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•   Peter Miller  10/14
•   Dianne Marshall (Marshall)  10/3
•   Paul Krause  9/22
•   Linda Franklin (Tobin)  9/22
•   Nan Houghteling (Wicker)  9/21
•   Dan Fromm  12/26
•   Dave Toerper  12/18
•   Cynthia (Cindy) Wells  11/11
•   Vera DeBenedetti (Bonnet)  10/6
•   Ingrid (Binki) Nagin  9/19
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Dale Smith, who I mentioned in my last post has been found. He heads the Dale Smith Blues Band. They perform in Copenhagen Denmark where he has apparently lived for many years. You can view him and his band performing on You Tube.


A memory and photo from Joe Kransdorf:

The picture is from the Library of Congress. It has been used in a lot of media, particularly during the 50th anniversary of the March. It is notable because there are several people that folks from our group know. The African American man at the front of the March holding the banner is Dale Smith. It's my recollection that my mother, Jean, painted the banner. Dale was a high school student in East Braddock Pa at the time this picture was taken. I am the second person to Dale’s right.

Not to far behind me, just under the “Pittsburgh Student Coordinating Committee sign is Molly Yard. Molly went on to lead the National Organization of Women during the campaign to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. Farther back on the right side of the line of march is what appears to me to be the profile of Bill Strickland. Only he can say if that is him for sure. Also present in this contingent but not visible are Addison (Errol) Booker. I know many others of our group participated in the train ride and March on that hot August day. Now’s is the time to shout it out if you were there. It’s been 55 years since the March. I never get tired of celebrating the fact that I actually got to hear Dr. King give his “I have a Dream” speech live....


An Announcement from Alan Venable:

Just out and available on Amazon: "Hope's Kids: A Voting Rights Summer". It's the story of the Brandeis U. chapter of the SCLC/SCOPE 1965 voter registration project. SCLC/SCOPE worked in many counties across the south. Brandeis SCOPE, of which I was part, operated in three adjacent South Carolina counties, with very different experiences in each. This is a warts-and-all account based on several summer-long diaries, letters and other documents from the time and about three years of research on my part. It's amazing how little and how inaccurately anyone remembers 50 years later! Was I really there? You could have fooled me! For me the greatest satisfaction of this revisit was learning a lot about the brave and wonderful people we were privileged to meet and work with as we fumbled about in a fast-changing time. How far we've come, and how not so far. We could all stand to turn back and re-read Michael Harrington's Poverty in America--and look around at today.


Caroline Wood  10/23