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04/06/16 06:45 PM #1    


Sue Alexander (Sonley)

Hi Everyone - 

It's Time to Sign Up!

Please join us for some fun memories and smiles on

Saturday October 8, 2016  for

The One and Only Mid-Decade Reunion (45th!!)!

Winston Churchill Classes of ’71 and Class of ’70 + other Churchill grads

At the Doubletree Hotel on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda, MD

Reunion attendees room rate $99 per night on Friday and Sat nights

Schedule of Events: 

Oct 7 - Friday evening casual open gathering: 2nd floor at Caddy's in Bethesda starting around 6:00 pm - CASH BAR

Oct 8 - Saturday Evening: the Big Reunion Event! Doubletree Hotel starting at 6 pm - music dancing, food, FUN!!!! And a new Class Picture!

Oct 9 - Sunday afternoon: Picnic at ChrissEllene Petropolis' home in Potomac (just off River Road) *note if you are not attending Saturday night, there will be a small charge to attend the picnic on Sunday


ps If you live in FL, Southwest Airlines has some great fares to DC - to Regan National and BWI. The hotel is on the Metro in Bethesda so you can take it from either airport.  Or: pal up with your buddies and take a Road Trip!

C'mon, sign up already!  :)  Looking forward to seeing YOU there! 

06/17/16 01:28 PM #2    


Robert Cook

Was suprised to see so few names signed up with october fast approaching. As we race time as it is catching up with us all how great it will be to see those who were classmates when time made no differance. So take a trip or a short drive to Bethesda and learn what happened to your classmates. Take a few planks to sign up which will make a jiffy seem like an eternity. Would truly love to see all.

09/13/16 09:38 AM #3    

Ben White

We are having a 45th reunion Saturday October 8th @ The Doubletree in Bethesda. Great time to catch with old friends. Please attend and pass the message to other classmates and all classes are welcome to attend (Class 1968-1969-1970-1972)!!!! Ben White

09/17/16 06:51 PM #4    


Betty Hinze (Howard)

Bette Burton Christofersen asked me to post her well wishes



From:  bette burton christofersen

Hey gang!   So honored to be included with your class for your mid term gathering...I am, unfortunately, unable to attend due to long planned travel and life!   Sounds like so much fun!

I hope you will include the '72 folks in your 50th!  Heck!  Who are those young people!

Miss you and love my memories of you.


10/17/16 08:59 PM #5    


Robert Cook

Well that was fun! I'm not waiting another 45 years besides dancing at 108 might be a problem.What a great job by the reunion committee. Working with a small window of time we the attending reciepients of their efforts got a great result.So many smiling faces and heart felt hugs and hand shakes.I really enjoyed having conversations with Yost,Jan,Linda,Ann,Bill,Sue,Lauren,Mark,Betty,Sally,Gail,Kathleen,Scott,Tom,Karen,Elyse,Janet,Ginger,Kevin, well you get the idea. I remember dancing and hearing the girls say this is like jr. high the girls are dancing and tne boys are huddled. A special thanks to Chrissellene and Dimitrifor opening their Home Heart and Hand  If you missed it. Dont miss the next one plan to be there. BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT! WE MISSED YOU!  The very best to you all. Bob C.

10/18/16 11:10 AM #6    


Linda Weiss (Newland)

Bob, I couldn't agree more!!  Nor could I have had expressed these thoughts better!  Thank you for putting "my" thoughts in writing!  What a treat spending time with YOU and the Class of '71!  All my best!




11/23/16 07:03 PM #7    


Robert Cook

Well my friends I am thankful to have seen you again.For those I did not see thank you for celebrating my birthday this year.To all Be Safe, Be Happy, No Regrets, Just Rejoice, and remember those who need our prayers.A Great and Pleasant Thanksgiving To All. Bob C.

12/24/16 12:18 PM #8    


Robert Cook

Here's hoping you have a Great Holiday season my friends. Be safe Be Happy! A Merry Christmas wish with all the possible blessings for you all. And hopes for a Great New Year. Bob C.

12/25/16 08:13 AM #9    

ChrissEllene G. Petropoulos


I hope you can hear us singing! HO! HO! HO!

Dimitri and I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

12/25/16 08:42 AM #10    


Sue Alexander (Sonley)

Happy Holidays Everyone! May 2017 be prosperous and healthy for all.

And an especially Happy Birthday to Linda Weiss Newland, a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!

ho ho ho!

