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•   Cynthia FitzGerald  7/25
•   Pete Barnhard/Wolfe  7/5
•   James Sullivan  6/13
•   Karla Piecuch (Piecuch)  5/12
•   Robert Carrese  5/12
•   William Chambers  5/11
•   Mary Patricia "Trish" Murphy  4/17
•   Richard Apolenis  4/9
•   Anne Sullivan (John Colson)  3/10
•   Marcia Mulroney (Yates)  1/29
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Winston Churchill High School
Class Of 1970

Leonard Proctor Sr needs our help

Citizens of Potomac have created a Go Fund Me Page for Leonard Proctor Sr, a pillar of the community.  Due to age and health issues, he is no longer able to do the odd jobs he always did for a living.  His presence in our lives were a huge part of the charm we experienced while growing up and living in Potomac.

Let's all do our part.

Eddy Morgret wrote a Book !!

Eddy retired and started a new profession as a author.  He just completed a book (press release) about his father, Ed Koterba.  Koterba was a nationally syndicated columnist and eulogized by President John F. Kennedy.  The book, entitled The Essential Ed Koterba, will be released in mid-July by MCP Books. Find out more about the book on the website:

Congratulations, Eddy.  What a great tribute to you father.

Congratulations, Fred Foote - update

Fred's first book of poems, Medic Against Bomb (poems about the wounded of the Iraq/ Afghan Wars) has been published. The National Endowment for the Arts is featuring the book (together with a radio podcast) on its homepage.

The book received the 2013 Grayson Books Poetry Prize and has just received a signal honor: inclusion in the prestigious Library of Congress podcast series, "The Poet and the Poem", hosted by iconic D.C. poet Grace Cavalieri. This series has included many of America's finest poets; has already been selected as one of the "Best Books of the Year" by The Progressive (see December/ January issue); and as a poetry finalist for the 2014 USA Best Book Awards.

You can read reviews by Grace Cavalieri and Merrill Leffler.

Update:  More Accolades

Congratulations, Fred !!


WCHS Rah Rah Girls, 1970

Debra Hovland (Clark) found this photo.   What fun.  Feel free to add your comments.

Kindergarden, 1958

Linda Dykhuizen (Reish) found this photo.   What fun.  Feel free to add your comments.

Rick's Incredible Milestone
60 a day for 45 Years - Do the Math !!

Vintage Hoover B-Ball

JV (John Viqueira) found this photo.   What fun.  Feel free to add your comments.

40th Reunion - new pix
What an Event !!  Thanks to everyone who attended and made this such a memorable event.  Thanks to the Marriott for a fabulous venue and incredible service.

Share Your Comments  Feel free to share your comments about the reunion.  Make your comments in the Message Forum.  This will put everyone's comments on a single, scrollable web page.  Please avoid putting comments in your personal profile.  Make sure you select 'View newest at the top' from the dropdown list at the top of the Message Forum page.

Pictures and Video  Gary LLoyd (aka FLASH) has posted his profession photos from the weekend on his website.  As of Fri10Dec, there are new photos.  As you navigate the pages, note the little arrows around the perimeter of the page.  These arrows are links to the next/previous photo or thumbnail page.  Also, please note and respect Gary's request to give all photo credit to his home web site:

If you want to share your photos, please put them onto a CD or DVD and snail mail them to John Nicholson.  I'll work with Gary to get all photos (yours and his) into a single web page that will simplify navigation from event to event and contributor to contributor.

Gary and I are also discussing the best way to make all the visual media available for sale on DVD.  This will include all the photos, our Homcoming Game (from November 1969), and Gonzalo's slide show.  Stay tuned ...


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Greetings, classmate  This is a secured social networking website that is private to the 1970 graduating class of Winston Churchill High School.  All information is private to registered users.  There is no membership fee and no advertising.  It is run and maintained by fellow classmates, not some third party.

Registered Users  This is your site.  Please participate.  Most importantly, if you have contact with any classmates who have not registered, please encourage them to do so.

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Dean Harding
One of our classmates who did not graduate with us has recently passed away. That is Dean Harding, who died of liver failure on Jan 1, 2010, the day after his 58th birthday. Although he doesn't have a class photo, he hung around Churchill long enough in the fall of '69 to get his photo on pages 21, 25, and 27 of our yearbook. He spent his last years in the care of his sister Donna outside Salt Lake City. Dean lived life on his own terms, starting his adult life by dropping out of Churchill, leaving his parents' mansion in Potomac, and going with his girlfriend to live off the land in West Virginia. He eventually came back to Washington, spending a lot of time on his boat in the Chesapeake, going out west in his later years. Dean was a good friend of mine. I always admired his free spirit.

submitted by Larry Thrasher