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12/24/17 02:42 PM #16    

Kermit Yensen

Merry Christmas Eve from central Oregon!

12/25/17 08:04 AM #17    


Linda Weiss (Newland)

Merry Christmas Bob, Sue, Kermit and all!!!  Thinking of you fondly....

Linda Weiss Newland Dublin OH

12/25/17 12:03 PM #18    


Lynda Richards (Erickson)

Merry Christmas to the class of '71 from Anchorage, AK!  May 2018 be merry and bright to you all.  Looking forward to 2021 and the 50th reunion!

12/25/17 04:43 PM #19    


Scott O'Connell

Hi folks:

Merry Christmas from Lake Lanier in Georgia!!



12/29/17 08:30 AM #20    


Charles Ladd

Happy New Year to all and best wishes.  Living the life of a rancher in Central Texas on the Eagle Anchor Ranch with our Mini Zebu cattle and the local indigenous wild life.  Life has come full circle for me having grown up on an equine farm in Poolesville to a cattle ranch in Texas.  Seems I was always destined to return to my roots.  The boy can leave the farm but he can never get the joy of seeing animal prosper out of his soul.  Here's hoping you all are realizing your dreams and enjoying the second halves of your lives.    



12/30/17 02:59 PM #21    


Andrea Seelig (Janzen)

Hi Everybody,

A Happy New Year from Wetzlar, Germany - my home for the last 22 years. Enjoy life! 

Andrea Janzen (Seelig) 




12/31/17 08:05 AM #22    


Mark Croson

Hi Everyone!!

My wish and hope is that everyone in our '71 class and all our other classmates from Churchill had a very safe and Merry Christmas this year. It is such a great thing to see our classmates checking in on the forum from all over the world. May you all have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Signing off for now from St. Petersburg, Florida. (Charlie, stay upright in the saddle)


01/06/18 03:26 PM #23    


Robert Cook

Was so excited to see people using the Message Forum. What a great way to share a fleeting thought to a solid memory. As time marches on we all do our best to escape its ravages. As you retire remember to be active try something new visit new places this will help to keep your circle of friends from shrinking.                                            Have A Great Year..Plan on being at next reunion NOW.

02/21/18 08:10 AM #24    


Robert Cook

How fortunate we are to have classmates who organize events so we all come together to remember and share time with the friends of our youth. Some of us remember those times like it was yesterday, some of us would like to forget those times, some of us have already forgot yesterday. So this is why these times together are so important. So please attend March 3 . If not for yourself do it for an old friend. Thank you all for your participation. Bless you all. Bob C. 

03/10/18 08:48 AM #25    


Robert Cook

Was nice to see classmates I missed at reunion. Was a smaller group than reunion but was able to spend more time speaking with all. Was a goodtime and worth the trip. Hopefully all made it home safe. Sorry more couldn't travel to Clydes in Rockville Md. Till next time be well be safe be happy.Bob.

03/26/18 12:35 PM #26    


Robert Cook

Got SNOW!? Share your experience and joy at receiving snow. Some of us have to travel to see snow.

04/02/18 02:50 PM #27    


Robert Cook

Just wanted to remind everyone again, as I did in March about getting together at Clydes. The time to share a thought or a memory with a frind is not infinate. I know you will not know John Smith a friend who lost his wife January 10 2018. We played golf on Friday and a Heart attack took him last night April 1. So if you have been meaning to contact an old friend a family member do it before regret is you solice. Take care all.


04/03/18 12:00 PM #28    


Lynda Richards (Erickson)

Sorry for the loss of your friend, Robert.  Prayers and thoughts are with you and John's family.



04/03/18 02:25 PM #29    


Linda Weiss (Newland)


Dear Bob,  I'm so very sorry.  Thank you for reaching out and sharing. Warm thoughts and prayers during this sad time, Linda



04/04/18 12:21 PM #30    


Mark Croson

Hi Bob, I am really sorry to hear about your friend. Very much a reminder for all of us that there is only so much time us Bulldogs have with each other in this life. So we should all cherish our friendships and enjoy staying in touch while we can.

04/05/18 01:18 PM #31    


Lane Yago

Bob - My condolences. Like you said, times like this remind us all to cherish the time we have with each other.

04/06/18 11:08 AM #32    

Ben White

Hi Bob - Sorry to hear your news and my condolences. Take care of oyurseld and look forward to seeing you next time you are up.


08/15/18 04:22 PM #33    


Leslie Garber

Bill Wadhams our classmate is touring with his band Annimotion and will be at the Warner Theatre September 21, 2018 at 8:00 pm for the Lost 80's Live Tour.   There are other bands performing on this tour as well.   It would be great to go see him.   I can provide a gathering before or after at the Harry's Pub around the corner with discounted coctails- and provide small bites.     On his facebook page Bill Wadhams he does have his schedule for othter states during this year and his tour.     Leslie 202-257-4024

08/16/18 08:41 PM #34    


Sue Alexander (Sonley)

Thank you Leslie for this info! Let's get a gang to come to the Warner and see Bill. I'm in!! Let's spread the word. 




08/18/18 03:37 AM #35    


William Wadhams

Thanks to Leslie and Sue for mentioning our upcoming show at the Warner Theater on Sept 21. Here is a link to the Warners Theater event with more information. -

I wish all my classmates well, and look forward to seeing any of you that can make it. Bill


08/18/18 02:13 PM #36    


Lane Yago

That is some seriously major hair, my old bandmate!

11/21/18 05:36 PM #37    


Robert Cook

Happy Thanksgiving All! May we all be thankful for what we have and Grateful for what we have to share.Happy to be together with friends and family. Mindful of those who cannot and those that have moved on.Have a safe Holiday all.

12/23/18 09:07 AM #38    


Robert Cook

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Hoping this wish finds you all safe and happy. A large measure of good cheer to bring in the New Year. Comfort And Joy My Friends.

12/24/18 03:59 PM #39    


Leslie Garber

I too wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!    This year I was able to see Bill Wadhams and his band Animotion at The Warner Theatre -   he was, they were fabulous.   So talented and fun to hear and watch.   I did not post anything on the Churchill Site in September--- about this but should have!   Thanks Robert for always thinking of us!


12/25/18 03:11 PM #40    


Lane Yago

Merry Xmas/Hanukkah my Churchill peeps!! Hope everyone's well and enjoying life. We're in Atlanta for the holidays, hanging with our son Max and his gf  Anna for Xmas, and our daughter Tess and her hubby Marty came down from Arlington (soooo weird that my daughter moved back to the area where I grew up!)

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