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07/28/15 01:21 PM #2043    


Phillip Mathewson

One Year after Trump is elected President….


07/28/15 02:27 PM #2044    

Nancy Barnhart Sage

Phil, you have finally posted an hysterical entry.  Keep it up! By the way, you would be very wrong to believe that all liberals are Hillary fans. Why do you think President Obama was elected. I personally think she lost the Presidency on her book tour. 

07/28/15 04:28 PM #2045    


Phillip Mathewson


You could be right but I think you would have to admit that Liberals would vote for Hillary before they would vote for Jeb Bush.  Otherwise they wouldn't be a true Liberal.  I know I would vote for the guy who cuts my grass before I would vote for Hillary.  The guy who cuts my grass is honest.  I guess that makes me a Conservative...

07/28/15 04:57 PM #2046    


Phillip Mathewson

This is REALLY funny!  Nancy Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16...

Doe anyone outside of San Francisco take her seriously?

07/28/15 05:29 PM #2047    

Victoria Anderson Breen

Love your comic relief, Phil.....that "White House" is a hoot!!!!!


And Joe, your apology is accepted!!!!! 

As y'all can see Nancy and I are not just dumb not underestimate us!!!!!

07/28/15 06:05 PM #2048    


Judith Zionts Fox

Victoria and Nancy, I am wondering if you both voted for Obama.  

07/28/15 07:05 PM #2049    


Phillip Mathewson

I honestly hope and pray that there are NO supporters of Planned Parenthood in our class of '59.  It would shock me if there were.

07/28/15 07:17 PM #2050    


Phillip Mathewson

I see these commercials for wounded warriors on TV every night begging for money from us.  My question is:  why do we have ANY wounded warriors?  We have the capability to wipe out ISIS without ANY boots on the ground.  Yes, there would be collateral damage but we need to look at the big picture and take care of our own.  And another question:  why doesn't our government take care of the wounded warriors?  That would be money well spent.  Let the able bodied welfare leeches go to work and let's quit paying them not to work.


WOW, I guess it's obvious I'm not a Liberal....

07/28/15 08:48 PM #2051    


Judith Zionts Fox

Amen, Phillip

07/28/15 08:51 PM #2052    


Phillip Mathewson


What are you going to do on your trip to Israel?  I wish we could go with you.

07/28/15 10:03 PM #2053    


Phillip Mathewson

All I'm trying to do is live my life and keep mhy wife living her life while the government keeps bashing me in the head with a baseball bat. Why do they do that and why don't I just give up?

07/28/15 10:20 PM #2054    


Phillip Mathewson

When I get discouraged and depressed abou our current Presedential tyrany I always go backt o this song.

07/29/15 08:26 PM #2055    


Phillip Mathewson

Can any of our classmates explain these stats?  I'm listening...


07/29/15 08:34 PM #2056    


Phillip Mathewson

07/30/15 09:00 AM #2057    


Phillip Mathewson

Do we live in a topsy turvy world or what?

World Explodes over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood

07/30/15 09:05 AM #2058    


Judith Zionts Fox

Phil, Add this to your stats in #2055.

Switzerland issues every adult a gun and trains them how to use it: Switzerland has lowest gun-related crime rate in the civilized world. 

07/30/15 09:08 AM #2059    


Judith Zionts Fox

I can explain your stats in #2055 Phil. Guns get lazy and do not shoot in a hot climate.  Ha ha ha!!!

07/30/15 09:18 AM #2060    


Judith Zionts Fox


The UN Study omits Switzerland from its comparative analysis. The Swiss example contradicts the Study's hypothesis that a high incidence of firearm ownership correlates with high violent crime.

The Swiss Federal Police Office reports that, in 1997, there were 87 intentional homicides and 102 attempted homicides in the entire country. Some 91 of these 189 murders and attempts involved firearms (the statistics do not distinguish firearm use in consummated murders from attempts). With its population of seven million (which includes 1.2 million foreigners), Switzerland had a homicide rate of 1.2 per 100,000. There were 2,498 robberies (and attempted robberies), of which 546 involved firearms, giving a robbery rate of 36 per 100,000. Almost half of these criminal acts were committed by non-resident foreigners, which is why one hears reference in casual talk to "criminal tourists."

Sometimes, the data sounds too good to be true. In 1993, not a single armed robbery was reported in Geneva.

In a word, Switzerland, which is awash in guns, has substantially lower murder and robbery rates than England, where most guns are banned.

07/30/15 03:56 PM #2061    


Phillip Mathewson

Testifying before Congress this morning, Secretary of State John Kerry refused to pledge to follow the law in the event that Congress rejects the deal he negotiated with Iran.


07/30/15 05:36 PM #2062    


Judith Zionts Fox

Why am I not surprised? What do you expect from a dictator? He's a very dangerous man.

07/30/15 07:09 PM #2063    

Nancy Barnhart Sage

Anyone who spends $50,000 to kill such a beautiful animal needs to have his head examined. 

07/30/15 07:14 PM #2064    


Phillip Mathewson

I just wonder if maybe the animal rights activists have shot themselves in the foot over this lion. Maybe not, but I hope they have. They are ANIMALS for heavens sake and they EAT EACH OTHER. Let the animals alone! No, they don't need us to take care of them.


07/30/15 07:18 PM #2065    


Phillip Mathewson

Hillary Clinton:  "My greatest weakness is with stupid people who don't understand why I should be elected President".


07/30/15 07:52 PM #2066    


Phillip Mathewson

I don't have all he facts in the Cincinnati patrolman shooting a black man in a traffic stop. But I can definitely see (from the video) why he was afraid for his life.

07/30/15 08:03 PM #2067    

Peter Mills


Re: #2065, alleged Hillary quote.

I noticed that you have quotations on the so-called quote from Hillary you posted.

However, when one clicks on your attachment, she did not say what you quoted.  As a matter of fact, the attachment doe not contain quotation marks.  So you're quoting the attachment's false statement, not Hillary's.

You alone attributed words to her that she didn't utter.  Whoever published the attachment chose to make their own biased and false interpretation of what's contained in their post and you added the quotes.

Those who bypass your postings without clicking on your attachments often miss the fact that you're making false statements.


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