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08/07/14 05:34 PM #184    

Nancy Barnhart Sage

Kathleen, Tucker is a very handsome dog! 

Phil, I would love to know where you got your stat, 80% of the Jewish people are Democrats. I find that a little high. 

08/07/14 05:41 PM #185    

Nancy Barnhart Sage

Phil, I just saw that you said 90% which is even higher.  Do you really think that those who support Democratic candidates support Hamas? I don't think so!  Most of us are praying for PEACE in this beautiful world of ours and hoping to do things that will lessen climate change. 

08/07/14 06:49 PM #186    


Maureen Reynolds Clark

Kathleen, i loved your picture!   Perhaps we should include pictures of our dogs, cats, turtles, etc to lifgten the mood before November.  This is a picture of young Sir Ashley in our new Equinox, after he and i survived a fire in our Suburban.  He is going to be a fireman for Halloween.

08/07/14 08:43 PM #187    


Fred R. Bailey

Hi all,

 Now I’d like some of your thoughts on Israel / Palestine.  For the last several months I have been involved in a group of 10 (5 Christians and 5 Jews) who are trying to learn as much as we can about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  We have pledged to each other that we are not trying to convince each other but share and educate each other.  The group includes a Presbyterian minister and a rabbi.  There are times when we have needed to remind each other as to why we are meeting; sometimes personal feelings and opinions get involved.  So far I think we can all agree this is a very old and multi-viewed conflict.  Neither Israelis nor Palestinians feels very secure or safe in their homes.  If we understand this then I believe it is much easier to accept that both parties feel wronged and therefore feel the-other-guy must change first.  Think how we would react if Ohio had a very large well equipped, well trained military that stopped us, questioned us and often would not allow us to cross the border from Pennsylvania into Ohio for jobs, shopping, medical care or just to visit friends and family.  How would Ohio respond if our government and/or small militant “gangs” from Pennsylvania kept shooting rockets (supplied by West Virginia) or kidnapped 3 PA teenagers and killed then for no apparent reason?

The point I’m trying to make is that both sides have done a lot wrong and some things right, but, neither group feels safe enough to be the first to take a few steps in a different direction.  Doing what we can to try to get them to talk to each other is a start, but we will never see serious negotiations until there is trust.  I don’t think we (USA) are the answer.  However I do believe we need to stop all financial and military aid to both sides.  I believe we need to stand up in front of both parties and in front of the world and be a better moral example of how to treat our fellow man.  If we believe we ALL have equal rights then we need to act accordingly.  I know we don’t all feel that way but I am sure, and I believe history supports this position, that no one can win by overpowering someone or by building walls or by just killing everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

For now my preaching is over.  I would like to hear your thoughts; I would like to bring your ideas, concerns and positions on this conflict to my group.  I will not share names or places, just thoughts or feeling on what you think must change.  Our group does not feel we are going to change the world, but hopefully, by educating each other, we can have a better understanding of each other’s positions.  God does not teach us by beating us over the head or forcing himself on us.  First we must be quiet and then listen and follow his example.  I’m looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks FRED

08/08/14 08:12 AM #188    


Phillip Mathewson

Nancy, OK I was a little high but not by much.

08/08/14 08:53 AM #189    


Phillip Mathewson

Should math be taught in schools?

08/08/14 09:58 AM #190    

Nancy Sherbondy Havlik

Thanks Fred for your thoughts.  I agree that the United States can't solve the crisis in Israel/Gazza.  Possibly the answer is opening the borders so Gazza citizens and goods can move more freely, but have borders monitored by Palestian  Authority, Egypt and Israel together so Gazza citizen don't continued to be held as essenially prisoners of war.

08/08/14 05:55 PM #191    

Joseph Atchison

Fred, I commend you and the other nine members of your group,who meet and discuss the Israeli /Palestinian situation. But, how could you possibly get a handle on the real heart of the problems which both sides face without a Palestinian or Muslim voice in your group.? Of course,fifteen people in a group of strong believers is more a "gathering" than a group to discuss meaningful resolutions to the problems that are so deeply Imbedded in the areas involved. Should you find five "or fewer"  transplanted palestinian sympathizers in the area, then you may see the very deep roots of the conflict that has taken so many lives innocent or otherwise. Good luck with that. 

                                 Respectfully ,Joe A.

08/09/14 04:28 PM #192    

Richard Wendling

Dear Joe A.

How far back in history would you prefer we go to assess the current Arab-Israeli situation, 2014, 1973, 1967, 1948, 70, 1200BC? History, if we read it, it will give us perspective as we try to solve current problems, be they race, religion, military or political. "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness....Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." G. Santayana, 1905

Let me pose this to you: how and when did Judaism, Christianity and Islam begin? Judaism was one of if not the first monotheistic religions (Joseph circa 1745 BC)  and the first (to my knowledge) whose believers recorded conversations/ instructions from their G-d. Neither can you prove or disprove these, but look at what resulted from them: a more stable social arrangement which relied less on a tyrannical, despotical or hereditary ruler and more on an elected committee of elders; not perfect, but better).

