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05/26/15 12:47 PM #1304    

Becky Ann Myton


Your jazz video was pure joy for me too.  Congrats!




05/26/15 03:55 PM #1305    

Dennis Sander

Carolyn,...Thanks for the good ol' time music in your post. You were really great, and getting into it!  It was,... dare I even say it,... uplifting!


 And,...Phil, re: your virulent post #1294, obviously intent on condeming my well intended, heartfelt, and people pleasant post #1293,...All I can say is,....He's Baaaaaaaack! Do you really want to take all ownership of everyone's feelings too, knowing what and how we feel, and especially do you really presume to know my horror, or my lack of it, according to you, at what is going on over there! If I weren't so nice, I would think up a nice big juicy name to attribute to you,, but I won't sink to that, as that is precisely what you want,...and i'll not give you that type of pleasure, sadistic as it may be! I converse often, and even discuss daily this whole demonic problem, and I try to envision both the world's and especially this country's best strategies about all of this constantly, seeking answers to this senseless barbaric rage, with my friends, colleagues, pastor, church family, and virtually everyone I encounter! I'm Hardly a part of your inappropriately conceived, and fatally imagined La La Land, that you say belong to all the liberals!  Do us all a favor, and go find something somewhat more useful and so much better to do than to attempt to ruin your classmates personae on this Forum. It has, and will backfire, as you have constantly heard recently. And, you, yes you, Phil,... definitely,... do not even attempt to speak for me, as you have proved so often that you are incapable of so doing, with any degree of reality, intelligent discourse, or accuracy whatever!

How utterly presumptive, regrettable, and thoughtless of you!

P.S. Why can't you just be civil? Try it, perhaps you'll like it!



05/26/15 04:51 PM #1306    

Joseph Kiray

This is truly amazing!

05/26/15 05:41 PM #1307    

Dennis Sander

Wow! Joe, just,...Wow! Thanks


05/26/15 07:43 PM #1308    


Phillip Mathewson


That's an old one but a good one.  It was great hearing it again.  I never realized that the old spiritual music was basically just the sharps and flats.  "Amazing Grace", one of my favorite songs.  Thanks for posting.

05/26/15 09:36 PM #1309    


Ruth Ann Lorenzato Sasser




Carolyn, I enjoyed the video.  You did a fine job on the wash board and I could tell that you and the others were having fun and enjoying yourselves. What a great group of musicians to be associated with. I would be very interested in having a CD.  I can pay with Pay Pal or whatever suits you best and please let me know what other info you may need.  Thanks.

Wondering if you you are familiar with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band based in New Orleans.  My husband, Bob and I have attended their performances thru the years and have made arrangements to see them once again in Nelsonville, Ohio in June.  Quite a few of the original members have passed on (they were very old when we first saw them, but in spite of their age they were excellent musicians).  The "new guys'" have carried on the tradition and it is always a memorable evening and we are looking forward to another exciting performance.

Hope you will forward more music.



05/27/15 12:00 PM #1310    


Phillip Mathewson

05/27/15 08:00 PM #1311    


Phillip Mathewson



05/27/15 10:00 PM #1312    


Phillip Mathewson


You said in #1287 “When they're down, lift them to their feet.  (Get them started in the right direction.)”

How has that worked in the “War on Poverty”?

05/27/15 10:04 PM #1313    

Judith Gira Bott

Wow, Corolyn, I too enjoyed your video. You all looked like you were having a good time. That's what it's all about. 

05/28/15 12:15 AM #1314    


Phillip Mathewson


I watched your video again tonight.  It is just so cool! 

05/28/15 08:42 AM #1315    

Dennis Sander


You asked me in your recent post #1312,... "Dennis, you said in #1287,......But I did not write post #1287. That post was written by Peter Mills, so you need to direct your question to him, as he made the comment to which you refer. To refresh your memory, I include his comment here and your question regarding that comment to help you find the answer you seek.

 You say,..."Dennis, you said in #1287, "When they're down, lift them to their feet. (Get them started in the right direction)" How has that worked in the "War on Poverty"?

Again, since #1287 was not my post, you need to direct your question to Peter, as the quote to which you refer was in his post #1287, and I'm sure he will answer your question.


05/28/15 12:38 PM #1316    

Victoria Anderson Breen

Carolyn, you are certainly a woman of many talents!!!!  I always dreamed of being  musician, but never did I think of a washboard!  Amazing!  You are a gal who clearly is making the most out of life!!!!!

