.  Shirley Muldowney won several NHRA Top Fuel championships and other women followed in her footsteps before the Force team entered the current scene.

Why?  I have my theories which are strictly from my personal observations and experiences, on and off the track: 

1)  Women have high (maybe higher) degrees of sensitivity (or feel) for their equipment than their male counterparts.  Today's Top-Fuel dragsters have at least 5000 to 6000 hp propelling them to speeds of over 350 mph in less than 4 seconds!  Controlling that power off the line takes knowledge, strength and sensitivity.  Just how much juice can be applied before the huge slicks "go up in smoke" requires a very high degree of "feel".  And, if you think the dragster wants to go straight down the 1/4 mile strip, think again! It really wants to go every way--hard left, wrenching right, or straight up, if you let it, if you can't sense where that power's taking you.  Women handle this very well!

2)  Women don't seem to have as high a capability to race wheel-to-wheel as men do.  "Wait a minute?  What are drag racers doing, if not going wheel-to-wheel?"  Well, for one thing, the vehicles are not that close together on the dragstrip, many of which are 60 feet wide (or more).  The battle for control is between driver and his/her machine.  You don't have time (or need) to glance over at your opponent.  Every thing's concentrated on the vehicle's driver executing a perfect "start" (launch), then keeping the dragster pointed in the right direction for 1320 feet.  Right at the end of the very exciting Sonoma NASCAR road race Sunday, Danica Patrick, spun after being bumped at the top (back) corner of the track.  It happened in a turn that had seen plenty of bumping and banging during most of the weekend and those involved knew what to do to avoid problems and soldier on without losing control of their cars.  However, Danica lost control.  This happens to all racers, now & then.  But it seems that women can't shake this adversion to "contact sports" as well as men do. 

Maybe playing a tough, contact sport such as football prepares men more adequately for this type of "slam, blam" attitude and enables them to maintain better control of their car during bumps & grinds.  The future may bring us more competitive women drivers as those who grew up playing soccer or basketball decide to try their hand in car racing.

I recently saw a t.v. sports feature on a teenaged high school coed who was raised in a motorcycle racing family-- everyone was involved including her older brother who was a champion dirt track rider until their father suddenly died.  The older brother assessed their family's finances and decided only one of them could race and told his sister he'd have to pull out and let her go for it until he got their finances back on an even keel.  She won the national title last season at age 15.  This was against all male competitors on dirt "flat" tracks up to a mile around with speeds up to 150 mph!  The documentary shows that this young lady could slide sideways and make close passes with the best competitors and come out the winner.

I'm optimistic that we'll soon see a woman come from somewhere who has the ingredients to be an overall champion.  It just might be someone who currently rides on two wheels!

Anyway, that's my take on the current situation regarding the preponderance of men leading women in racing wheel-to-wheel.


06/30/15 10:16 AM #1661    

Bill Benz

Judy, I loved your post number 1653, especially part 2.  Why aren't the liberals labelling it hate speech, which is their usual response to unpleasant news?  Hmmmmm.  I think you got them with that bit of reality concerning cities in deep debt.  

06/30/15 11:42 AM #1662    

Bill Benz

I should have said "cities in deep poverty" rather than "cities in deep debt."  sorry

06/30/15 10:20 PM #1663    


Judith Zionts Fox

Thank you Bill. I hope it woke up someone, however brief the eyes may have opened for.

Joan, I am wondering if you have Obamacare. If you do I am hoping you will let the rest of us know how afordable it is and if you like it. Also I would like some objective information that most of Americans are for it. In other words, I want facts and not opinions. Until you tell me that you have it, love it and find it affordable as well as show your research, I do not consider you a reliable source of information.

07/01/15 01:35 AM #1664    

Dennis Sander

Peter, wow! Do you know your stuff, or what? You should be chief, or "Jefe", our "presiding chief executive officer of all things automotive, racing, and motorhead" You and Gordon Knapp are in a class by yourselves. I am a mere toddler compared to you guys!

