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09/16/08 10:22 PM #16    

Tammy Klein (King)

I can bring my books too. I think I even have all of them from middle school - I just have to find them.

I haven't even looked at them for a long time so it will be fun to look back at the past.

09/17/08 01:54 PM #17    

Tiffany McCann (Anderson)

I sure wish I could make the reunion....will someone do me a favor? Take lots of pics and post them on this site afterwards? I hope we have a 25 Year Reunion...I am going to make that one come hell or high water!

09/18/08 08:45 AM #18    

Becky Weigel (Nolden)

My camera is on the blinx as I dropped it a few weeks ago. And I was sober! Not fair! I am counting on Sherri and Tammy K to take tons of photos and post them!
Becky :)

09/18/08 09:26 AM #19    

Todd Louthain

I've got my camera and my yearbooks packed and ready to go. Wish I still had my party flamingo beer bong- $5 for the first person that remembers his name. Sherri and I were emailing back and forth yesterday and decided to try to round up a group to meet friday at 5:30 at UNO's before we go to the game. I saw that she posted it on the homepage but I wanted to write it up here in case anyone missed it there. Can't wait to see everyone!

09/18/08 11:16 AM #20    

Michele Bellmeyer (Timlin)

There is an outdoor beer garden at the Annex/Uno's now. I am not sure what the hours are but if it is open we could meet there. Just a is supposed to be a nice day with temps in the mid 70's!

09/18/08 05:08 PM #21    

Tammy Klein (King)

Hey Todd - looks like Mike A remembers the name of your beer bong - he mentions it in his profile. Take a look.

09/19/08 09:18 AM #22    

Todd Louthain

That's amazing. Mike would not have been my first guess as to who would get it right! Way to go Mike- looks like you're gettin' a finske!

09/20/08 10:09 AM #23    

Mike Allbee

How could I forget, it was the highlight of my senior beer party and what do you mean last person? no just kidding, I dont want your finske, but I will let you buy me a drink just don't get any ideas, I'm not that kind of girl.

09/21/08 12:24 PM #24    

Mike Allbee

Let me be the first to say that last nights dinner and drinks was wonderful. Many thanks to Tricia, Caroline, Jackie and anyone else I may have overlooked. I am looking forward to doing it again in 5 years, I will in all probability still be in the greater metropolitan Hazel Green area and would be glad to assist next time around.

09/21/08 01:57 PM #25    

Tammy Klein (King)

If anyone has reunion pictures that they would like to share, you can upload them to the following site:

This will allow everyone to view our pictures in one location and order the ones that you would like.

The reunion events were a blast! It was great to see everyone! Hopefully we will have an even bigger turnout for our future reunions.

09/21/08 09:28 PM #26    

Sherri Hying (Collins)

Way to go class!! Because of all you and your fun, positive energy we all had a terrific time:) I had a really fun time chatting with you and hearing about your lives.

WOOOHOOO Tricia:) and Caroline and Jackie and Gayle!! Great job on the whole event!!

I had a blast and wished that the time would not have gone so fast!

I appreciate you all!

09/22/08 10:33 AM #27    

Tammy Klein (King)

If you can not get into the pictures, please send me your email address and I will send you the direct link.

If you have pictures that you would like to add to the site you can do it thru SnapFish or you are welcome to email them to me and I will upload them for you.


09/22/08 03:29 PM #28    

Jennifer Becker

It was terrific seeing everyone again! I am so glad to have participated!

Thank you Tricia, Caroline and the others who made it fun to attend. You have done a great job and I too am looking forward to attending many more reunions to come.

09/22/08 10:09 PM #29    

Tracy Jacobson (Cropp)

I recall hearing Scott and Burdette saying they would plan the next reunion. It was when we were at The Half Pint on Saturday night. Actually any of the guys that were there: Benji, Todd, Marty, Chris, Kevin, (who am I missing) would make a great planning committee for the next one!

Thanks again to Tricia, Jackie, Gayle, and Caroline for planning a great event! It was nice to catch up with everyone and now we have no excuse to not keep in touch via this web site!

09/23/08 11:48 AM #30    

Becky Weigel (Nolden)

I had an awesome time at the reunion! It was great to connect with so many of you. The entire weekend was a blast and I hope some of the men take over for the 25 year so the women can relax :)

Could all of you do me a huge favor??? My sisters son Casey Goffinet is up for the Player of the Week for football and he needs our votes. Those of you that attended the game Friday know he had 5 touchdowns and rushed for over 300 yards. Please take a moment to vote for Casey - Voting is over Wed at 11 am. Pass it on to your friends. Thanks much :) Here is the link:

09/23/08 12:53 PM #31    

Marty McGinley

I echo the sentiments of all that my esteemed classmates said in the prior posts, however, there is a better chance of Todd playing pick-up-sticks with his butt cheeks than of the guys planning future reunions. Aren't you people married to men! Nice job to the planning commission and to all those who attended. It was an impressive group.

09/23/08 01:26 PM #32    

Sherri Hying (Collins)

Marty, your comments were hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. Sorry Todd! Love ya!

09/23/08 02:06 PM #33    

Tara Schroeder (Beaver)

It was a nice thought while it lasted, girls. No offense, but could the men really do a better job than Gayle, Caroline, Tricia, and Jackie? :) That was hard to top!!

It really was great getting to see everyone again. Definitely worth the trip!!

10/12/08 10:07 AM #34    

Jackie Digman (Biller)

Gayle - the website is you can see, it really has brought the class back together on many levels.
Caroline - all the behind the scenes efforts are greatly appreciated...gathering checks, working on the menu and arragements with Gayle & Tricia...everyone had a great time!
Tricia - the power point, year book scans and trivia were a huge hit! You were clearly in your element and really helped keep the attendees involved!
Classmates...I did nothing but show up and support these ladies efforts :)
So - throw out some ideas for the 25th....maybe if ideas start rolling, maybe some volunteers will pop up.....

11/08/08 09:07 AM #35    

Amy Reese

Sad news about Heather Pick. She past away yesterday.

11/08/08 12:18 PM #36    

Tammy Klein (King)

Oh, I had no idea!! I didn't even know that she had cancer. The link that Amy has in her message is very informative and includes a picture of Heather (a truly beautiful person). Thanks for letting us all know. Just a reminder to live every day to its fullest!!

11/29/08 07:38 PM #37    

Tammy Klein (King)

I ran into Chris Hoyme on "Black Friday" at American TV. He was very disappointed that he missed the class reunion. He doesn't have email however I did get his phone number. I believe he said he is living in Randolph.

01/15/09 12:22 PM #38    

Michelle Hauri (Scadden)

Hi everyone- Sorry I missed the reunion, I had to do a wedding party that weekend. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Feel free to email me whenever as I am now retired!! I sold the salon and now I'm going to figure out what to do when I grow up....Never!!! take care !!

Michelle(Hauri) Scadden

06/04/09 10:15 AM #39    

Bucky Wall

Well we're still waiting for Marty's request of
Todd playing pick-up-sticks with his butt cheeks.

12/06/09 05:14 PM #40    

Mike Allbee

hey Todd I've got that 5 bucks says you can't still do it

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