05/28/15 06:09 PM #1317    

Carolyn Moore Newberger

Thank you all who have enjoyed the video.  If you'd like a copy of the CD of Eli's band, which also has my drawings of the players in the booklet (but not the washboard!), go to his website, where you can buy it with a click:  It will also give you a sense of what we've been up to.  My website is, if you're in the mood for a little more (or a little Moore!).

05/28/15 09:27 PM #1318    


Phillip Mathewson


#1312 corrected.  I hope I am forgiven for my error.

05/29/15 09:07 AM #1319    


Judith Zionts Fox

After I wrote the following from Message 1288, David commented something I expressed to my family that would happen. How predictable liberals are!!! 

#1291 David L. Carroll

Judith, I will not be surprised if your message is ignored by those with which you are trying to communicate.  It does not fit the image of this problem that they have fixed in their hearts, emotions and minds.  I feel your sense of being violated in a way much more significant than a stupid childhood recollection.  But we all have our priorities!   


In the next message Joan wrote and I do believe it was in response to David's message and my message.

#1292  Joan Stephens Kubancek

Bad things have happened to all of us.  I would much rather share and enjoy the good memories.  Thanks Peter for sharing your story.  It was great fun to read it.


Joan that was sad because that is a bad thing that is happening to you. You are doing exactly what so many Germans did and said prior to the Holocaust.  Do you recall the Holocaust in Germany? 6 million Jews, and millions of Christians, gays, handicapped, mentally ill and mentally retarded were brutally starved to death, raped, tortured and gassed to their death. I am telling you this because perhaps you don't know that the people ignored and made ridiculous comments such as you did. Consequently more and more people suffered physically and mentally and died. Those who survived suffered horrendous losses and were debillitated. This is why the Nazis were able to achieve the horrendous results that they did. I've known and met several survivors of the Holocaust, have seen their numbers tatooed on their arms and have heard their tragic stories. If you research further, you will learn that people such as you put a deaf ear to what was happening. They spoke ridiculous comments such as you did.

Oh so now I am hearing from the liberals, "that will never happen in the United States."  For your information, it is happening all over the world and look what is happening the the US now. You might wish to research this and inform yourselves.


What happened to me is not at all an isolated experience. In fact it is happening all the time all over our country. 

The difference between most liberals (not all) and most conservatives (not all) is that a conservative would usually not ignore such statements as I wrote. Conservatives for the most part would say such things as "gee. I never thought of that. You have given me something to think about." or "Gee I was wrong. Thanks for setting me right."  Here is what I wrote.

#1288 Judith Zionts Fox

Two years ago I was lying in bed when my husband was out. Someone who did not belong in our home walked past our bedroom, clearly one of the illegals who sneak into Texas from Mexico. So friends I did it all wrong. I should have gone straight to him and with great concern ask him if he was hungry and prepared him a nice hot meal. Definitely I should have inquired if he was well and offered medical care. Maybe I should have bought him some clothing and let him spend the night in our guest room. I should have paid for schooling as well to teach him English. To top my rudeness off, I did call the police. How inhospitable! I confess, I screwed up.  “I am my brother's keeper. “

He got our credit card that was left on our table and so he did get some spending money. I did that one right. I bought him dinner at a Mexican restaurant, bought him gas for his car and had it repaired at a shop as he traveled to Fort Worth. Oh yes, I did not leave out entertainment as he was able to get some CDs that were in Spanish.

Oh did I hear someone say, “don't be sarcastic. That is not the same thing.  He broke into your home! That's different.  Besides the credit card company paid as it was stolen and reported within 24 hours.”  Well not exactly, you and I pay for this in more than one way. 

So you said this is different. Is it? Friends, he broke into our country and we pay for all of the above, not to mention putting ourselves into harm's way.  Did you know that?

05/29/15 09:58 AM #1320    


Phillip Mathewson


You are exactly right in your synopsis of what is going on in our country today.  There is too much apathy and too many people living in their own tiny world ignoring the massive problems of our country.  Our economy is in shambles and some economists are predicting a severe downturn in the near future.  Don’t be surprised if the racial situation gets worse and Obama declares Martial Law.  The only way to turn a bad situation around is for EVERYONE to be active and  involved.  Changes can be made quickly when the majority participate. An example of this was the adoption of the 20th Amendment which took only 8 months because a huge majority of Americans pushed for it.

05/29/15 11:45 AM #1321    

Victoria Anderson Breen

Hey Tom, I am amazed at what a fantastic job you have done, tracking down all the classmates of '59.......kudos to you!!!!  Thank you for doing this tedious job.  You deserve lots of credit from all of us!  What a thoughtful service you have given us.  A big THANK YOU from all your classmates!!!!!  You have always been such a nice, fun guy, and you deserve to be appreciated!