I would, however, like to include in your all time women drivers best ever list, two Le Mans regulars, especially Milka Duno, who just did Indy, and who is routinely driving the LMP 1's, those 750 BHP "big boys",  Among the hallowed LMP ! drivers, both she and Vanina Ickx stand out, even among the men! As to the big cars, and the LeMans overall winners, the great Belgian driver, and 6 times Le Mans overall winner, Jackie Ickx's is still revered, and second in wins only to the current all time winner, Tom Christiansen, a 9 time winner, and with 5 "different" teams, no less,... quite a feat!   Jackie Ickx's very athletic driver daughter, Vanina Ickx, has done well at LeMans several times, on various teams, and has been a regular  Porsche "team driver", and wins her share on the European DTM circuit, and also is ,well let's be honest and just say, she could be a "Vogue", or "runway" model, if she so chose, in her spare time! She also won the overall in the Belgian grand Prix at Spa!  A very rare occurance!  Wow, that's not easy, for any driver, and a Belgian winning the Belgian grand Prix, to boot! 

Are you kidding me,...? Race car driver? Spa? Le Mans?  Porsche DTM "team driver"? My students had done a Semester long Le Mans Museum project for Design Studio, and most struggled through the part where we study race history, and drivers, teams, sponsors, and the ACO, prior to doing the building iitself I thought I would have to stop most of the guys in the Studio from boarding the next plane to Belgium,a dozen roses in hand, intended for this particular Belgian driver, only a year or two older han they were when they did the Le Mans architectural project. And all the girls in the class were goading the guys, telling them to "go for it"!  It was a hilarious semester and a very difficult, but rewarding one. The project was a monster facility, located just across from the famous start/ finish line at the Je Mans circuit,, and at 350,000 square feet, and $450,000,000 it was a very complex and demanding project, even for a single full semester length project! Not sure if any of the guys made it to Belgium or not! I think not, as she is now married, and not to any of my former students!

Total fun,, being perpetually with my third year Designers, all Juniors in college, and always 21, and all with such energy! My kids are excellent students, for those who feel today's kids are anything but the best!. I say to them,...stick a sock in it!

Sorry, just had to say that one!,... As you can see from the below, teaching isn't all that easy under such stressful circumstances! Hey,...hey, guys,.. where you guys all going? You're going where? Don't everybody be clearing out of here all at the same time! It doesn't look good!

What's with these lady race car drivers anyway? It's a good thing the guys don't have to look like anything but the rag tag homely bunch of guys they mostly are,..well,... except Jimmy Johnson, and Jeff Gordon, of course! Tom Christianson among the LeMans drivers is also a candidate for modelling Ralph Lauren on the side, and is definitely not a candidate for any "Ugly Man" contest so there are some exceptions, and I guess it evens out on the guy drivers side of the equation!  







07/01/15 03:41 AM #1665    

Dennis Sander

I'll try to share some really great music again, This is from the you tube Chris Botti in Boston 2008 video with the Boston Pops, and this song sung by Katherine McPhee,... An American songbook number,... up-tempo,... positive vibe, all time classic,...hope it works! Works that is,... to pep us up a bit !..... Really!!!!!

If it is in blue script, then just click and listen,...if not, then just copy, paste the url to your address bar, and voila!  Then you too, can just listen and enjoy, great stuff!     (cut/paste to your address bar!) (that's just what you need to do!)

Oops! Look at the time! Time for a late night snack,'s now 3:30 AM, and I'm famished!



07/01/15 08:58 AM #1666    


James Flanagan

Dennis; I enjoyed the Botti video very much. I saw him in aconcert in Pittsburgh a few years ago and it was one of my favorites. Katharine Mcfee is also very talented. Thanks Jim

07/01/15 10:15 AM #1667    

Dennis Sander

Jim,...Thanks, I'm glad you liked the Chris Botti / Katherine McPhee "I've got you, Under my Skin" arrangement with the Boston Pops, one of the best arrangements ever,(except possibly for the Frank Sinatra/ Nelson Riddle arrangement of course) and especially coming from you,... .our "Director of the Fine Arts"!  I am also very happy that it was "shareable" with the group. When I tried to bring it up, I had to copy / paste to a new tab to bring the youtube video up, but that is a relatively easy one step proceedure, so I hope lots of the class will listen to / see the video! Thanks again for all your thought provoking and very uplifting posts on all types of topics for the class! Lucky you! And in Pittsburgh too! I can't wait till Chris Botti gets within 200 miles of Lawrence and K.C., so I can take a drive to see him in concert! Chicago would even be close enough, although K.C. would be much better!