Here's what I get from Jesus the Christ or Christianity: We have a holy (humble, honest, skilled tradesman, respected by most of whom who heard him speak) man, who preached about 2000 years ago. He took a/the next step in monotheism: the direct communication of man with God along with the reduced need for intercession of a priesthood. (Note that people being people, the Roman Church developed an intercessory hierarchy that was not shaken until Luther's 95 Theses in 1517.)

What are the teachings and methods of promulgation of Christianity? We teach the Ten Commandments (Old Testament) and Love one another as yourself (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. New Testament). Of course, there were flawed people who "practised" Christianity over the last 2000 years, but remember this: Christians as a whole stopped killing those who believed differently or in a different method of practising Christianity more than 500 years ago. This IS progress!

Now look at Islam. Mohammad was a robber of caravans who reformed in about 632. The religion that he and his successors develped nevertheless kept murder of other men as part of their religion. The Shiites and Sunnis are at it today!  It is mandated that those who leave the religion are apostates who must be killed. Those who commit adultery (women mostly) must be killed. Those who demean the Prophet must be killed. Those who fight in war against Islam must be killed. And those who will not convert, even after a period of paying Jizya, must convert or be killed.

When did the last Christian martyr kill a bunch of non-believers in order to go to Heaven? When did the last Muslim kill a bunch of non-believers to go to Paradise. Answer: yesterday, maybe today!

One does not need an equal number of "Palestinians" to discuss present day Arab-Israeli relations, merely to read history. Arab leaders in 1948 encouraged some 800,000 Arabs to leave the new State of Israel, promising them not just the right of return but to the land and possessions of the Jews. What did the Arab leaders then do? They kicked some 800,000 Jews out of their native (since about 70AD) countries. What did Israeli leaders do? They took in those 800,000 expelled Jews AND made citizens of those Arabls who remained in Israel! 

Fly over the Middle East (or Google Earth it). As you apporach you will see brown desert from the North, East or South, then nothing but green that is Israel. The Israelis have made the desert bloom. The Arabs have done nothing much with their oil wealth but become hedonists and rich promoters of Jihad. The Israelis do not march with placards saying Kill the Jews, Kill Americans, or Kill Non-believers. The Israelis neither hoist their children upon fences as shields, nor fire 3500 rockets into Gazan neighborhoods, nor set up military installations under schools, hospitals or Synagogues, nor dig tunnels into Gaza to kill Arabs. The Israelis provide, water, natural gas, electricity and cement to Gaza to this day. What did Hamas do with the cement? They built some 45, concrete, formed-section tunnels instead of houses, etc.

No, Joe, with respect, you don't need "Palestinians" to be part of any discussion. There is no dealing with Hamas or Islam except with force. 

Let me leave you with this joke: "To whom does the land of Israel belong?
    An Israeli sense of humor at the UN set the record straight....A representative from Israel began: 'Before beginning my talk, I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, "What a good opportunity to have a bath!" Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them!

    A Palestnian representative jumped up and furiously shouted, "What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren't there then!"

   The Israeli representative smiled and said, "And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my talk."


08/10/14 01:08 PM #193    

Joseph Atchison

Richard, there is truly no disputing what you've stated in reference to the Palestinian /Israeli conflict. I am of the same belief,but am unable to state an opinion as eloquently as you have. I was however ,but not as hsitorically,voicing my own belief that no solution could ever be reached because of the "deep rooted" beliefs held by both sides. And to see that personally, just bring a Palestinian into the mix of Jews and Christians,but search him first. I suppose my sarcasm was just too lighty stated in my note to Fred. Take care Richard. 

08/18/14 07:56 PM #194    

Richard Wendling

Nancy Sherbondy Havlik,

As I recall you wrote, Arabs and Israelis will have difficulty coming to truce. This is a certainty. It is not that Israel doesn't provide (sell) water, electricity, natural gas and other products to support the people of Gaza, they do. It's not that Israelis fire some 3,500 unguided rockets into Gaza, they don't.
It's not that we hear in the media Israelis shouting "Death to Arabs", they don't.
It's not that the Israelis dig 45 tunnels into Gaza for the purpose of kidnapping and killing Arabs, they don't.
It's not that the Israelis promise Jews (no longer) living in Gaza the right of return, they don't.

Even though a large percentage of American Jews support Israel and the Idea of the State of Israel, those same American Jews vote for Democrats. Here's a chart:

Why do so many Jews vote Democrats? My friend in Israel is unable to answer, but I can guess. Jews as a whole are optimistic, hopeful for justice (live and let live) and sure of Divine Love and, in short, are idealistic. The idea of Communism did not begin in 1917. Early Colonists in Jamestown (?) tried communism; it failed. Each according to his need; each according to his ability, failed; they starved because English government  failed to provide a safety net for them.

