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•   Kathy Wycoff (Peterson)  8/17
•   Virginia Belcher (Nendel)  7/2
•   Sue Bumpus  6/10
•   Linda Mapes (Glaz)  5/31
•   Dixie Saboe (Henckel)  5/30
•   Victoria Case (Reid)  4/5
•   Kathleen Brown (Atkins)  3/3
•   Mary Kirvan (Veenhuis)  9/22
•   Mary Cutler  9/13
•   Ann Gager Brewster (Hill)  8/20
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 38.9%

A:   68   Joined
B:   107   Not Joined


•   Daniel Holmes  8/28
•   Roger Pease  8/29
•   Janeth Stuart  9/7
•   Gerald Braybrooks  9/10
•   Cheryl Prouty (Bakker)  9/11
•   Roger Bolen  9/12
•   Laura Miller (Zeock)  9/13
•   Robert Wellington  9/17
•   Paul Sherwood  9/19



Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Arizona
4 live in California
5 live in Colorado
8 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Indiana
3 live in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
120 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Nebraska
1 lives in New York
2 live in Ohio
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
2 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
3 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Luxembourg
1 lives in Sweden
6 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Plainwell Class of 1968
Home of the Mighty Trojans


August brings so many things to mind

Like county fairs with fun foods and rides to mind.

Catfush scream louder than ever for our fishing poles,

Inviting us to joyous jaunts at our favorite watering holes.

The dog days of summer start drawing to a close,

But there's still time for a lake visit or just a sprinkler hose.

August, August, we thank you for your role in this summer.

Without you no doubt this season would be a real bummer.

                                                           - Gregory Huyette








"Hot town summer in the city

Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty

Been down, isn't it a pity

Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city."




"In August, the large masses of berries, which,

when in flower, had attracted many wild bees,

gradually assumed their bright velvety crimson

hue, and by their weight again bend down and broke

their tender limbs."

                          -Henry David Thoreau 




                    SWEET SUMMER OF OUR YOUTH

When we were growing up, we didn't come inside until the street lights came on. 

Or our mothers called.

And, really, no one wanted his or her mother to call because that meant you were

late and you know what that meant.

Be home early tomorrow night.


And no one wanted that.

We'd set out early in the morning, every kid on the block, with no particular

destination in mind.  We'd ride our bikes, play cards on someone's picnic table,

eat lunch at home or at a friend's, get back on our bikes, plop down under a tree

and read for awhile or just lie back and watch the clouds go by.  At 6 o'clock, we'd

go in for supper-sometimes at home, sometimes at a friend's-and head back outdoors

(after doing the dishes by hand, of course) for some kind of game.

We all played together, on teams that were as fluid as the summer skies.

Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, Marbles, and Baseball.  Sometimes we just

ran down the street, trying out our new Red Ball Jets that promised we'd run

faster and jump higher. 

My memories, no doubt are your memories, back in the day when families only had

one car, more Moms worked at home than in the office, and there were kids in

every house on the block.

All you had to do was go outside and something was going on.

Those were the days...






Carole Sharrard Morley            8/01

Gisela Frochlich Mathias          8/02

Joyce Reed Golden                 8/04

Steve Allen                           8/13

Lois Brown Sanford                 8/17

Sheila Gregory Howard            8/17

Kathy Keith Hughes                8/19

Daniel Holmes                        8/28

Roger Pease                          8/29



Important Days in August:

August 1st:  National Raspberry Cream Pie Day


August 2nd:  National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.


August 3rd:  National Watermelon Day


August 10th:  Lazy Day



Family Fun Month    

Peach Month 

National Golf Month


Donald Tungate is home and feeling well after having surgery on June 21st.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.

8/16/14:  Received word from Bill Robertson that Steve Locatis passed away Friday, Aug. 15th at his residence in Plainwell.  Bill stated that Steve had bladder cancer for about 8-9 years.   No final details yet.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 


          "When we are connected to others, we become better people."

                                            -Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture                                        



*We now have a facebook page:  Plainwell Class of 1968.   Come join us!  

                                        Just because you didn't ask...



               August Ladies Get-together at Sheila's.


         Cheryl, Linda, Kathy, Nancy, Sarah and Vickie



                          Sue and Laura

                       Laura, Jill and Sheila


                      Bonnie and Laura



              July Ladies Night Out at Fricano's...


Lt:  Nanette, Vickie, Jill, Sheila and Sue 

Rt: Sharon, Kathy Peterson, Kathy Atkins, Jo, Cheryl and Sarah


    June ladies night out at Pizza Hut...2014

Sharon, Suzie, Vickie, Sheila, Kathy Hughes, Kathy Atkins, Laura, Jo and Nannette.


         Kathy Hughes, Laura, Kathy Atkins and Jo


        A Fun Day in South Haven - May 28, 2014

                   Sheila, Bonnie, Kathy and Jo

                Jo, Laura, Sheila, Bonnie and Kathy


              Our ladies May gathering at the LYNX

                   Geri Keeney Clark  and Sheila

 Linda, Sue, Vickie, Jo, Karen, Cheryl, Kathy, Bonnie and Geri.



Our April gathering. Had a lot of fun and lots of laughs. 

Love these Ladies!  (2014)


L:  Bonnie, Ann, Kathy Peteron, Jo, Sheila and Cheryl.

R: Nancy, Kathy Hughes, Vicie Case Reid, Kathy Atkins, Suzie and Sarah.