Yikes! Look at the time,..went to sleep at 4:05, and up at 7:55,( for another skimpy 3 1/2 hour,."nap") Strangely, I am ready to go to go again on such short notice. I just have to figure a way to A. Turn in a good bit earlier, and  B,. Stay down till a good bit later. Too long of hours, and for too many years, has got me used to a very bad wake sleep cycle  Today will be a catch up day where I automatically crash for an early evening second  "nap" for 2 or 3, hours to make up for my previous day's terrible timing of the waking and sleeping hours. Anyone have any suggestions? And, I do not drink,...ever, anything, so that is not an option.There has to be an over the counter product that can keep a person down for longer than 3 1/2 to 4 hours!,  


07/01/15 10:55 AM #1668    

Margaret Hilsinger Mulkerin


Here's a CNN poll on Obamacare and gay marriage showing that a majority of Americans support the Supreme Court rulings that came down last week.  

CNN poll: 63% support Supreme Court's ObamaCare ruling, 59% support gay-marriage ruling « Hot Air


Marge Mulkerin

07/01/15 09:11 PM #1669    


Ruth Ann Lorenzato Sasser


Pete:  you had inquired about the Frick Car Collection which is located in the East End, Point Breeze.  We visited there about a year ago, and did a tour of the Mansion and the Car Museum. It is a combination of Vintage cars and Carriages and is temporarily closed due to construction as they are expanding the facility and installing climate control.  The Vintage cars that are on display illustrate the story of Pittsburgh's place in automotive history, which was very interesting. The featured car is a 1940 Bantam Convertible Coup.  The Bantam and the Austin were built in Butler, Pa and represent the last significant auto production in Western, Pa.   

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.  We are having a cookout for family so I know I will have a good day because there is nothing better than having family at my table.  Another wonderful event that is happening on the 4th of July is our Granddaughter Jessica who is a sophomore at West Virginia Wesleyan was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Children's Poetry in London and she will be leaving that afternoon.  So proud!


07/01/15 09:14 PM #1670    

Peter Mills


Thank you for pointing out (via the CNN poll report) that a strong MAJORITY of Americans DO FAVOR the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and the Same Sex Marriage decision by the Supreme Court.

Just because someone claims our citizens don't want these laws does not make their statement a fact-- it's their OPINION.  Peoples' opinions registered in polls lead us to  FACTUAL conclusions such as those published by CNN concerning the above issues.

Keep up the faith...and the good work.


07/02/15 12:34 AM #1671    

Dennis Sander

O.K. Gang,....

Coming to you from sunny Downtown Lawrence Kansas, (actually from Full Moonly-lit, (yes, I know it's not a word),...but it is a full moon tonight, and it is ful ly lit,  thus the Full Moonly-lit  phrase is not altogether meaningless, just awkward to look at!  Back to business, So, from Full Moonly-lit University Drive, (the west portion of), since there is also the same University Drive,to the east of our  North-South..Iowa Street  main arterial spine, also known as Route 59, which supposedly runs from Iowa to the Gulf of Mexico.I am told,..., and that east wing of University Drive is also referred to as (the east portion of) University Drive., that is to say, anything est of Iowa Street, which divides everything into our east part of Lawrence from everything considered to be in our west part of Lawrence. Well, Iowa Street, (Route 59) stops University Drive at its western border of (the east potion) of University Drive, dead ends it, so to speak, and doesn't let it continue on to the the west side of itself, mainly because it is an arterial,  fast moving road to allow traffic to cruise through Lawrence from North to South at a crisp 45 MPH, with only 10 traffic lights,( just counted and located them, but I'll spare you the exact details for brevity,..(you're kidding me Sander, right???) along the entire North -South length of Iowa Street, which runs for over 4 1/2 miles, or some 55 blocks, with Iowa Street thru crossings, all with lights at just about 1 of every 5 blocks. I mean, we've got to keep or 18 wheelers moving  along at a good clip, since there is no North-South bypass of Lawrence, besides hopping onto the Kansas Turnpike, going to Topeka, then veering south to Wichita, and then back east to Tulsa, and then turning further back to the East, and catching back up with Route 59 in central Oklahoma, actually in the middle of Nowhere, OK,, possibly even at  Nowata, OK, where Erika's Mom was born in a quaint little hospital there. Nowata is a charming little country town,  by the way, and very nostalgic for me, as I would often croon to her Mom,...the not too well known Jazz standard, and also done by our Chairman of the Board,for tonight's music video , "You Came to me.from out of Nowhere".which I would change up the lrics and sing to her Mom that song as,."You came to me, from out of Nowata",... but I digress!..So, having to traverse 10 well timed traffic lights, and knowing you will only get slowed down by 3 of them, 4 at most,..seems a  total bargain to any road weary long haul driver travelling South, rather than taking a western, or eastern for that matter, sizeably long detour around Lawrence, thus adding some 200  or so miles to your southbound trip to the Gulf! ,  