12/25/16 06:06 PM #11    


Linda Weiss (Newland)

What thoughtful wishes, Sue!  Thank you!!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to my cherished Bulldog classmates!!  Love, Linda

11/20/17 04:21 PM #12    


Robert Cook

Just thought I would take a minute to share a wish for a great Thanksgiving holiday to you all.I just finished a 3 park trip Zion in Utah great hiking trails prelude to the Grand Canyon. Rocky Mountain Nat. Park. Estes was a nice small town feel. Very easy to feel at home. On to Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Great scenery to mush snow to hike this time of year but the snowmobile was fun.If you haven't been in the Rockies Go! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday my friends . Bob C.

11/21/17 08:20 AM #13    

ChrissEllene G. Petropoulos

It sounds like you are in great shape!




12/23/17 06:31 PM #14    


Robert Cook

Regardless of what or how you celebrate Be Careful, Be Happy. Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays.With all the blessings that these sentiments can bring. And a happy and safe New Year!

12/24/17 09:23 AM #15    


Sue Alexander (Sonley)

Happy holidays to everyone! We have much to be thankful for, and tops on the list is that we have such a great group of classmates, so many who stay in touch with each other - and get together to socalize - even after all these years. 

Bobby Cook, thank you for your thoughtful messages and Linda Weiss Newland, happy early birthday. 

Remember to keep your profile updated so you can be found when the time for our 50th Reunion rolls around...

Happiness and good health to each of you and to anyone fighting illnesses, stay strong. 

To a great 2018 with e-hugs! 



12/24/17 02:42 PM #16    

Kermit Yensen

Merry Christmas Eve from central Oregon!

12/25/17 08:04 AM #17    


Linda Weiss (Newland)

Merry Christmas Bob, Sue, Kermit and all!!!  Thinking of you fondly....

Linda Weiss Newland Dublin OH

12/25/17 12:03 PM #18    


Lynda Richards (Erickson)

Merry Christmas to the class of '71 from Anchorage, AK!  May 2018 be merry and bright to you all.  Looking forward to 2021 and the 50th reunion!

12/25/17 04:43 PM #19    


Scott O'Connell

Hi folks:

Merry Christmas from Lake Lanier in Georgia!!



12/29/17 08:30 AM #20    


Charles Ladd

Happy New Year to all and best wishes.  Living the life of a rancher in Central Texas on the Eagle Anchor Ranch with our Mini Zebu cattle and the local indigenous wild life.  Life has come full circle for me having grown up on an equine farm in Poolesville to a cattle ranch in Texas.  Seems I was always destined to return to my roots.  The boy can leave the farm but he can never get the joy of seeing animal prosper out of his soul.  Here's hoping you all are realizing your dreams and enjoying the second halves of your lives.    



12/30/17 02:59 PM #21    


Andrea Seelig (Janzen)

Hi Everybody,

A Happy New Year from Wetzlar, Germany - my home for the last 22 years. Enjoy life! 

Andrea Janzen (Seelig) 




12/31/17 08:05 AM #22    


Mark Croson

Hi Everyone!!

My wish and hope is that everyone in our '71 class and all our other classmates from Churchill had a very safe and Merry Christmas this year. It is such a great thing to see our classmates checking in on the forum from all over the world. May you all have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Signing off for now from St. Petersburg, Florida. (Charlie, stay upright in the saddle)


01/06/18 03:26 PM #23    


Robert Cook

Was so excited to see people using the Message Forum. What a great way to share a fleeting thought to a solid memory. As time marches on we all do our best to escape its ravages. As you retire remember to be active try something new visit new places this will help to keep your circle of friends from shrinking.                                            Have A Great Year..Plan on being at next reunion NOW.

02/21/18 08:10 AM #24    


Robert Cook

How fortunate we are to have classmates who organize events so we all come together to remember and share time with the friends of our youth. Some of us remember those times like it was yesterday, some of us would like to forget those times, some of us have already forgot yesterday. So this is why these times together are so important. So please attend March 3 . If not for yourself do it for an old friend. Thank you all for your participation. Bless you all. Bob C. 

03/10/18 08:48 AM #25    


Robert Cook

Was nice to see classmates I missed at reunion. Was a smaller group than reunion but was able to spend more time speaking with all. Was a goodtime and worth the trip. Hopefully all made it home safe. Sorry more couldn't travel to Clydes in Rockville Md. Till next time be well be safe be happy.Bob.

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