 America has tried communism, providing a safety net for all by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It's failing: $17 trillions in admitted debt and $120 trillions is promised but unfunded mandates (

The solution for Amrica, Israel and people everywhere is: Judeo-Christian-based ethical behavior and laws applicable to all. Today's Democrats don't understand this, neither do Arab Muslims.

08/20/14 09:55 AM #195    


Phillip Mathewson

How can anyone think Obamacare is a success?  It costs more, it provides less, and there are still 20-30 million uninsured Americans.  I believe the whole mess will be repealed after the November election.  At least that is my prayer!

08/20/14 12:19 PM #196    

David L. Carroll

Judging Obamacare's success or failure depends on your view of it's objective, and thus the judgment is in the eye of the beholder!  Much like judging beauty.  If your objective was to expand government's reach into our lives, Obamacare is a large success.  If your objective was to improve on our health care system the evidence in so far seems to point in the other direction.   

08/21/14 10:45 AM #197    


Phillip Mathewson

Once again Obama has failed our country by telling our enemies how our military operates. He is letting them know how we attempted to rescue Jim Foley and how and why the attempt failed. Whose side is Obama on?

Minutes after Obama held his press conference on the beheading of Jim Foley he returned to his golf game.  The people who voted for him must be so proud!

08/21/14 06:43 PM #198    


Phillip Mathewson

We had it good back in the late 50's.  No one was pushinhg Marxism or Socialism then.  It was a wonderful time to be alive.  We had real leaders in our country, unlike we do today.  I pray to God that our children and our grand children will have a place to live and prosper when we are gone.


08/22/14 08:43 AM #199    

Carolyn Moore Newberger

This "conversation" has devolved into hateful ranting.  I do not think it should be allowed to continue.


08/22/14 10:21 AM #200    

Frederick Ohsol


1959  Federal Income tax max bracket 91%

Federal estate tax max bracket 77%


2013 FIT max 44.6%.  FET max40%

According to your definition we grew up under Socialism!


Fred Ohsol


08/22/14 11:09 AM #201    


Maureen Reynolds Clark


To disagree is not hate speech.   The argumennts posted are from the heart.  They should be discussed not shut down!  

08/22/14 08:02 PM #202    

Joseph Atchison

Well,I Love Peaches,and I Hate what Obama is doing/done to our country. Keep on keeping on Phil. Speech is one Right we still have . So as far as "why can't we all just get along" Harry Truman ,a real president,is credited with the answer. "If you can't take the heat,get out of the kitchen"

08/22/14 08:41 PM #203    


Phillip Mathewson



You are right.  Income taxes were much higher them.  But today there are hundreds more taxes on us.  Payroll taxes, Medicare taxes, and many others.  The result is that the average working person pays over 50% of his total income in federal, state, and local taxes.  And in the mean time we are not allowed to drink a large Coke.  I think our freedoms have been severely compromised over that last 50 years.  JMHO of course.

08/22/14 09:55 PM #204    

David L. Carroll

Why do liberals who like to be called progressives refer to conversation they disagee with as hateful?  Name calling is also a standard tactic of those with that political viewpoint.  Namecalling is not a rebutal!!!  There is merit to disagreement, and while I have seen strongly expressed opinions on both sides of the political spectrim expressed in this medium, I have not seen anything close to hateful, unless you are a  person who hates to hear an opinion that you feel hate toward.

08/23/14 08:19 AM #205    

Beatrice Favinger Hayduk

My dear Caarolyn Moore,,  It is what it is.  These messages are very  serious for our survival.  Please wake up please!!!!!!!!!

08/28/14 02:11 AM #206    

Richard Wendling

Hi all!

I was in the middle of composing a letter last night when my iPhone crashed, the screen went black. It was not until Veronica at Verizon reminded me to push simultaneously on both buttons to get the marvel to come to life.
Anyway, I was writing about a show I watched on the NFL channel called, "The Immaculate Reception." If you haven't seen it, please try to find a repeat on NFL. Talk about sitting around the pot-bellied stove and rehashing sports plays from long ago...!

Speaking of which, in 1960 after the seventh game of the World Series in Which Bill Mazeroski hit the winning homer, I cut swimming practice at Grove City College and was cut from the team. Short college swimming career.

08/28/14 01:29 PM #207    

Barry Sullivan


The Immaculate Reception and the the Mazeroski home run - two wondeful memoies.


Barry Sullivan

09/06/14 07:17 AM #208    

Jean Dingman Knapper

Greetings from the beautiful island of Malta.  Tom is working at the American Embassy and I'm enjoying the amenities of the Hilton Hotel.  It's a great life!

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