Just west of Iowa Street, University Drive does not start up immediately, but has stopped its westward trip, and rather has turned into an in town, two block virgin stretch of total nature, with several small forests of, trees, several open fields, one still with horses no less, right in town!, the natural zone even has places to fly model planes, and kites, places the kids just love,  and then, suddenly, it just up and starts up again all over again, like it hadkept going uninterrupted all along! A very strange in town land holdout to development isolated event, to say the very least!. Even the U.S. Postal Service personnel have to get used to it when new on the job.  They, all befuddled, would ask me,.......Like, hey,...where did University Drive go?  I couldn't find it! Do you get your mail here regularly? University Drive was here, then it just up and vanished!  So, when it does pick back up again after all that natural area stuff, at about 3 long blocks west of Iowa St,,.... it is still simply called University Drive. On both sides of Iowa Street University Drive is only called University Drive, no East or West is added, or needed! Confused? Good!, Anything west of Iowa Street is referred to always  as west lawrence, but that is not true, as West Lawrence never has that actual name, It is just referred to in that way. There is no West Lawrence. Similarly, there is no East Lawrence  by  official name,  So, actual East Lawrence, but anything east of Massachusetts Street, which parallels Iowa Street, is similarly referred to as East Lawrence, which also is not true by name, but is just referred to in that same way as is West Lawrence. O.K. glad all that is cleaed up! So,...from University drive,(the west portion of) in west Lawrence, Kansas (note, no capitalized W as in West), but simply small letter w for the always referred to, but not actual West Lawrence, since as we now know, there is no actual town by that name, but just referred to as west, without the capital "W"  So, now the nature of the address where this music is coming from, and these brief words also, by the way, is now fully understood! Yeah, right!  Brief words!,...

Are you ready now?

Yes,... right here, right now, tonight,  from,..University Drive, (the West portion of) "Nostalgia Central ",... We give you,....  theChairman of the Board, ..Frank Sinatra,.. with his very hip, very cocky, very now,. with it,.. version of "I've Got You Under My Skin", by Cole Porter, arranged by Nelson Riddle, and,performed at the "Sinatra in Concert" venue from Royal Festival Hall, 1971!

 Settle back, relax,,....relax, and enjoy!    

(Remember, if script is blue, click and listen,...if not, just copy/paste in the top address bar, or with a new tab, and voila! You too can enjoy!  ( I think it's a Google Chrome anomaly kind of thing, the black ink script vs the blue ink script)???     OMG, it's not even midnight!  Eight minutes till, now.

P.S. The guy could sing!, 

Dennis,...aka, tedious

07/02/15 12:45 AM #1672    

Peter Mills


I consider myself-- in most respects-- a very lucky guy.    I've followed my interests, my passions and I've lived alot longer than I ever thought I would.

But I don't pretend to know all there is to know about any subject. particularly when it comes to the subject called "motorsports."  It's way too diverse.  Technically, air racing (formula cars flying over the top of Laguna Seca's "Corkscrew" corner don't count!), boats (unlimited hydros, drag boats, ocean whatever-they're-called, etc.), off-road (trucks, buggies), motorcycles (Formula 1, dirt, X Games), drag racing cars, motorcycles, even rockets with wheels, all of these and many more machines with motors are raced in many different environments..

When people ask me if I know so-and-so, I ask them, "What kind of racing does he/she do?"  Then I explain that most of my contact in motorsport is with people involved in road racing and add that there's not much "crossover" between each form.  Having said this, I'm luckier than most since I have had more "crossover" than I ever expected.