05/29/15 08:04 PM #1322    

Joan Stephens Kubancek


I am troubled by your comments suggesting that I was ignoring your sad story.  I only said “Bad things have happened to all of us. I would much rather share and enjoy the good memories” and followed up with thanks to Peter for sharing his story.

Why would you attack me for that?  What did I say that you don’t agree with? Bad things only happen to you?  You don't enjoy reading about the good things our classmates are doing? 


05/30/15 08:43 AM #1323    


Phillip Mathewson

05/30/15 09:11 AM #1324    


Judith Zionts Fox

Joan, you missed my point totally again. I was not saying that this only happens to me. In fact I was making the point that this is what is happening in our country over and over and yet the liberal folks are still voting for progressive candidates that want to allow people to come into our country illegally. On top of that, the Progressives (regardless of the party) want to allow these people to become citizens. Instead of securing our borders and treating these illegals as criminals, our country is giving them lots of perks. (free health care, welfare, shelter, food stamps and the list goes on). Are you aware of what other countries do if Americans come into their country illegally. Look it up. Don't take my word for this. 

See what happened to Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi who mistakenly took the wrong road when he was moving and found himself entering Mexico. Research him. He tried to turn around and they would not allow this. Instead they imprisoned him, beat him and what did Obama do to help him. Nothing! 

What does Obama do when illegals come into the US? (free health care, welfare, shelter, food stamps).  Do your own research. Not only was I not thinking that this only happens to me (It is happening to people all the time), I was thinking how lucky I was, that the ending was happy, not sad. I was not hurt and all I lost was a credit card that I could immediately stop. Some of our neighbors (and I mean neighbors living within a block from us) got cleaned out of almost everything they own. One was held under gunpoint. (Don't say well we must live in a bad area. Actually quite to the contrary.) A family lost their daughter from the play ground of a middle school to a kidnapping from an illegal Mexican and it has been a few years and have yet to find their child. No doubt she was sold as a sex slave in Mexico. No I was really lucky. He saw me and left our home with our credit card. 

Okay, did I hear someone say that not all the illegals are doing bad things to us. Yes some of them are just costing us a lot of money as we are paying out of our own pockets for their perks:(free health care, welfare, shelter, food stamps). Have you ever wondered why our taxes are so high?  But in addition among them are thieves, murderers and terrorists. We have a legal system that allows people to come in legally who are screened so that only good people are allowed to enter and also we screen them for diseases like Ebola and TB so that they don't give us these life threatening diseases. Meanwhile we have US citizens who need help and are not able to get the kind of help that the illegals are getting.

So Joan, you completely missed the point. Do your own research so that you find out that this is not something that is coming out of my imagination. You can read all this for yourself if you go on line and look it up and if you watch Fox News. Thank you Joan for allowing me the opportunity to explain this to you and to others who have missed my point. 

05/30/15 09:28 AM #1325    


Judith Zionts Fox

Joan, have you read my statements in completion. I am thinking that you read a couple of sentences and then both times you wrote your response. I get so puzzled from your responses as you miss completely my point. I spell out what I say. I know you could not have graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School and not know how to read. So my conclusion is that maybe you aren't reading what I wrote.

05/30/15 09:32 AM #1326    


Judith Zionts Fox

Phillip, I have some bad news. Our daughter is paying $1050 a month for their insurance as Blue Cross switched her to that Obamacare plan. What is really bad is that she voted Republican both times, never voted for Obama.

05/30/15 10:22 AM #1327    

Joan Stephens Kubancek


I have no idea what you want me to say.  I agree with you?  I disagree with you?  Do you know what I am, liberal, conserative?  You only know I don't want to debate my political views on this forum and for that you berate me.  This is the America you stand for?  Very, very sad.  

05/30/15 11:39 AM #1328    

Victoria Anderson Breen

Hey Mary Ellen, thanx for posting your new pix!!!!! Everone looks fabulous! We all know that 70 is the new 50!!!!!  Your family is adorable also.  Wondering.......will we ever have another reunion............?  Hope so!  Ok, now, classmates, you can resume your bickering.........."can't we all just get along?"  I just don't get the point of all of this nonsense.  Nobody is going to change anyone's mind at our age, so why not discuss current topics that are of concern, besides how Obama has messed up.  Our world is changing right before our eyes...this is scarey stuff.  We need to brainstorm for solutions....we might just come up with a good idea.....have ya' ever considered that?  After all, most of us is smart, educated, and now by our mere age, wise.  We are all affected by this quirky climate change.  Anyone have any ideas??????  I am challenging y'all to some CREATIVE about it?

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