                          Sheila, Kathy and Cheryl.  

                    Sarah Siva Chavez and Sue .

                           Jo, Sheila and Cheryl.  

           Sarah, Sue, Vickie, Kathy Hughes and Nancy.      

             Bonnie, Ann and Kathy Peterson.


  Our March ladies afternoon out at the Old Mill Brew Pub (2014)





          Here are some Pictures from the 45th Class Reunion:                       


                        Our Tribute to our Veterans


                 Honoring our deceased classmates

Getting ready to launch sky lanterns to honor our 10 classmates who have passed on.

Can you see the all 10 sky lanterns?       We will never forget...

                          The Cooper Coolies:

                 Woody, Ken, Bruce, Bob and Laura


          The Gilkey Kids (Eastside)

BR: Bruce, Paul, Joyce, Dean, Millard and Nanette

FR:  Betsy, Sheila and Kathy

       The Gilkey Kids (Westside)

BR: Dan, Gail, Nancy and Bob Wellington

MR: Cathy, Bonnie, Ann and Jill

FR:  Steve Sanders

               The Starr Kids

BR: Karen, Kathy, Ken, Bruce, Linda and Nancy

FR: Sue, Cheryl, Sharon and Murray

Millard receiving his long lost lunch bucket from long ago.

          Sheila, Bruce, Kathy and Millard

            Anne Hill, Karen Rocha and Linda Discher

                     Roger Pease and Karen

 Bruce Snow who graciously donated this beautiful painting. What a fantastic Artist!

            And....the lucky winner is:  Linda Discher

          Steve Sanders and his wonderful wife Edith

   Steve Locatis and Kathy Keith Hughes standing in background


                        Jill and Laura


             Bob Wellington and his lovely wife, April


                  Kathy with my husband, Earl

                       Roger, Bruce and Denny

                   Murray Harrison


           Kathy, Laura, Jo, Bonnie, Karen and Betsy

                          Sheila and Paul

                     Nancy and Don Colgrove


                           Cheryl and Laura

                 Bonnie and her husband, Jim


                  Ken Madden and Cathy Motter


                   Laura, Bruce and Sue


  Rick Hughes, Dan Holmes and Ken Madden have great singing voices!


         Sue Nelson and Denny Norman


     Kathy Peterson, Bob Wellington and Sue Bumpus


      Kathy, Dean, Cathy and Nancy


  We had an AWESOME Photo Booth!       Bonnie and Kathy



I'm not sure at what age you realize what a gift it is when someone offers

you his or her friendship.  Perhaps we know it intuitively as children, when we

enviously eye the cliques that form among our peers--but I doubt it.

I think then we want the companionship but we don't yet understand the gift and

obligations of a good friend.  It is not until years later; when we've lost friends or

outgrown them or failed at the attempt to reconnect with an old friend, that we

realize just how valuable a commodity a friend is.

Friends are one of the great wonders of life.  They are the gift you never expected,

rarely deserve and always treasure.                                                     





Although it is unfortunate that we have lost some of our classmates over the

years...We can help keep their spirit alive by posting a funny story or

a kind remembrance of them. 

         Visit "In Memory"



           Plainwell High School Class of 1968 - Sweet Memories...




Barry Cunningham        Navy Reserve

Bill Robertson                  Army

Bruce Snow                     Army

Craig Nelson                   Air Force (deceased)

Darwin Myland               Army

David Thomas                Army

Dennis Nelson               Army

Jim Boyce                      Navy

John Greer                    Air Force

Larry Foster                  Air Force

Lee Gorton                    Seabees

Linda Mapes Glaz        Air Force

Melvin Valkner             Army

Phil Wilson                    Army (died 12/16/1970-Viet Nam)

Rick Hughes                 Army

Stephen Sanders         Navy

Terry Kelly                Army (deceased)







        What made us friends so long ago when we first met?

        Well, I think I know.  The best in me and the best in you

        found each other because they knew that always since

        life began...our being friends was part of God's plan.


                         CLASS REUNION COMMITTEE 2014


                         Sheila, Kathy, Jo and Bonnie


           Kathy (Brown) Atkins:  Coordinator/Website Administrator

           Bonnie (Mills) Hoffman:  Treasurer

           Jo (Reed) Golden:  Secretary

          Sheila (Gregory) Howard:  Public Relations             


Your site was created to help promote, celebrate and reconnect with classmates.  It

is hard to believe that it has been 46 years since we walked the halls of Plainwell High

School.  Throughout those years we have managed to keep in touch through reunions --

but the internet has provided us with a much easier means of communication --through 

email, facebook and now our website.  Your participation is essential for the success of this site.

Please use and enjoy it!  As you know, our class is exceptional and it's worth the time

and effort to help keep us connected.  Now, here we are in 2014 and recently enjoyed our 45th

class reunion!   WOW! where have the years gone.


If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this website, or would

like to see something added, please contact us. If you have any childhood or

updated pictures, please e-mail them to Kathy (Brown) Atkins 

      We would love to put them on the site.      

         SMILE!!  Start clicking those cameras.  


Also, please remember if your Home Address, E-mail Address or Phone Number

has changed, please give Kathy Brown Atkins a call at: (269) 685-8293

or e-mail her 

                We don't want to lose contact with any of you. Remember, we are ALL important!!!                                 




If you have any problems or complaints--


Feel free to contact us.