For example, I've only known, personally, three people who raced motorcycles: my first wife's cousin (whose name I don't remember), Kenny Roberts from Oakdale, California, and Eddie Lawson of Alabama, I believe.  Oh, yeah, I met Barry Sheen's girlfriend-- which one I'm not at liberty to say-- for her sake.   (For those who don't know, 3 out of these 4 were World Champions.  How weird is that?) 

The best experience I had with a racing personality (and I've have many pleasant social situations with well known drivers) involved my public relations mentor, Herman, when I first started my P.R. practice.  We were setting up a tire deal with his company and a racing school in Southern California.  While we were doing our "thing" at Ontario Motor Speedway (RIP), Popular Mechanics's Tony D and Tony S were conducting a "Million Dollar Car Test" on the track's road course with two former Formula 1 drivers, Phil Hill and Stirling Moss.  Since our arrangements with the school took a couple of days, we stayed at a Holiday Inn close to the track.

Herman was a stickler for "breakfast at seven" and so there we were, waiting to be seated, in an almost empty restaurant.  The only other people there were Stirling and his wife in a booth on the far side of the room.  We were shown to a table in mid-room.  Herman couldn't believe we so close to such a legendary driver (Stirling won a 600 mile race over public roads in northern Italy by 1 hour over the second place finisher, world Formula 1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio, both of whom were driving identical cars.  His feat is considered to be, to this day, the greatest exhibition of race driving in motorsport history.)

After a minute or two, Stirling made eye contact with us and asked, "Aren't you out at the track?"  We said we were.  He invited us to join them for breakfast.  (Herman's eyes glazed over and I was reminding myself to not say anything about knowing one of Stirling's Formula 1 roadmates who had a few stories to tell.)

It turned out that Stirling and his wife had just had their first child, a baby boy, a few weeks before and this trip afforded them the opportunity to get away for a few days.  They were thoroughly enjoying themselves and the four of us had an animated time at breakfast.  Herman was bubbling as we left for the track.  He was floating on Cloud 9 all day.  I enjoyed Herman's reaction almost as much as sharing breakfast with two great people.  What a day!

One last observation: Location, location, location!  A realtor's mantra is also true when one is seeking to get involved in certain occupations.  If I hadn't left Seattle for Southern California, very few of my experiences with top people in racing would have ever happened (except for Kenny Roberts who I met several times in Gary Schoeb's two-car garage in Modesto, California, when he was 16 and  just getting started in a new sport called "motorcross").  SoCal is still a hotbed for hot rodders.  It's also the place to be for actors (in addition to New York) and musicians and Top Gun pilots.  One just runs into people in these occupations more frequently when you live in the same area.  And those you meet run from very pleasant to the other end...just like all us regular folk.  Simple as that.

Gotta go.  Good evening.



07/02/15 01:10 AM #1673    

Peter Mills


Thank you for picking up on my call for help regarding the Fricks' "country home" (after they moved to New York).

About a decade ago (wow!  It's been a long time!) I was led to the estate by my cousin, Ann, just before Thanksgiving and there was the hint of snow in the air.

She met me at the "carriage house" and introduced me to a docent in his 80's who looked as though he'd stepped out of the movie, High Society, only his informal attire was more conservative than Bing Crosby's.  I wish I could remember his name.

(Hey, Dennis, how old-- nasty question-- is this fellow, Gordon Knapp, you keep bringing up?)

This man certainly had The Knowledge.

Ann (God Bless Her) had already built me up as a "real car guy who worked for Carroll Shelby."  He looked at me with skepticism when we were introduced.  And so it went until we came to an early '20s Rolls.  After looking it over, I asked, "Are you sure this is a '21?  It looks like it's got a '26 or '27 motor?"  A different look came over his face.  He said, "Yes, you're right.  When they replaced the motor they couldn't find the same year."  The rest of our trip down Memory Lane was much more pleasant.

What the docent did not know was that I didn't know a damn thing about old Rolls Royces until a month before my trip to Pittsburgh when I went on a tour of the Nethercutt's Rolls collection.  The guide pointed out that (I believe I've got this right) the early '20s models had "flathead" engines but changed over in the mid '20s to overhead valve motors (something very easily spotted). 

How's that for planning ahead?  (Not!)


07/02/15 02:18 AM #1674    

Dennis Sander

Pete,...i'll be, for me,... brief!  I'd rather listen intently to your Breakfast, even if it weren't with Sir Stirling Moss, and Phil Hill, possibly, no,... most definitely,.. the two most famed road racing drivers of all time, but even if you breakfasted (my verb) only with your own kids and the dog,.. I would still prefer to hear about that than to suffer through the considerable indignities of this incessant, perpetual political bashing, bickering and bru-ha-ha-ing. So, that said,... what's your next breakfast story? I wait with anticipation, especially if it is with a total nobody, as I would still be interested in both what you say, and how you say it! Even if you are only talking over breakfast the important decision of how much starch to put in a shirt that you have selected to wear for a fun evening out! Everbody get my drift?

 You mentioned the hallowed name of Juan Manuel Fangio, my driver hero in the 50's! I photographed the Juan Manuel Fangio statue/monument at the fabulous Mercedes Museum, when I made presentations of my French Museum project to then CEO of Mercedes, Dr, Dieter Zeche (who did all those funny Benz TV ads for a couple of years). A very nice guy!. I also photographed another Fangio statue at the final hairpin turn before the finish line,at the harbor pit area iof the Monaco circuit.. This bronze Formula One statue was for his many achievements in Formula One at the Monaco Grand Prix,... And no, I didn't present my project to Prince Albert ll, of the House of Grimaldi, (you know, Princess Grace's kid),.. much as I would have liked to, since he too is a "rabid" racing fan, and could add weight to the French project. There is another Fangio statue/ monument in Buenos aires, but I don't get down there, so no photo of that one.  I'd rather go to Rio, besides!.

Fangio's racing went from very early Ferrari days, to Mercedes Benz mostly, to,, to, to, to,...! i'll do a Sir Stirling Moss next time, as I have no personal stories about him,..but Gordon Knapp has also met him, and concurs,.He is quite a true gentleman, and gracious with his admiring public, as you both describe.

Fangio's career goes from this,early career 50's Formula One Mercedes in the 50's and 60's, and even to the awsome LeMans Golden era cars of of the late 70's and 80's (eg that #99 Toyota beast below)! I show some Fangio tidbits for the group. And, yes, I, like all racing nuts who visit Monaco, had to do the obligatory ritual drive of the full Monaco Circuit when there,(3rd photo) My Erika really enjoyed that, as we took those hairpins only slightly slower than the formula cars, who only do 35 or so around them, (see photo 3)  I have had great fun having my students do several different architectural projects both inside the Principality of Monaco, and also at several nearby locations very close to Monaco, including the the midaeval fortress and tourist destination at Eze (of Jack Ncholson's / Morgan Freeman's  "Bucket List" fame) overlooking the beautiful Cote d' Azure,(French Riviera) and just west of Monaco, and just east of Nice, These student projects were exclusively for my good French friend, and 4 times Le Mans Champion Driver, Henri Pescarolo, now a" privateer" team owner,.., of more later. I'm becoming quite the Francophyle!

Description Juan Manuel Fangio statue Mercedes-Benz Museum.jpg

07/02/15 09:27 AM #1675    


James Flanagan

Fireworks prior the 4th of July I thought you might enjoy. Try showing them to your grand children.  Jim

This video of a Fireworks Show in China is a treat for the eyes. Less
than 2 minutes in length but with shapes never seen before. Their show
has never been equaled in the    West. The Chinese are not only the
inventors of fireworks they are still the masters:


07/02/15 03:38 PM #1676    

Phil Gottschall

            Polls are always tricky.  The CNN poll was not on Obamacare in general, but as #1668 noted, support for the Court’s upholding the subsidies.  However, it added that the public “may dislike Obamacare in general, but they loooove those premium discounts”.

            Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported on 7/1/2015 the opinion on the Act at 43% favor and 40% against - a plurality, but not a majority.  The Real Clear Politics average still shows a majority against 51.4% to 43.6%.

            Wording, timing, and sampling do impact results.  Accordingly, averaging tends to give more accurate results.  Naturally, the average can change over time, but presently a majority still appears to be opposed to the law.

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